Friday, April 21, 2006

Not a transcription day. Oh yes it is!

Welcome back to chriswasanon - yes there is, no there isn't, yes there is....

This morning was rather sunny and pleasant but now clouds are brewing on the horizon so I don't think it's quite time to remove the long handled underwear yet. Still the swallows are swooping and blackbirds bathe themselves with splashes in their bath.

Last night, lots of fun looking at screen captures of UFO. I can just hear that sixties music playing, I loved the gadget models in UFO. SID. was cool as were those mobiles and the interceptors, and surely SKY1 was based on an English-Electric Lightning jet aircraft. Then there was Ed Straker's secret SHADO headquarters cunningly disguised as a film studio if memory serves. Marvellous! I had little dinky-type working models of the interceptor and a mobile in me toybox.

They fired plastic missiles. Such a boy! These were their adversaries, Aliens!

A mysterious something UFO deep in the woods, actually its another model. Or is this the Rendlesham incident?

Well like a lot of things of personal yore, I get the feeling that the thrills of my tv. childhood if I was to view them as programmes now, would not hold the same joys. Besides it is another century. Although the way we carry on - it seems like business as usual...sigh...just another number...1900-2000.

Arse news.

I see Paul Cook's bottom is prominent on the Pontiff myspace today. I had wondered about sending that one along. That pic first saw the published light of day in Sex Pistols Scrapbook - now scarce - then for successive editions of Sex Pistols file. Ray Stevenson's photo diary. What excitement when I got that Sex Pistols file from my local bookshop. The only piccies of the pistols I had seen were in the music papers before then and the Daily Mirror.

And confessional Fashion news.

I went straight out upon absorbing that book when I was a teenager and I tore up an old white school shirt and painted...nah "daubed" the word "Anarchy" in red paint down the front of it. Well it was in homage to John Lydon and his home made anarchy shirt. The shirt that "may or may not" have been the prototype of the Westwood Karl Marx Anarchy special. Dangerously close anyway. I got in to the following conversation when I had my home-made anarchy shirt on...

"What's that, Anarchy?"

"I don't know, no politics, er no government."

"Well how can you have no government?"


DJ. News.

Steve isn't feeling 100% at the moment but I'm 100% sure that he will be back on the tip top of the mike soon. That's it for jukebox news today.

So I have a crave after Blake and UFO - to hear:

"Where's Captain Kirk?"

By "Spizz" - whatever names they called themselves that year.

As said, Tina has nothing for us today, sob! so there will be no beaming choice words from the transcriptorium in the transporter room. If the monitor flashes I will send out a signal on transmission band ZXSPECTRUM. Ah but now the spring sunshine beckons..."I use soft hygienic weetabix to dry my tears." Name the lyric and you could win nothing I'm afraid - this is a blog not a radio show! Now THIS is a radio show. Breaking news...shuffle..a transcription.


Hold it, hold it - this just in! (8:25 AM PST) I had to do my hair first.


from April 20, 2006

Steve: The gas price is going up.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: They are slowly sneaking up there aren’t they?

Mr. Shovel: It’s funny, isn’t it?

Steve: Yesss. Is anyone gonna do anything about it, though? Nooo.

Mr. Shovel: Who can do anything about it?

Steve: Well, people can do things, if they get together.

Mr. Shovel: Like what?

Steve: Go and jump around outside the White House.

Mr. Shovel: and then what’s going to happen? They’re going to lower the price of gas?

Steve: Oh, I dunno. You tell me, did Vietnam, did that help having all the people protesting all the time? I’m sure it had something to with it, when it stopped?

Mr. Shovel: It took, you know…six years.

Steve: Yeah, but people don’t do anything like that anymore. Everyone’s on Lipitor and playing with their iPods…as the world changes around them. That’s my point. (long sigh from his capacious lungs) (US accent) I need to get an electric car. From Toyota of Huntington Beach. (strums guitar) A ppp-Prius. That’s what I need to get.

Mr. Shovel: They’re making like, bigger cars that are hybrids, as well.

Steve: Yeah?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Wonder Breads. Is that what they’re called.

Mr. Shovel: (goes along with him) Yeah. They go the polka dots on ‘em.

Steve: Rully. Who makes them, then? Toyota?

Mr. Shovel: All the different…

Steve: Everyone’s having a go?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: (continues to strum softly) I was thinking of getting a new car and there’s nothing I really like. Mercedes are just junk, now. Porsches, I had one of them before and I feel a little bit of a wanker driving one of them around. I like the…Bentley.

Mr. Shovel: (smartass mode) Yeah, I don’t think they have a hybrid yet.

Steve: No they…but they have nice cars, if you’re looking for some action.

Mr. Shovel: You don’t feel like a wanker in a Bentley?

Steve: No, I don’t.

Mr. Shovel: But you do, in a Porsche.

Steve: Yeah.

Mr. Shovel: Okay…

Steve: You don’t understand.

Mr. Shovel: You might as well be driving a house.

Steve: Why would I want to drive a house around. That’s the point of having a car, you take ‘em TO the house, after you drivin’ the car. (sings a couple of lines, sort of, from Bicycle Built For Two, sounding like a dead undertaker in a horror film or something)

I’m gonna play a tune now. This is how I feel.


Cars hotels and bars and superstars
Is what I want
Lazy Boys, silly toys
you know you won’t get far
oh oh oh oh
Plastic men driving around in their houses
Bimbettes, botox
Plastic knocks
on the door with opportunity

(Mr. Shovel drops in this Michael Caine audio from the movie, "Alfie")

Alfie: “One thing about driving a Rolls, they’re pleased to see you anywhere.”

(Steve continues)

That’s what I’m talking about

Gas is going to be taking the piss
Are friends electric?
You know you can’t miss
What are we all, in a trance
Transcendental state with the army in a right state
(plays harmonica)


(they talk some more after the second set of songs)

Steve: They don’t stand for nonsense in Europe, you know. With things they don’t like, people get up and scream about it and things get changed. No one seems to do that in America. Is there a reason for that, Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: I’m just being The Devil’s Advocate here, Steve. Gasoline is about five dollars a gallon in Europe.

Steve: It’s a lot more.

Mr. Shovel: Right.

Steve: It’s a lot more; it always has been, though.

Mr. Shovel: But they’re not doing anything about it.

Steve: Well…I don’t think they have loads of gas. America has about thirty years of gas down in Alaska. Or wherever the bloody hell they keep it. You know what I mean? Europe don’t have gas. I guess we do need some money, though, if we’re gonna bomb Iran, right?

Mr. Shovel: Well, yeah. But we don’t want to damage the oil wells.

Steve: Right. There’s another good move. Another good move and we all just watch “American Idol” and get on with our lives, I suppose. Am I being…am I talking out of my bum?

Mr. Shovel: Somebody’s got to say it, Steve.

Steve: But I mean am I, is that…am I talking nonsense?

Mr. Shovel: No. I’ve just…I’ve just gotten to a point where I’ve realized that they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do…no matter what anybody says.

Steve: What…they got away with murder with Katrina and no one done anything. Jesus, they didn’t do anything, you know? “Let’s charge fifty dollars for a pint of milk, see what happens.
As we watch “American Idol” and fondle with our iPods and take antidepressants that are advertised on TV.

Mr. Shovel: During the news.

Steve: Yessss. “Spend spend spend…” Let’s visit the Duke. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orac (well, there's a wee bit of transcription) April 19th 2006

Welcome back to chriswasanon. Yes it is the Orac what a sexy in a gadgety printed circuit nerdy sort of way - although allbeit boxy - beast it is - much more than just a computer, a brain according to the script. Or is just another piece of Space junk from Blake's 7. Matt Irving knows.

Myspace news

Wo! Steve has posted some picture comments to a young lady over on the myspace and as ever there are some entertaining picture comments left by the...well altar I suppose. Now I'd quite like to have a pontiff doll meself but I imagine sadly that the hot tub accessory is extra - they always are :-( Do we have to assume that the batteries are included? I wish I could shake myself from this religious thing I seem to have got into with the Pontiff. That ole myspace is acting weird again isn't it as of today when I tried to bulletin.

Guitar and Jukebox news

Now how much did that off white Les Paul custom job guitar go for? £33,000 with an additional "buyer's premium" of 20% making une figure totale of £39,600 or in USD $70,928. et + 83 centimes. Qwite Fwankly m'dear I'm s-t-a-g-g-e-r-e-d. How on earth I'm going to pay for it is beyond me ;-)

Oh well now I see. I don't have to because

a). I did not bid

b) "It's just a fake, make no mistake, a ripoff for you..."

It was a ringer, of sorts and Steve did said so as much on the box last night. Oh these are the things though that dreams are made of. So Jones is still angling to get the real thing - no not Coke you fool, I'm bloggying about his original Los Sex Pistolero guitar. Strange things that we desire. Mon dieu Arbuthnot! Mebbes Orac can help us. Go to it Orac, make it come homewards. Updatum. Well it seems that this story is a little more complicated than that, Steve did own this guitar but...anyway I think that Tina is going to transcribe it for us to ponderise over.

Jukebox records news.

A nice slab of punk music last night on the box too weren't there? Sham 69 and Clash and the Splodgers and the Ruts and the Jam and even Who killed Bambi? As you can see there is no transcription today. Is it becoming a bit of a bore?

Oh well I can think of worse things to do. You'll get the tip - no worries. It seems that something is cooking, yes the transcriptorium's bank of lights are flashing away...indicative of activity.

This info bulletin cobbled almost entirely from myspace and my partner in creativity Tina. Except for the picture of ORAC which is my own indulgence to super computers everywhere. Next time a blurred picture of Jenna - probly...not and hello yes...a transcription coming through...


Here is a bit to clarify the guitar issue

from 4/19/06

Tina is at the controls.

Steve: I just got a message from a friend of mine in England. There was this white Les Paul on ebay or, it was actually a guitar that I had, but if I don’t remember selling it as the original one, and this guy sold it as the original one for…it just sold, apparently for 33,000 pounds, which is close…that’s at least fifty grand, dollars there. More – it’s more. I’m so annoyed. Not that the guy…well a little bit that the guy got a lot more money than what I sold it for…let me spray around here. Let me combat the holy gas. Hold on. (we hear the sound of aerosol air freshener being sprayed)

(It's)Not that the bloke got that much money...(reconsiders) a little bit, but the fact that the original one, which I’m hoping to get will take the sting out of that, but…whatever, you know. The swindle continues…that’s all I can tell ya.

I have a harmonica right here. It’s the original one that I used on uh...“Bodies” and uh...I’m willing to sell it right now for uh...fifteen thousand pesetas, if anyone is interested. (sings) She was a girl from Birmingham…(starts blowing into harmonica) You remember, can you hear this in the background? (replicates that chugging jun-jun-jun from “Bodies” on the harmonica) If you listen closely on headphones, you’ll hear that in the background, right. (continues on harmonica) And this harmonica is the one I actually played on there. Chris Thomas will tell ya, too. (quietly, sneaky-ish) I’ll get him to verify...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No transcription - today neither.

This blog is heading towards albeit slowwwwwwwwly - its 100th post. In this neck of the Internation it seems that the winters are long and the summers are short. There is currently no transcription available to resavour and enjoy but as and when something fresh wings this way, like the first swallows back from warmer climes and the ospreys out on the Solway - you will get the pigeon post.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A little digression - no transcript today.

The Sheriff of Rockingham, the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' rollah, I wonder how Steve would look like as the Ayatollah - there is definitely a religious theme illuminated like a goldleaf reredos. Well I left a fine 14th Century crozier for Easter. The No. 1. Social networking site, the myspace. Just a picture cuh - think CwA breaks into churches? Cuh! Think again! Sign up - add me - delete me.

My space deletions. or - Being deleted.

Rather than going around dobbing people in because they don't have Stephen Jones our Pontiff of Pop in their top 8, Chris was Anon ALWAYS does the opposite - that's why the Rotter was made welcome here and Shlomoe our AltErNaTiVe Mr. Shovel may pin his GG. Allin poster up if he wants. Yar boo sucks! Likewise if Miche wishes she can chew the fat here.

My space additions. 0r + Being added.

A gent added me on the ole myspace and just happened to mention that he had applied for a blessing a month since from Steve to no availment - Together we gets the result. An audience and addition and we have one very happy man with Maximum Pontifex in his top 8.

It is meet and proper my brethren and sisthren ;-) to remember the distress that that first terrible wave of deletions had on our Pontifical community. Some of the oldest bloggers from the previous forum were tossed overboard without so much as a bye as they left.

I'm afraid I completely missed Steve's guest Ian Gillan tonight as I was out staring at the original Orac and the original Liberator. The models from Blakes 7. Matt Irving with 22 years of experience in model making for the BBC - before squeaky clean CGI took over - was in Wigtown. DR. Who, DR. Who...It's a strange thing to see the things of your childhood televisual viewing pleasure standing like so many Airfix or er Revell construction kits on a table. Blakes 7 happened before we crossed the last aeon and pledged to "DeStRoY television." ;-)


Well now, what does it says up there? "Eclectic" or taking influences from many things. So watch out! I may finally post my Moroccan holiday snaps. Tina will be back with the dope soon I feel. I'm talking TRANSCRIPTION TRANSCRIPTION TRANSCRIPTION. and any other thing. When that happens, we will let you know.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

I finished the Angel of Anarchy bit!

See below. No, below that, under the Rundgren bit. See it? Good. Enjoy!

Does this image convey the dark majesty of Anarki?

Image hosting by Photobucket

In a word Non! Yet every Mad Doctor has a need of an Igor.

Chriswasanon "The storm is rising master." Bahhahahhahahahhha...clunk...scrape...