Saturday, March 04, 2006

No Future the remix.

Your correspondent writes....

Can you believe that? Jeffry Archer has written another book.

The bulk of the money nicked in the Kent raid is still missing.

Sunny day here in Galloway.

Now I need to know something, what should I do with this blog - where is it going? Well I have decided that it is time to change.

I have a confession -I coined the phrase "blogstars." I did not intend it to become the name of a myspace group - it was a pun on blogster or blogger and it took the place of the famous five core term for the inner sanctum group of bloggers that used to blog on the...well you know the sorry tale, or you wouldn't be here, would you?

Good morning blogstars!

That was how it started and now for me, the rot has set in.

Who cares about the poxy blog anyway? It's scone now. I cared a lot, a lot of you did.

Gail did - NYC was the first.
Nevah did - he was a she and Queen of the Garam Masala
JR did - she wore knackered knickers and a V1agra day!
Jewell did - she was the shiny and a lot of Lol :-)
AC did - he came on like a lion but became a little lamb
Irish Scots did - she was no Rotterateer
Car did - Oh Carol trip like I said to
Floratina did - she poured her love into her transcriptions
I am extremely handsome did but he didn't have shit for brains!
Mr Jones did - but he wasn't the Shepherd's Bush goal machine!
Shloemoe did - he was an annoyance and yet...
Chispa did - he claimed to be from Alicante
Rotter did - he swore across the Internet
Mrs Rotter Maddie did - a groovy kind of love.
Alison did - she danced with me over the Web.
Aunty Chrissy did - thanks for postin'
Pie did - he was love God of the Blog
Steve did - he was the Jackanapes behind the scene
Shovel did - he kept the deejay at the decks
Tricky did - he had a Lotus in the Sussex hedgerows
Zero did - FCKU Banzai kiss.
Thepsychicvampyre did - close and play his way.
Minx did - Minnie and her Beano
Ramona did - she was my Sharona
Glass did - he reformed the London SS.
Tstetse fly did - he was a dangerous buzz
Iggy did - he didn't approve though
Pete Townshend did - didn't he?
StuartMM did - and he still does!
Gidget did - Happy Birthday Gidget!!!
Jack did - well maybe...
Jade did - thanks for postin'
Indie 103.1 did - they had us covered!
ZZZZZZZZ did - but with a sharp knife
Glenn O did though he is more often found in the shack
Scottish Toodler did - big titz across, eh ST?
Craig and Vortex did - what an anoraky!
Michebel did - I don't doubt it.

If I missed you, do you know how much we miss the blog

See it wasnae aboot wha ye liked it was just about bloggin'

You DO understand, don't you???

Thanks for all the comments.

It was lots of fun but it is time for me at least to say "that's over" move on, moving on involves well er moving on. In future this blog will not be a blog about a blog or a blog about the bloggers. There were a lot of posts here,a lot of words, a rash attempt to summarise as an outsider not from Californi.i.ay the theatre totale that was the Steve Jones blog - we will remember ALL who blogged on the blog, the regulars, the irregulars and the downright anonymous!

Chriswasanon knows who killed Bambi - do you?

This blog will continue to host Tina the Transcriber.

"Fanx for readin'!"

FANX to you all!


Friday, March 03, 2006

The free shop is open and Tina IS in effect!

Now I like this space, this is as much myspace as myspace account. Good news or bad I’m staying open! I still intend to post the full story of Morocco here.

Weather news.

Can you believe that? Snow, in the Machairs of Galloway and now we have blue skies again.

Raining in Cally still?

History news.

I set this place up initially to post longer pieces about experiences in Spain. The first post here was on November 14th 2005. It then took the slack when the Jones blog was closed pro-tem before the mass linkup to myspace occurred. Nevah has a birthday card here somewhere too. I used this blog to make observations on the happenings on the Jones blog and other off topic views reflecting my own interests and obsessions. I added all the links I could think of. All the best pistols links, links to other sites of Jones note and a few of my favourites on punk and Seditionaries clothing. It’s your blog too you know! Then I put on a stat counter, to see where you were all coming from and finally a chatbox.

The Old News is that the Steve Jones blog is gone due to blogabuse. I don't have the heart to remove the links just yet. No working model replaced the Jones blog, for access to all. Did access for all lead to the blog closing?

Where is Tricky Dicky now?

Nevermindthebollocks with foresight set up a myspace blogstars group before the blogs closed. The group works excellently. All us waifs and strays of the Blogship Indiana Jonesy with myspace accounts have gathered there to post but it is a CLOSED group. You may apply for posting access if you wish. It is there that a kind of reduced blogging on the shows takes place.

The blogstars do not want a repeat performance of for example “stolen identities,”or abuse along the lines of ya **** and ya fcukre etc. . This is why it is a closed group.

Shloemoe – did attempt to set up something similar to the Steve Jones Blog but the Captain’s log it aint and the blogstars would not use it. Apart from the rebels. Though er… it does beg the question if it was used, how long before Zero, Chispa and all the other strangeness would turn up again?

Shloemoe turned up on myspace but deleted himself. I gave him the myspace award cos he was a regular blogger.

The last days of the Steve Jones blog saw responses from "Chispa" and "Zero" taking the form of FCUKOFF to practically every thing that any blogger that he/it/she/they did not like, typed. The overwhelming suspicion was that Shloemoe was behind these identities. None of it provable. Did it make the blog a bearpit of suspicion? The blog survived, “Pelicanism,” peoples identities “borrowed” so that fake posts could be made in their names. Thanks PIE 2 coin a phrase. It could not survive the strangeness of those last days and Indie 103.1 were not able to find the time to moderate it. Hence it died…NOW the Rotter admits that he pushed the envelope too far. I miss that stupid blog. I wish he had applied the brakes then. I also wish on the matter of blog profanity that I had not posted the loaded question:

"why are you a rotten country boy?

So that’s where it is at the moment.

We also have this place which isn’t regrettably Steve Jones blog either. You may comment here until you are have carpal tunnel syndrome but comment on my posts please. This blog has something that myspace will never have, no adverts! It is also open to all, as for the reasons expained blogstars has to be locked down. This place isn't that and if you really feel the need to scrawl the rude word of your choice on here - you can.>

Also use the chatbox – if you can see it that is – sigh.

Special Welcome to Quean, bigups to Steve, Nevah, Gail, JR, IrishScots, Pie, Minx, Ramona, Keef, Alison, Rotteroffski, Mark Sovel, Tina my colleague, the Scottish Toodler, Jewell and er..Shloe er...Shloe er how come er it took you er 'til the blog er closed, to er post here, eh?

One feature of the Steve Jones blogs which I am anxious to see continued and we think that this is the best home for that, is the transcriptions. They will be Tina's transcriptions and if you don't like Tina - in my 'umble opinion you've got a problem haven't you? Cos these are A1. A+A+A+A+A+A+A blogtastic multi-media. They will continue whilst Tina continues until we get a cease and desist and that barely legal Joe Scarlatti issues a subpoena or something in the name of his Pontiff.

We have had some positive vibration feedback so far and some "telling" silence but until we get a definite response, we will in bloody minded fashion, continue.

Long boring reason for why I like transcriptions follows. These things have a special meaning for me as for perhaps on and off for ten years, I was a tape transcriber for Embra Uni. As an undergraduate and later within the School of Scottish Studies archive itself. The subjects covered - none of which will feature here - let me tell you by the way - were such as “Brick making,” at Somerleyton. ”Coal mining” highlights included wake customs in Newcraighall “Herring fisheries.” Superstition, fisher lassies in Great Yarmouth, Lerwick and all down the Eastern Seaboard of the UK, scary tales of storms and unco-operative landladies. “Civil engineering projects.” In Scotland and exceptionally dull. “Lifeboats.” The Longhope lifeboat disaster of 1969, Stornoway, Caister and Scrabster and the cracking, “role of music in a NW. Highland school. “ Basically I took a tape recorder and collected and then transcribed for inclusion in the archive, hours and hours of conversation and experience of work, play, song and life.

Transcribing is hard work and demands judgement, concentration and patience. I loved the field-work and met many interesting older people in the course of it most of which are now sadly dead. Their words and experiences and outlook were preserved and in some way, remain.

Continue to look upon this as a outpost supplement to Complete Pontiffism. In the words of the man who can,


Continue to comment. Why do writers write, cos they want your feedback and in terms of weblogs, that means one thing what does it mean, yes it means comments and if you miss the shows as I so often do, due to being CURSED, then here will be your chance to see what all the fuss was about. Or not - these things may not last - what does? - get 'em while ya can!

Steppin' up the sausage song.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Top 8 only...Tina is the TrAnScRiBer Complete Pontiffism

Can you believe that? - Glass has made Steve an Untersturmfuhrer in the SS. Instead of swastikas we have the number 8 and speaking of number 8's were you one of the friends that Steve deleted from myspace? No not you Rotter - I saw your schurmz cap thing with the totenkopf.

This transcript is for you who heeded the call of Steve so please once again put your mouse, your keyboard, your trackball and yore hands together for the scintillating, the scandolously superb transcendental transcriber


My Space Wednesday, February 22

Steve: I was on the ol' MySpace last night. I'm getting bored with it...I'm getting bored with the MySpace. I'm starting to delete people. My new thing is now, is I had twenty-seven hundred-something friends and what I'm doing now is I'm deleting the ones that I ain't in their Top 8. That's what I'm doing now. And out of about, which I did yesterday - it's kind of a pain to do, 'cause you have to look in their thing to see if you're in their Top 8...and I went through about seventy and there was about twelve that I was in their top eight. So that's what I'm going to do until like they're completely gone and I just have people that have me in their Top 8. Otherwise, it's like, what's the point? Who cares if you have a million friends? A million friends for what? I just want people...people who have come to be my friend, right? I didn't go looking for them.

Mr. Shovel: You've become a MySpace Snob.

Steve: I'm a MySpace Loyalist. Yes. *MY*space (Mr. Shovel starts laughing). Do you understand? So if I'm not in your Top 8, you will be eliminated. You do understand, don't you? You will be no longer part of my quadron. It's written in the quatrains! Nostradmus...that you will be eliminated from Jonesy's Space. He said so, fifteen hundred years ago. Are you getting with it?


You will be eliminated if (I'm) not
in the Top 8
I'm not interested
to have you for a friend
if I'm in the back
of your friends

There's only so many friends you have
that are your Friends
MySpace is my space
and it's not your space
Find your own bleedin' space
I'm anti-space
I'm in the black hole of space
I don't need you just for a laugh
I want serialist-relationship spaces
I'm not your WhimSpace
I'm not any space
I'd rather be up in space
on MySpace

(Mr. Shovel drops in a bit of audio from some sci-fi movie here: Voice ..1: "Contact?"
Voice ..2: "We're ready, General"
Voice ..1: "That you Steve? You've been out in space two days now. Got anything to report?")

(Steve resumes singing)

My space, oh, it's the milky way of MySpace
One million light-years to find
You can take your stripper's little websites
'cause I'm not interested in it
'cause there's no, nothing
that I'm gonna get anyway
just to fulfill your little websites
you can go and shove it
No one wants ya anyway

It's not about the numbers
It's about the quality of your friends
your compatability with dimensions
coming out'cha

Oh MySpace
It's my space

(Voice ..1: "There's a whole universe out there Steve. The totally unknown, beyond anyone's comprehension. We try to figure it out, kids, but...we never can.")

My space
paper lace
funny face
and the human race
in my space

my space

MySpace Part 2 Thursday, February 23

Steve: So, I'm having so much fun deleting people on MySpace. It's so much fun.

Mr. Shovel: You've got yourself quite a quandary.

Steve: Well, not really. I mean, there's even friends, like real friends that I know that don't have me in their Top 8, and I'm getting rid of them. I don't want thousands of friends. I just want dedicated friends.

Mr. Shovel: You realize that real, true friendships are ended on this 'politics of the Top 8'.

Steve: Yes. That's fine with me. If someone wants me, the Hall of Famer, Jonesy's Jukebox, Sex Pistolero, Man Who Can to just shove in the back of many thousands, you've got another thing coming. I've got to be in the Top 8.

plays to the tune of "Another Thing Coming"
I'm gonna give it up
I'm not gonna be at the back with everyone else
I'm the Man Who Can for two hours a day
If I'm not in the Top 8 you can go bye bye hey hey

Steve: I think there's going to be a prize. I think I'm going to give something out for all the ones who I'm in their Top 8. I'm going to give them a nice little gift. When I get rid of all the other fairweathers on MySpace.

Mr. Shovel: And what would that gift be?

Steve: That’s a surprise…

Mr. Shovel: Sticker?

Steve: Maybe something. I don’t see anyone else on MySpace giving things away, do you? CD’s of their two-bob bands, that might be it. Do you think that’s bad, what I’m doing, Shovel, on MySpace?

Mr. Shovel: No. You’re rewriting the rules of MySpace etiquette…

Steve: Yeah, MYspace. MY. MY, not all the other fifty million spaces, MY bleedin’ space. Now, if I ain’t in your Top 8, you will be removed.

Joint Floratina and Chriswas production.

PS. Next one up stepping will be the sausage song...and I will tell you why transcripts are such a fabby thing.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The TrAnScribEr...

Welcome back to chriswasanon.

Chriswasanon will host Floratina's transcriptions of the show.

Floratina was the transcriber of the Jones blog who gave us all a 2nd chance to resavour the wit and wisdom and wackiness of, Steve, Mr. Sovel and the guests. So I am gawsh damn over the moon to have the opportunity to publish the latest unseen transcriptions here.

I do not know when this show was broadcast if I get any info I will add it it in. It deals with the bitter blow of the loss of the blog.

Without further chriswasanonness I give yew the tremedously talented totally toptabulous, terrific TrAnScRiBer.

Steve: Do we…we don’t have a blog anymore, do we?

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: Is that the end of it?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know.

Steve: I got s…I got a lot…a few emails on the blog saying, “What’s going on?” and like, “We’re having withdrawals”, I think. What is going on with it? Just too many people cursing?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, I don’t know. I had nothing to do with that.

Steve: You had nothing to do with it?

Mr. Shovel: Nope.

Steve: Why ain’t it there anymore then? Know that reason?

Mr. Shovel: Nope.

Steve: Can’t speak. Shovel’s lips are sealed. I can’t pry it out of him.

No More Bloggy

No more Bloggy
No more Captain’s Blog
It’s gone awry
Too much obscenity
Out of control on the Blog Star
Blog starship
Is no longer

Start your own blog
Is what I suggest
At some other place
Maybe MySpace
Start your bloggy
Start your engines
Get bloggin
With the Monty Python blogteam
Yeahhhh (thanks for listnin)

Thank you Floratina. Everyone please enjoy! Her next transcript in the next groovy ish will be the one about the top 8 deletion frenzy.

BTW I kept Steve at the top 8, never moved him - he is the reason for my existing, without Steve I would be pontiffless - which is No FuN.

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box!

Floratina/ Chriswasanon joint production.

----------------- Original Message -----------------

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The management is sick of managing a successful rock 'n' roll band, the band is sick of being a succesful rock 'n' roll band

destroying record companies and burning venues is more creative than making it.

The famous press release after the split in SF in 1978. Which was even more famously withdrawn soon after...

Rock n roll hall of fame

So the Sex Pistols aren't coming - stick your award up your arse...apparently. Its the Rock 'n' roll hall of flame....and there goes another one shot down in flames.

"Ich muss out, steiger out!"

Congrats for making it John, Steve, Paul, Glen but double cream congrats for telling them that there is no change and no change is sexy - right Mr. Wobble?

It is the finest tradition of dissidence isn't it, or couldn't they be bothered to rehearse "Bodies" one more time? Its KLF. style, its CRASS, its alternative. Its a big fcuk off to the music biz probly...well what is it. Is is it similiar to "Kiss this" when everyone thought that a re-union was on the cards and the river boat was pulled out of retirement, for all the media to see...

the Scottish Sex Pistols?

Other news, Shloemoe created a clone blog...nobody wanted to play there. Steve Jones started to delete everyone in his friends who wasn't a top eight - can you believe that? I continue to have computer PrObLeMs. America wants to take over the world, apparently. Perhaps it doesn't and who wants the world anyway - not me. Tony Blair in fine euphemism mode calls Guano bay an "anomaly". Robbers get away with a dirty hot (clean and cool it's not) 40 million in quid due to laxness amongst crew and it seems to me that the only place that you will find the true voice of the people nowadays is in the letters column of a broadsheet newspaper. Give me Floratina - or give me death! She is the TraNscriber and my name is not Malcolm Mclaren...

Weather news - something about Greenland freezing Scotland and feeding snow showers down the East Coast of England. Look to the skies!!!

Where did my traffic go...

More later.

Thanks to Jade for the image...