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From June 16th - Alan McGee Visits The Box

Tina here. We were hoping that this show would have been re-run as the "Best-of The Box" weekly choice, so Chris could record it and have his way with it, since he lives in Scotland and all...and he does have such a way with such things, doesn't he?

The spectre of Boxlessness looms, my friends. This day is the eve of England/Switzerland on Tuesday, the game begins at twelve bells and Sire may not wish to be with us that day as he must focus on the match. Here in Los Angeles, I can't find the games on radio anywhere. A google search turned up a news report that a Spanish-language radio station would be broadcasting games, but I sure didn't find it. Unless you have cable television nearby, it appears that you are out of luck around here for most of these games on the weekdays. I wonder how soccer would play on radio. It really is a visual game. With American football there are various benchmarks like the yardmarkers and downs that quantify ones progress on the field making it easier to visualize, I would think. Hmm...anyway, on to some of the interview:

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031, five after twelve bells, got my mate in The Box, Alan McGee.

Alan: Hallo.

Steve: Speak into the mike, then.

Alan: Hullo.

Steve: (Scottish accent) You’re all right there.

Alan: I’m all right there!

Steve: I can’t do a bloody Scottish accent. I’m terrible.

Alan: I know, but we’re not in the World Cup, so I’ve got you to support France, haven’t I?

Steve: Why are you supporting France, just by…out of curiosity.

Alan: Just being a…are you not allowed to swear on this radio station, are you?

Steve: No.

Alan: No no. I’m just an obnoxious person.

Steve: Yeah?

Alan: Yeah yeah. But you know that anyway.

Steve: I know that. Dreadful. Really obnoxious. Have you been watching it?

Alan: I haven’t been able because I’ve been in meetings for the last like, week. I’ve been in L.A. for about two and a half weeks and I’ve just been in like, meeting after meeting. But I’ve been getting really sad because I’m going to be (running?) you know?

Steve: Oh, I know. I knew that, I knew that, mate.

Alan: Yeah…

Steve: Um, big game tomorrow, though. USA-Italy.

Alan: I don’t actually reckon the Americans are going to stand a chance, what do you reckon?

Steve: Not a hope in hell…not a hope in hell.

Alan: (laughs)

Steve: Not by the way they looked when they played…who did they play? There’s so many bloody teams going, I forget. Who did they play, USA? Oh, Croatia, wunnit. The ones with the tablecloths for t-shirts.

Alan: Croatia’s good though.

Steve: No, it wasn’t them, was it? Oh, god, it’s so confusing. So many outfits, so many uniforms.

Alan: Argentina won six-nil didn’t they?

Steve: Yeah, they battered ‘em.

Alan: Yeah, England managed to beat a country that was about as big as St. John’s Wood, two-nil.

Steve: Yeah, you’re just jealous cos Scotland’ll never get in. (Alan laughs) Has Scotland ever been in the World Cup?

Alan: Yeah, we were in it in the 18th century.

Steve: That’s the beauty of World Cup. That’s what you was in, wunnit? I heard that Scotland had something to do with the beginning of the game – the passing. Scottish were the first ones to pass the ball. (laughing in b.g.) No, it’s true.

Alan: We invented…the telephone, pop music, football…(laughs)

Steve: No, I’m deadly serious. The history of football, before people passed the ball, everyone just used to get the ball and kick it. I heard that the Scottish were the first ones to learn to pass to other players. God’s honest truth.

Alan: Well, that’s because we’re an amenable, beautiful race of human beings.

Steve: Is that what it is?

Alan: Yeah yeah.

Steve: All right then. What’s happening? Any score here? Nil-nil.

Alan: I want Mexico to win. I like Mexico.

Steve: Yeah, I actually…don’t mind them. Plus everyone in the whole building here…

Alan: It was weird and that's what...I was freaked out. Everybody's got a Mexico t-shirt, and that was what I said to the girl who’s obviously Mexican, “Okay, I get you, but how come every single person’s got a Mexican t-shirt on?” then she just went, “Well, everybody speaks Spanish”.

Steve: Maybe cos everyone’s Mexican, yeah, in this…we’re the only honkys in this whole building. Everyone else is Spanish and they’ve gone now - they’ve all stopped like they do in every other country - to watch the game in the cafeteria.

Alan: We’ll keep it going, we’ll keep Indie 103 going, Steve. We'll batter (?) through.

Steve: Oh, it goes, no matter what, mate. Next Tuesday could be a problem, though, at twelve bells.

Alan: It’s that when you're (going off?) too?

Steve: That’s when England’s playing Sweden.

Alan: Aw, you don’t have a chance, mate.

Steve: Uh?

Alan: Nah.

Steve: We’re already through, mate. What are you talking about? Bad, bad football, but we’re, you know, we’re winning. It’s dreadful. I will agree with you on that.

Alan: Oversexed, but not overskilled.

Steve: Yeah. I don’t know what it is, mate. They just can’t seem to ah…when they play as a unit, twelve…

Alan: What I love is, you know “Footballers Wives”, do you know what I mean, you know, all the wives, like, become more famous than the players? It’s amazing.

Steve: You’re just jealous. I can sense it’s oozing out of you, the jealousy. (yells out) Where ya goin’ Mr. Shovel? Come back here!

Alan: Don’t leave him in the room with a Scotsman.

Steve: No.

Alan: I’ll pick his pockets.

Steve: He might glass me face!

Alan: I stopped all that () stuff twenty-five years ago.

Steve: You did?

Alan: I’m all right. Yeah, I’m all right now.

Steve: What you doin’ out here, by the way?

Alan: I’m…just causing havoc. Seen a few friends. Been hanging with that rascal Courtney Love a little bit.

Steve: You been hanging out with Courtney?

Alan: Yeah, she’s nice.

Steve: You deejaying or something?

Alan: Yeah yeah yeah, I been deejaying and then I’ve got a Dirty Pretty Things record coming out…

Steve: That’s “Dirty Pretty Things” if anyone needs translating…

Alan: (something about The Libertines)

Steve: They’re on your label. Do you manage them.

Alan: I manage them…they’re coming out on Interscope, Mark Williams over at Interscope signed them. He actually signed them basically because nobody else in Universal actually cared and we’re not actually really related to them from England to America but he actually picked the phone up and went, “I’ll come down to the studio” and he signed the band.

Steve: I thought you were going to get me to play guitar on a bit of it. I never heard from you. Very insulted.

Alan: …I’m very, very sorry, Mr. Jones.

Steve: You said you was. I said, “Could I play a song”, and you went, “I’ll make it happen”.

Alan: When they play, we’ll get you up.

Steve: No, that’s different. That’s just…I don’t like getting up with people. I like playing on records cos you can take your time. I’m going to play a song, just for you.

Alan: Okay. Is this a nice song?

Steve: I think so. It’s Slik. “Forever and Ever”.

Alan: God almighty, Midge Ure before Ultravox.

Steve: Exactly. He’s from your neck of the woods, innhe?

Alan: He’s a nice guy, actually.

Steve: I know, he’s a very nice guy, Midge. I thought you’d like this. Make you feel comfortable.

Alan: I feel very Scottish now.

Steve: Get ya loose.

Alan: I’ll get the kilt out.

Steve: Get ya loosened up for you-know-what.

Alan: Unless (?) win the World Cup. Then I’ll get a little bit upset and stuff. And I can just take it out in complete hatred that, you know (?)

Steve: Nah, it’s all right. Do you want me to get you a Mexico shirt? I can get you one. Everyone else got one.

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