Saturday, February 11, 2006

Soon to come...

A new pic of me. How exciting is that? An explanation of why the rotter is a thoroughly rotten chap. Some post Sex Pistols experience observations, more pie shaped telephone shennanigans and a trip to Hadrian's wall NOT the Berlin Wall...I shall also be crying wolf - again. I'm quite jolly well tired after the second rebroadcast.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the Pontiff 2 year Anniversary blog and enjoy the box!

Post a comment!!! Speculative ones are especially interesting!!! SLIK!!! HUGS...AC. JR. Nevah. Gail...Shloe I can't help - trouble. Scottish Toodler with a welcome back. Jewell come on babes get well soooooon!!! If I've missed you have you ever heard that expression: "You missed yourself last night."

All you need are socks, candles, pants and a radio show!!!


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Write your own blog...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What's this about, blog about blog. Steve Jones blog - the man who can. Indie 103.1...Jonesy's jukebox - a radio show.

Les Paul on the dog and bone - get well soon Les.

Bow Wow Wow - Stepping up...

Sex Pistol's Experience. Up stepping.

"It's your birthday." All the best from chriswasanon to the man who like the Queen herself has 2 birthdays. Congratters!!! Stuartmm has baked you a cakie.

Slash - well I had a feeling a Guns and Roses man would be on the show. I was looking out of the window at the byre and thinking - "well Steve is bound to have one of them on" and bingomasters breakout! - there he was and they both were trying their mesmerising hardest to get the ShOvEl to go hypnotist to stop smoking. Me, I love smoking!!!

"You will stop smoking - people will smoke all around you but you will have no desire to cadge ciggies, flash the ash or spark up a gasper."

"You like are feeling sleepy, techno floats your boat."

Swindle your way to the top of the Pie t-shirts are not available in any shops.

Robert Crumb shaped basketball bubble butts are.

"This is why our culture is the best."

Aye right Shloe and that is why you remain a fly!

Controversy. No more!!! No more!!! It has all been said, through Stuartmm.

I wouldn't want to bed Chris Martin. "and they were all yellow." Apologies to Coldplay. So laaaasssst year darling :-) He doesn't raise the wind in my sails.

Sad to pass up the Cult ticket Pie. Gone to an A1 jukebox bloggeroonie - right?




Minxie/Gail. Car and the Catholic girls -Car myspaced. If I've missed you, you may have missed me.

AC cannot be bothered to hunt Shloe down and swat him. Shloe's hygiene habits leave a little to be desired but then so too did Bill Gates.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box.

That's enough "write your own blog."


Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Great Piespace Swindle...

Scoop Piespacemyspace sexjones!!!

The Great Piespace SwInDLe!

When Steve had the myspace dude Tom on the show (pod still available) he was promised a computer to free him from his WebTv setup. Tom created a fantastic my space address:

It was a serendipitious choice really because if it weren't for SEX...Such a name has all the subtlety of a brick. The owner of a myspace account named "sexjones" will get a lot of amorous attention. If they are the Sex Pistols guitarist, we are talking going through the roof attention here, so we are!

Lets fast forward a bit. When Steve got his account a lot of us signed up for 1 reason or another. My shiny buddy Jewell made me feel very welcome! Pretty soon its Social Networking power led to us all connecting through our default interests, Punk, Music, Indie 103.1 and Jonesy's Jukebox. Including Jukebox blogger, Pie & Peas who when he setup his myspace account took the name, "piespace."

Steve has brought together many many diverse people through his show. A quick survey of the age group of the people who blog and myspace though reveals that we are pretty much of a similiar era. This is interesting because the vast majority of people on myspace are under 25. It works for oldies, eh? This isn't being ageist or anything, it follows that people of a certain age group will have common ground, life experiences, interests. Stands to reason that just as the youngsters flock together on ms. - so too do we.

The "enjoy" blog was taken from us for reasons too complex and controversial to go into here. We were in a blogless state and only through our own initiative had our secret cave to chat to each other on. I myself myspace e-mailed Steve with no reply about "enjoy!". Pie & Peas took it upon himself to get on the case and I mean bigtime!

Pie e-mailed Steve to get him to bring back the blog. He went so far as to phone the station saying that we were grown ups and could deal with it wurselves. So Mark Shovel then gave us translation blog. Thanks again Shovel! But this isn't the end, as we all know... there is more. Steve then announced on his show that he was going to change his myspace name from sexjones to piespace/sexjones. Pie tells me that he "exploded." Pie 'n' peas everywhere,ceilin, floor, oh Lordy what a mess up etc.

He e-mailed the station again to thank them for the "translation" blog but now asked Steve NOT to use "piespace." Steve when it came to the next broadcast used the name "piespace" again. By now poor ole pie's profile views were going up, his hits and requests to be his friend too. When the stream went titsup, Pie phoned the station again to discuss the poor quality of it... and hallelujah Wobble, who does he get through to? He gets through to the man who can, the ace of etc, Steve Jones.

Steve told Pie he would no longer use his address on air but then of course started with that whole piespace/sexjones thing again on the following show! So Pie un fazed phones back once more and....gets through to Steve...An extract from the email that Pie sent to me follows:

"I say Jonesy you have to stop with the Piespace do you know how many hits I'm gonna get from this?"

He says...

"Consider it flattery and how dare you defy.I'm the sire!"

"How dare you defy!" (all in good humour)

So I just say:

"Run with it mate, goodbye."

That might appear to be that. There is a sequel oh yes. Lol! Actually big fuckoff "lol" painted pink and yellow with neon lights shining "lol", that's what we are talking here. You know the show "Barely Legal? with Joe Escalante, usually before the jukebox but don't quote me. Well Pie is lying in his bed when this idea pops into his "scone" or head to phone that show and ask them a question about Myspace.
He was going to have a little fun and say that his name:

"Defy space"

had been stolen by a radio personality...

"Stevie Smith." :-)

Could he get a:

"Cease and Desist" :-)

....order to stop all these girls from hitting his myspace account and get compensation in the form of, "a valuable tin..and a t-shirt." When Pie got through the girl who was screening the calls to the show was cracking up, creasing, larffing ROFLMAO laughter , she then told him to wait in line on hold and kept him there for 45 of your Earth minutes.

Pie had other fish to fry and in the end gave up. Too bad as he says:

"It would have been a right laugh."

Thanks Pie for telling me this story!

And that's why Steve Jones is a Jackanapes!

Now that has to be worth a comment!

Chris was Anon and Pie and Peas.