Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five years...what a surprise!

Thanks to everyone, Jones, Sovel, the old Indie, anyone else who ever commented or surfed through - you know who you are or were. Especial muy mucho thanks to the transcriber Floratina for all of the carry on! Maybe I wasn't so dedicated as some are and sometimes I lost the plot but here are the results. From the early days of a crazy blog. So if fancy doing that or some of that again? Rewind...and read on.

Lets keep it locked!

Some of CwA blog's greatest hits and faves were...



NY dolls

The Fixx

Alan Mcgee

Alan Whyte

Perry Farrell

Richard Strange

Lemmy and Slim Jim

Cheap trick

Angel of Anarchy


The Sausage song

Todd Rundgren and the New Cars

Alain Whyte

Jessie Hughes

The Ark

Joe Cole

Blog history


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