Friday, November 20, 2009

6 music...

So what will happen when Google dies? Will all blogs created in blogspot die too?

Will tomorrow nights homemade curry be as successful a curry as those which we can buy in little plastic containers with lids on? Facebook mode off.

I had some news the other day of import which filled my sour heart with cheer, though getting to hear the show on this old computer proved staggeringly annoying. My good friend Stuart...

The lad with the pencils, (not the lad in California called MM) sent me this. I'm quite sure that he'll not mind me using it to plug Jones.

I've caught only one show so far just from BBC 6 music's quartet of Jonesology. "A month of Sundays." Entertaining Mr. Jones. Its the usual jukebox eclectic mix of the wild and the funny and the monologously phiolosophical from the Pontiff.


Some things are different with the Beeb. The absence of Mark Sovel, who letds face it had long since stopped being the straight man. The station identifier Indie 1031. The familiar annoying jarring jingles about flogging bubble cars to people down on Long Beach and the interminable adverts for Joe Escalator. Not to mention the House of Everything but blues...

What ever happened to Indie 103.1?

Aaaaaaaaaaaand of course the pants or mustard contests . The tunes are there, no whistling but or strumming oh and the belching has been replaced by moaning and the farting seems to have been knocked on zer head...

I have missed 2 shows...I'm such a silly sausage. I bet YOU haven't? Eh!

What has Auntie Beeb let herself in for? I bet she's never put mustard into her Granny pants!

Right kids?

I have to say that I love it and all the howling Jonesless hordes Worldwide since Indie 103.1 died will doubtless LOVE IT too. So fill yer lugholes.

Double plus excellent those damn yanks have to listen to our crappy jingles instead of Indie 103.1 blather about escalators and Camp Freddy.

We're going to visit the Duke and we'll be right back after...

Next Sunday.