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May 2, 2006 Perry Farrell Visits The Box

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Completed Lemmy and Slim Jim Phantom and....

The WHOLE of the Mötorhead Lemmy interview and Slim Jim Phantom with Steve Jones is now available at Kick Down The Doors, the Paul Cook 'n' Steve Jones site, which is part of

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So not only has Tina done it again, Phil has too! This interview brought a large amount of traffic into this blog whilst we had our extended teaser transcripts up but now it's time to say farewell to it.

So what we got for you today? The show with Mr. Periphereal - Perry 4 Real - like the Manic's guitarist or is it just peripheral. Enuff wordplay. This show was first broadcast - oh look at the title of the blog but anyway it was Saturday's rebroadcast. It's Perry Farrell of Jane's addiction and Dave Navarro etc. and Porno for Pyros AND the founder of the peripatatic (moves around a lot ) alt. for alternative rock road show the "Lollapalooza." Without any more of this or much of that but I will add a pic or two.

And here's the first from it's Perry and Steve in the studio.


Massive food festival, Taste of Chicago, that toddlin' town etc. This is Grant Park the Location! Location! Location! for this years Lollapalooza Festival. Pic from the "Windy City Wikipedia."

Let's speedily hand you over!


Tina IS at the controls.

Steve: So what are you doing here? You’re doing your ol’ Lollapalooza.

Perry: Uh huh. Doin’ it August, this coming August, 4th, 5th and 6th.

Steve: Why is it only in Chicago? That’s what I was curious about.

Perry: For the time being, because we, we wanted to have a great location where we could set it up and party and do it our way and as you know, over the last you know, probably ten years (reconsiders), probably seven years, the touring industry, the, the live touring industry has basically been gobbled up by corporations and you have to go through (?) and you have to go in and play their venues and it was wasn’t happening for us. We couldn’t, we couldn’t put the party together the way we wanted to, renting their venues. So, we looked around the country for the ideal location and it was Chicago. So we set it up for three days, as we’re expecting between fifty and sixty thousand people a day.

Steve: What is it, in a field somewhere?

Perry: It’s in a park.

Steve: In a park?

Perry: Yeah. Grant Park. It’s right off the water, in the heart of Chicago so you can basically, you know, take, from your hotel, five minute walk and…you’re at the festival.

Steve: Cool.

Perry: It’s a mile long this year, we’re double the size.

Steve: Who’s playing there?

Perry: The headliners? We’ve got The Red Hot Chili Peppers, we’ve got Kanye West, Wilco and Death Cab For Cutie, The Raconteurs – Jack White’s new project, Flaming Lips, amongst others and Ween, Queens Of The Stone Age and you know, a host of others.

Steve: (? Perry was still talking)

Perry: We’ve got a hundred and thirty acts.

Steve: And how many stages you got?

Perry: Eight stages, a hundred and thirty acts.

Steve: What else do you guys have there? Do you have like, side shows and stuff?

Perry: Yeah. Well, I’ve been working on, for the last several years, this project called, “Mind Field” and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. Basically it’s…I turn the entire festival into an interactive playing field so people, just with the use of a cell phone are on a…you know, kind of on-call for, to become anything or look for people or you know, participate in a game. Could be a tug-of-war into a vat of jello. It could be…you could win a keg of beer, but you’ve gotta drink it in five minutes. You know…it could be, go and meet Flea and tickle him…

Steve: (amused) Um hmmm…

Perry: until he laughs. You know, stuff like that.

Steve: Maybe you should have a barking section.

Perry: You know what, I’ll write it down.

Steve: Put it in there.

Perry: Well we have something we call “Mass Hypnosis”. It’s very similar and this is how it goes. So you’re on the database, you have your phone, your phone buzzes and it says:

“You are now turning into a werewolf, bark at the moon and one of our agents will come and get you. You have five minutes.”

So the entire audience starts barking at the moon – or those who are playing the game – and then we have our agents run out with giant nets and grab you, net you over the head and then we pull you backstage and you get to tickle Flea. And that’s how the game works.

Steve: Ohh. Excellent.

Perry: “Excellent”…tickling Flea?

Steve: Yeah.

Perry: Yeah. It’s excellent. (laughs)

Steve: Actually, you could tell that, (like a carnival barker) “Right here, now! The excellent, tickling Flea!” Um…I mean, is it open all night? Or does it close at some point?

Perry: No, but you know, there’s always after-parties going on. It is a park. It is a public park.

Steve: Right, so you have rules.

Perry: Yeah, there are certain rules. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous park. In the middle of the park is Buckingham Fountain (1) which was donated by the Queen, back in the day.

Steve: Queen…Elizabeth?

Perry: Well, (? Both talking)

Steve: As in, Buckingham Palace kind of thing?

Perry: Yeah, Yeah. It’s just a most amazing city. The architecture is just fantastic and it’s clean and the weather’s beautiful and the hotels and the restaurants are just cookin’, man. So, it’s a great place to have a party.

Steve: Hmm. I wonder why America never came up with that royal family thing.

Perry: I think they ran away from the royal thing. The whole point was they wanted to make it democratic.

Steve: Right. But do you think some people wish there was a royal family? I guess you got, I guess rich people are like, royalty, ain’t they? Like your Vandenburgs and your Fords and…that’s kind of a royalty thing.

Perry: Yeah, in a way. The closest we’ve got is the Kennedys, I would say.

Steve: Right, exactly. That’s a good example. Funny, innit?

Perry: And the Simpsons.

Steve: And the Simpsons…

Perry: Bart and Ashley and…

Steve: And the Dahmers and the…

Perry: And the Dahmers?

(both laugh)

Steve: We’re gonna visit The Duke, we’re here with Perry Farrell and we’ll be right back. Thanks for listening.

End of Transcription.

1. Located in the middle of Grant Park is Buckingham Fountain. You may recognize this fountain as the one featured in the opening credits from the television show, “Married With Children”.

Source: Wikipedia.

Joint Floratina Transcriber and Chriswasanon production.

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