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A Flagon of Man - Jesse Hughes of EODM Visits The Box - June 15

Tina here. Happy Friday. Today Steve will have Alan McGee as his guest. It was suggested that a transcription of the interview might be needed because Mr. McGee has a rather strong Scottish accent. I'm looking forward to that.

Jesse Hughes

Jesse Hughes Visits The Box

Steve: You guys are playing tonight at the Henry Fonda Theater.

Jesse: Yessir.

Steve: The Eagles of Death Metal.

Jesse: Yessir.

Steve: Did you come up with that name?

Jesse: Um, yeah…my best friend, Joshua Homme and I came up with that in the back seat of a Volkswagen bus. While I was eating graham crackers, everyone was smoking weed and our friend was trying to get us to listen to death metal and he’d be like, “Dude, listen to this, this is tough”, and we’re like, “Dude, that’s wussy stuff. Put on some real death metal.” And he put on a death metal band called Vader and Josh said, “That’s not death metal. That’s like, The Eagles of death metal” and I sprayed graham crackers out of my mouth and my friend Kevin - whose VW bus it was – is like, “Who’s eating pie in my car?!” . And uh, the next day, we wrote the first song.

(We've gotta skip forward in the interview for now)

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox with Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal in the studio.

Jesse: Thank you for having me, Jonesy.

Steve: So happy you’re here.

Jesse: I’m very happy I’m here. We’re having a good time. Seems like we’re having a lotta good time when the commercials are playing, too.

Steve: Yeah, a lot of…that’s, I always say, that’s the…more interesting stuff when we’re not on the air.

Jesse: Because you feel a little freer.

Steve: Yeah, you can swear, you can tell some morbid stories.

Jesse: Some dark tales from the road.

Steve: Yeah. Talking about the road, what kind of…you pullin’ a lot of birds at the gig? A lot of girls come to your shows?

Jesse: Well, I think, first of all, I think…rock and roll forgot about ladies for a little bit so our job that we feel that we have, is to remind rock and roll that rock and roll’s about ladies havin’ a good time, and letting them know that I think they’re sweet babies, honey bears, sugar bears, sweet baby bears, I love ‘em all. I just, if I could just take ‘em all up in my arms and squeeze on ‘em, it would probably be the best thing ever. But we’re also attracting ladyboys, too. Some of the ladyboys are coming down and having a good time cos it, you know, it’s all really, we’re all really here just to make Little Richard proud. And I think nothing makes Little Richard prouder than ladyboys and sweethearts.

Steve: Amen. Praise the Lord.

Jesse: That’s right. (laughs) PTL, baby.

Steve: Now what, these ladymen, what…are these blokes? What are they?

Jesse: They’re not, they’re not like, they wouldn’t star in a movie that was set in a garage called “Tranny Lube”, or anything, but…they’re just those little sweet boys with the plucked eyebrows who know all the words, that are just two shades shy from Richard Gere in a hospital, uh, pulling something out from where the sun don’t shine, you know what I mean?

Steve: Do you think that is…I think that’s a myth, that whole thing.

Jesse: I think it could be, but I hope it’s true.

Steve: Yeah?

Jesse: Cos that would be hot.

Steve: I mean, do you remember the one about Rod Stewart?

Jesse: Yeah yeah yeah. But that wasn’t true cos it was supposedly a gallon and I come from a good source that it was only like, a quarter of a gallon. I’m pretty sure that’s all it was.

Steve: I think that’s a complete myth…and that is a lot of blokes.

Jesse: Well see, and that, that myth got recreated. When I was in high school, it was the New Kids On The Block were really hip and that myth got reapplied to Jordan Knight.

Steve: Who’s that?

Jesse: He was the lead singer, one of the pretty, one of the pretty boys from the New Kids On The Block and it was suddenly him that had gone to the hospital to have to get his stomach pumped with a gallon of protein in it.

Steve: I’m glad. I’m glad I didn’t get that bloody, that…that thing. Ain’t you? Maybe we could create one for you.

Jesse: Let’s create a rumor for me. What would it be? Not a gallon of protein…

Steve: A flagon. A flagon of Man.

Jesse: A flagon of Men. (laughs) For a fortnight…

Steve: “Jesse Hughes had a flagon of Man in him!”

Jesse: For a fortnight.

Steve: What a horrible thing though, to have…you know, every time you walk into a restaurant: “Oh, there’s the bloke, he’s got a gallon of…Man…!”

Jesse: (laughing) “He had a gallon of Man.”

Steve: That, that is a horrible thing…

Jesse: I wonder if you can go to Whole Foods and get a gallon of Man?

Steve: Oh, I’m sure…

Jesse: I mean, it would have to be “natural” Man.

Steve: “From your finest men”.

Jesse: From the finest men, West Hollywood has to offer, muwahhhahha…

Steve: (laughs) Oh, just the image of it. A load of blokes all around a bucket.

Jesse: (bursts out laughing) And then you could have like a pirate bar called, “The Bucket Of Blood”. Or “The Bucket of Man”.

Steve: Yes.

Jesse: But as David Bowie said, “The Church of Man Love is such a holy place to be”.

Steve: Exactly. What’s the other line, what’s the next line? “Make me baby, let me know you really care”

Jesse: “Make me ‘jump’ into the air”? I don’t think that’s right. What’s the word I’m looking for? Make me jump into your hair. I think that’s what it was.

Steve: Put your bucket in their hair? In the air?

Jesse: Pour your bucket into my hair, I think is what it was. (both laugh)

Steve: Oh, excellente.

Jesse: Oh, Good old American boococky, there’s nothing like it in the world.

Steve: OHH! We’ve got to play a song, it’s getting out of control. Turn the temperature down. Let’s play a song. What do we have? We have…

Jesse: We have The Donnas…such a true rock and roll band if ever there was one, man.

Steve: I heard the singer likes buckets. If that true?

Jesse: I’m gonna go on record defending that girl. I don’t think she likes buckets at all.

Steve: Donna , Donna the Prima Donna…

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Jesse: You are one hunk of a good lookin’ man.

Steve: I’m just a hunka hunka burnin’ love. I want to…I don’t like stretch marks. Do you? What turns you off with a bird when she’s got her kit off. Scars? Saggy asses? What’s a turn-off for you?

Jesse: Uh, male genitals. Normally when the girl takes her clothes off and it isn’t really what I thought it was. That kind of bums me out. Unless of course I’m watching “The Crying Game”, and then it’s all good.

Steve: Or it’s dark.

Jesse: Yeah, as long as it’s dark, everyone looks like Maureen Ohara.

Steve: Yes, I’m particularly fond of now seeing men’s willy wonkas when they take their skirts off.

Jesse: What, did you refer to it as a “knob” earlier? (laughing)

Steve: Yes, knobs. Knobs, buckets and manchilds.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: You’re listening to Indie 1031 with Jesse Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal .

Jesse: Hello.

Steve: We’re going to be wrapping it up right now, Jesse.

Jesse: That’s the saddest thing I’ve heard. I been having a great time. This is fun.

Steve: Yeah, it was good.

Jesse: I think you should record, I think you should have like a, a recorder so that you could record what happens when the commercials come on and the release that as the x-rated version.

Steve: Yeah. That, that would definitely…

Jesse: You could put it on pay per view or something.

Steve: Definitely be more entertating. Not that when we’re on the air ain’t entertaining.

Jesse: I don’t think anything could possibly be more entertaining than when you are on the air.

Steve: Really?

Jesse: I mean that.

Steve: You’re very kind.

Jesse: No, it’s easy to tell a hot man he’s hot and it’s easy to tell an entertainer he’s an entertainer.

Steve: And I’m hot you said, as well.

Jesse: Yessir. That’s why I’ve adopted you as my husband.

Steve: Hunka hunka burnin’…love bucket.

Jesse: (laughing) Bucket of love. The essence of life itself.

Steve: The source.

Jesse: The sauce of life. Now that’s a band. Everyone bring their buckets. The Sauce of Life are playing tonight.

Steve: Yes. Talk about, what’d you call them? Boymen? Menboys?

Jesse: Ladyboys.

Steve: Ladyboys…we’re going to end with Placebo right now and this song is called “Nancy Boy”.

Jesse: It’s so perfect.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

end of interview

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Terry said...

Thank you so much for the transcription. The original was very amusing and the transcription helps the recall of it. I only wish there was a visual component somewhere.