Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Christmas mail

Here's another man who can - or could!

Great performances I have loved.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is a facsimile copy of the one that Hendrix really loved! It's a 1965 Fender Stratocaster.

Transcript of Jimi Hendrix intro to Wild thing:

"OK. we're gonna do the English and American combined anthem together ok and I don't think I'm losing my mind. Last nightmare whew. But today I think and everything is alright. Thank you very much to Bob Dylan's grandmother (Noel Redding) huh huh . "So uh, I'm gonna sacrifice somethin' I really love ok? and I don't think I'm losing my mind...and don't get mad, ok? Whew, all those beautiful people out there."

(This was a genuis at controlling feedback!)

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo etc.

Well how CAN you convey that?

Hendrix then wowed the crowds at the Monterey Pop festival with his finale, "Wild thing." He was just a rumour at that point in the US. having broken it big in the UK. He sprayed lighter fluid over the guitar and set his Fender Stratocaster on fire. My top Rock and roll moment of all time. After it was all over, the screaming of the torched instrument could be still be heard through the amps along with the demented yelling of the crowd.

Back to the Christmas post.

I used to live in a place similarish to this but it wasn't as great, it was freezing cold full of miserable strange people and as damp as...something quite damp. Way less turrets too and divided into flats. Place called Harvieston. Used to snow a lot though. This looks like Glamis Castle or Borthwick to me. Image obviously copyright somebody. Fank yew.

Happy Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Nollaig Chridheil!
Happy holidays!

Ane gude new Year to one and a'


Well it seems that some folk are very sick with an unmentionable bug. I cannot tell the nature of said bug, is it flu, is it swine fever, mad cow disease, LA. sniffles.
What I do know is that influenza makes you feel like shit on a stick and that aint nice so get well soon and here is a hope that whatever it is that left you all so low will leave you feeling higher than the Christmas fairy on the tip top don't stop of the tree by at least Christmas Eve. If not sooner!!!

I now know thanks to JR and Nevah and Alison lots more about those bleacher thingies than I did.

There have been too many rebroadcasts over at Indie and that has put a downer on it for a few of you, about 3x I have had to rearrange my "busy" schedule sat down in front of this poxy computer, only to find that Steve is dying and this is a "rebroadcast." I also as JR. said, just want the man to be well.

Big ups to.
Flora for transcribing
Michebel for spilling the beans on the party.
Alison who invited me to a dance
nevah for being solid
JR for being JR.
Chispa - saludas from Scotland!
Pie and his toy-shop like head.
Jewell and her inspirations.
Tsetese for Malaria ;-)

If I have left you out, muchas apologies you try scrolling through 1067 entries on the Indie blog. Make yourself known here or at Indie and you will surely go into the hall of fame and fortune! Or not its not that important is it?

Enjoy yourselves - enjoy the box - enjoy/endure your families if you have them, your christmas puds, cakes, shortbread, whisky, sherry, mince pies, traditions that you never bothered to tell me about, turkeys, nut roasts, presents that Santa leaveth for all good girls and boys under the jukebox shaped tree. Awful boring television. Lets hope the US. Mail. the Royal Mail, (ya ever feel sorry for the postman?) mailman er the Spanish postal service, Irish mail, alpha mail whatever and wherever you mail- all got/will get through!

This has been a seasonal Chris was Anon summary. No posting for a week or two? I'm off to a land where there are no computers!

Have a good one! Play a fuckin' blinder!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random update on mainly...THAT blog

I should be going South for Christmas hooray!
No one has posted anything here and I'm wasting
away for lack of COMMENTS u know those things you
write where it says ADD A COMMENT - I don't care
what you write so long as it isn't

NAZI BOLLOCKS - into the dustbin er
the trashcan of history with it!

"Halte Deine umwelt Sauber."


"Stops your environment cleanly."
It may lose a little in translation but...
ya gets the picture!
"White ayran nations..." indeed...pah
what a load of willies and cobblers!
Speaking of Nazis - it seems that myspace is full
of them. BrianJonestownmassacre has an excellent
triptastic blog there and... read it.
Nuff Nazis...

So what happened to the blog then? Well selective
scrolling reveals the following non bulletted points.

Steve was wished lots of nice things by the Indie bloggers.
The silence about the 6am Cally time rebroadcast was deafening.
Neither the Pie of Flora are myspacers - there was no reporting
back to the nevah.
JR had fun in Vegas.
The nevah is withdrawing from Cadbury's chocolate
that aint real chocolate nevah - real chocolate
is 99% cocoa mass!
Iggy Pop may possibly be posting on the blog - we hope so
cos we are all big fanz and passengers! Also Pete Townshend.
Mosquitoes may carry AIDS - well Scottish midgies sure don't!
Bjork was big upped! I saw her once at Glastonbury 95

No it was Glasto 94 and er, I didn't want to but I was
kind of swept along by the crowd and ended up at the
stage and it was all-right. Tho my ex used to say that
she was as mad as a snake! Big time sensual....ity!!!!

Lennon's death was discussed.
Blue Öyster Cult fun with umlauts even tho it was a cover version!
Viagra day - "I love my job." JR.
Message of the week - came and er went...
Perhaps Steve does like to be insulted in a fatty jones chocolate box
assorted McLaren Reid kind of way...Ah hae ma doots!
For some reason Miche advocated Jack's shack
as the alternative blog post place but this is the:

Tell me where there is another?
OK there is Stuarts blog and you should check it
for the latest news. See the linkie its in MY LINKS

The impostercile dropped his fish guise electing to use
the run from Jack and the Beanstalk as his theme.
Disco inferno...Is it what you wanna hear from
the Licker of Lichtenstein? Steve the Jones
is an eclectic man, wonder if he'd play some
Tom Paxton for me? No not Misty...
Crotch grabbing....

All together its....
Schhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- you know who you are
and so do we!

This has been a chriswasanon updated summary
of the summary - you know it makes no sense
sense production.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Looks like we will be having a meeting and rally concerning
Extraordinary rendition in the "constipated elephant," aka
Wigtown County Buildings on 16th January 2006. The enormous
building dominating everything else is the County buildings.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Talk amongst yourselves...on topic!

Off line version or it could be the online version

Get your rot13ersout!

If you wish you may post your comments here about anything
its a sort of blog lovein maaaaaaan!

Its up to yoo hooo!

So get cbfgvat, V jnag gb frr gubfr pbzzragf - va ebg 13 vs lbh yvxr.

Mebbe I am a cantankerous old git today but V jnag gb xabj jul gur shpxvat uryy V pna'g nqq zlfrys nf n sevraq gb zlfcnpr. V zrna jub vf lbhe orfg sevraq ohg lbhefrys, uhu?


Sunday, December 11, 2005

Travelling....rhetorical park-up

"Who among us has not felt his heart beat a little faster at the sight of a plane soaring into a wide blue sky, or admired the fellow who tears up the gas bills? ..."

"Ghost riders. Travels with American nomads." by Richard Grant.

Whether, its 3 weeks in the sun, 3 months in Europe or 3 years around the world, we all love to travel.

The fact of the matter is of course that there always were, always are and always will be people, "on the road." Mar a bha, mar a tha, mar a bhios. Or "as it was, as it is is and as it will be." Now none of us can really be sure how our lives will turn out, what direction is home. So is travel a necessary rite of passage? To see different places, eat different things, meet different people is surely to broaden the horizon of personal human experience and become the richer for it. Previous exploration by those who came before us has created the future possibilities that we all now inhabit and enjoy or suffer...

Once that decision is made, it becomes an easier thing to keep moving than it is to stop. The act of motion is an unsettling thing. Those who live on the road; in trailers, in wikieups, in ghellies on the shores of lochs, in yurts, in bedouin tents, in a convoy parked up for the winter know this. Those with wood burning stoves and stack pipes. Who dwell in tents, in caves, on floors, up trees, in woods and up mountains, they have elected to lead a shifting lifestyle. They tell the same thing: they are uncomfortable with the idea of living in a stationery box. A static existence underpinned with the hum of a domestic electricity supply. I find the concept of end-point unsettling. It seems that there is no true terminus.

That bus ride, that plane trip, that boat crossing or that journey may have finished, but it is easier to take another. This was my feeling looking out across the Mediterranean sea to N. Africa on the edge of Europe - after a mere 2 days of motion out from Scotland to Southern Spain.

Interested? The subject of nomadism is a fine topic and you can't really do better in my view than seek out a book called, "Ghost Riders. Travels with American Nomads." by Richard Grant. This autobiog travelogue explores through "case-history" what lies behind the urge to travel within the US. its problems, benefits, lesser-known aspects of US. history and the wider implications of travel.

Answers on a post!

Chris was anon.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Dec fif's update.

The Tsetese fly laid it on the line

lots of posts were deleted.

Flora's t'scribing is superb.

Memories of Radio were shared
Kroq-good or Kroq-bad or kroq of shit.

Steve was depressed, he thinks a dog might help

Nevah is on a curry and fish 'n' chips tour of London.

The Psychicvampyre won tickets from Indie to go see Bauhaus.

Miche got into a small discussion about underwear.

I am extremely handsome never posts anymore.

I found this old jukebox on a New age Traveller
park up in Suffolk - a few years ago, the scan is from
a contact print so it is really small.

"Hi is that Johnny Rotten?"

"Yeah thats it"

"You should move to America."

"Oh I don't know, can you get egg n chips?"

Chris was Anon.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday's update

I think that I might update this a little less frequently
from now on in on here.


Shouldn't we all go along and have a great time?

Answers on a postcard!!!!!!!!

About time too!

I may also start to add posts on different subjects
to the ones so far.

Planned is Tangiers.

I will update every Monday at least, probably more often
got to get those bookies sold though.

Monday 28. Nov.

I may not be available to comment on Steve's blog tonight
- that is if we get one...

I am going to the pub for some grub.

The chriswasanon refrain...

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

A leetle update

NMTB has gone to the UK.

a little sparring was had with the impostercile.

NYCGAIL has reactivated her myspace account.

The American music. awards were awful. Have you seen the Eurovision song contest???

Lots of Thanksgivings bigups and shouts were passed.

Pie and peas gave the impostercile a new name, "The Pelican."

There was more discussion about records and cassette tapes and 12 inchers.

This has been a chriswasanon summary brought to you by you know it makes nosense sense productions.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Closing the Steve blog

Just because Steve's blog is currently closed does not mean that it will remain so, does it? Well you know what to do, there's always a home for you here at chriswasanon and if nmtb is reading this, just create a new account.

call yourself nmtbcal and for a password, bollocks!

Seriously nevah, have a good time in the smoke.

Chris was probably going to change the subject quite soon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Ma space, ye space ay body's space!
My space, your space, everybody's space!

Why am I writing about myspace? Because I have expanded
my social contacting there and to some extent taken my discussion
from the Jonesy's blog. It is partly why I set this blog up, so you
could add your own thoughts here and when Tom posted his
myspace link quite a few of you signed up. I was hoping to chat to
Steve and I imagine many of you were too

If you are a jukebox blogger and you found that myspace
wasn't for you...These are the results of my research:

  1. . A marketing thing driven by a free market a riot of graphics.
  2. . One of the top social networking sites to be found on the Internet.
  3. . A good research tool, a never ending wave of distraction and advertising,

Animated gifs,
sound files,
kudos scoring,
instant messenging. AIM I think.
blogging and lots more.

Social networking, "making friends."
You'll get a message saying "so and and so ....want's to be your friend!"

"approve, deny, block, delete, retry, abort, give-up.". know...the drill - its not quite like MS. DOS though.

You'll get a message saying,
"New Comments!"

And you'll find that someone has written

"Thanks for the add" and
they have added a huge picture...
or not...sometimes it really is only a comment."

Its a wonderful place to find out about; music
and bands, and entertainment a place of artistic
expression meet new people, find those that
you have something in common with.
Whatever those tenous links of connection
may be. It may well be ideal for dating
I can't comment. It seems to be geared
towards that quite strongly.

You can search your email addresses for contacts and
add them to your friends list. This is very handy.
There are some good blogs on there but you must look.
hard and the search is not that great.
If I was being cynical and a party pooper....
I would say that it isn't entirely "myspace"
for my space at home does not involve a constant
scrolling of adverts.

This piece reminds me of the "Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy."
No not the dreadful film, I mean the books, the radio series
the lp. the tv series anything but THAT film...
Myspace IS the Restaurant at the end of the Universe.

And that in a protracted snap is myspace.

Chris was not Marvin a manically depressed robot.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Comment junky hurtin' bad

Welcome to my free part of the blogosphere.

A few links. Myspace - a Californian thing probly. News Corp Rupert Murdoch has acquired it..

Want more on myspace go:marketing

Technorati - if you are new to blogging, search them!

This blog is for Indie 103.1 Jonesy's jukebox bloggers but if you like music


Did I mention comment?

I'm using 2 web browsers, Internet explorer 5 for Win 98 and firefox.

If you are using IE5, this page is not displaying properly and exploder
5 users will find my other links at the bottom of the page

You could always grab a copy of firefox

My wish list: ............three square meals a day.

To be able to log back into the indie page, I can't seem to load it
at all.

Confused, answers on a postcard, thanks.


Jukebox jerk

I know, I know, This little imp on the box is getting everyone down, I don't know why the station can't track his IP. address. He seems to have got into a fish thing. The blog will no doubt have to be cleaned up which will mean that it will be offline again - when this happens come here and play if you want. I hate to say it but the blog is going to need passwords and logins so that this kind of crap can't happen..


Monday, November 21, 2005

Jonesy's jukebox - turn up your radio! - edited version

Where the hell was I? Ah, a strange thing happened on the Jonesy's juke box blog last night....

That strange thing is happening fairly regularly. I get all emotional here - time for some judicious editing...well you have had the chance to view it. Some git thinks its fun to post under the names of the regulars and causes confuuuuuusion. Troll is not the word for that little buglurk!. Lately he has become fish obsessed. I'm working in a vacuum here. I can't get a stream from Indie but I can read. The blog is precarious! People slagging off the Steve and punks typing, "Steve ya fat cunt" Reminds me of massed British football - no not American...honestly keep up - chanting of, "you fat bastid" at Finsbury Park for the Filthy Lucre tour in 1996.

The anons who post... they accuse us of being repetitive - but we are gathered, in aural Wilshire we are gathered because we likes good music. Jonesy is not a feedback man. He threatened to shut the blog and there were cries of "oh please no," don't shut the We are family on the blog, so much silliness, banter, good humour, information. Some of us beg for steerage from the Cap'n but he is too content listening to the music to be concerned about us greatly - which is ok@the end of the day. Not an email address - wake up at the back there!

Aside - I was having doubts about Myspace when I posted before this edit but now yes, its a mellow type situation but very hard to meet interesting people, like tramps, genuine mountain men and itinerant story tellers.

Myspace is well what is myspace?

So if anybody see's this, my shouts and my big ups are to:

Never mind the Bollocks.
Pie 'n' peas.
Tricky Dickie
NYC Gail

and to Steve Jones!

Answers on a post.

Chris was Anon.

In which I tune my Radio to KSAN, Radio 1 and Indie 103.1.

If you do not know and for some obscure reason you may not, Steve Jones is/was the Sex Pistols guitar hero. I know - cos Desmond Morris took photographs of Cutie Jones' black amp with the words: "Sex Pistols Guitar hero," painted on. Jonesy moved to Californiayyyy some 25 years ago I hazard and has been since February of 2004 on the radio. Thanks Stuart for the info. Not to say he hasn't done other things, The Professionals, Neurotic outsiders and other stuff to numerous to mention. Steve Jones is a much-respected guitarist.

Well the Internet being what it is now, there is no need to be in the California area, you can listen live to the radio

"He has been carving a name out for himself, as a US radio jock."

Quote from Colour Supplement of the Herald, a local Scottish newspaper, on a one time tad-anonymous scourge of England. Apparently it was all about having bog brush hair "spiky" and Jones could not coiffure his locks - unlike John and Sid - with his head up-side down in the oven Vish. Steve now happily spins the decks on the radio at Indie 103.1 on his own show. Indie is a great little US. independent radio station. Criticism: It does suffer badly from over-advertising, we Brits are spoiled I think. Jonesy refers to this advertising in his inimicable way as, "the Duke."

"We're gonna visit the Duke now." Duke of Kent = Rent.

Its a long way from:

"Big tits across America,."

Steve and Paul get busy at KSAN.

I really hate to see my favourite radio station just taken down
with all this crap you're throwing out
over the air."

An irate caller said this when Steve and Paul guested on the KSAN Jive 95 radio station in 1978 for a notorious phone-in. (real-player required). KSAN the laid back station on the top of your dial in San Francisco. You will hear pieces of an interview with John and Sid there too. Some of these interviews appeared on the record:

Some Product, Carri on Sex Pistols.

The Californians and now the Internet have taken Steve well and truly to their and its heart/s and no wonder, there is nothing else to compare. He truly is the man who can and our favourite British DJ. John Peel is smiling down on him from where he surely is in the great Suffolk small-holding in the sky. We remember fondly John Peel for promoting unsigned bands,his longevity in the business, his free-spirit.

We remember fondly his love for The Fall, his unique place at Radio 1

We of a certain generation.

But "Peelie" didn't strum his acoustic or make up (on the spot) surreal and insanely silly lyrics to well loved tunes and John didn't whistle either, or have his engineer, Shovel...and Mr. Shovel deserves a blog spot of his own...

Other differences? Peelie, did not drop his aitches...John Peel could,

never be asked like that treacherous anon

Anon says:
"Why can't you speak properly?"

Where else but on the blog to end all blogs, the madness and the love that is Jonesy's Blog.

Strange what some people will get upset about nowadays.

God save Steve Jones.


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Spain 2

Is it hot, is it warm. It seem so long since I've used a pen. From the finca, (farm) I can see many subtle and varying shades of green. The Mediterranean light suffuses the kitchen and there is a growth everywhere. Spanish autumn cold in the mornings and evenings. Last night that cold almost silenced the cicadas. I keep looking up into the sky to see if I can spot the big dipper er plough er chariot. Perhaps we are too far South? Yesterday we plunged into the valley amidst all those scented plants, the atabaca is particularly fragrant. The Moors were here and there are many Moorish loanwords in Spanish.

Atabaca plant smells very strongly of sandalwood and is extremely resinous and sticky, its defence against the sun. It looks nothing like tobacco. There were many dried flattened banana-like to a frazzle carobs lying on the ground. Shades of my childhood in Cyprus in fact. There were wasps that make adherent nests on stones out of mud. A dung beetle scarab pushing a round ball of shite up a hill and dilligent black ants in very long columns carting things back to their nests. Blue winged grasshoppers jump and fly up as you step on the ground. Lizard geckos basking and darting on the verandah, the marvellous carpenter bee. It has blue violet wings and though the size of a bumblebee it is black.

The structure in the picture is the sitooterie. This is a made-up Scots word I think, meaning outside sitting place. What a grand sitooterie it is too. It can seat 32 people around tables and it was here that we ate most of our meals. Other things were eating meals too, as the structure is predominantly made of wood, gribbles could be heard munching happily in the rafters and the odd gecko made its home here. A gribble is a maritime word for large creepy crawlies who eat a ship's timbers. One particularly night I looked up from my Rioja to see a scorpion of a brown and orange complexion furtively scuttling across the ground from here. This is an ideal spot to hang hammocks too as you can see. I referred to the structure in conversation as a "hyperstyle" because it reminded me of Classical temples. You might well imagine this.

So out of the gate made out of canyas, canes which grow up to I dunno 20 feet and are freely available for cutting and using to train beans and peas in the veg. garden. Across the bridge, up the track, over the fence. We walked up a steep, steep firebreak up to the pylons on the top where Moroccan illegals follow the electric overhead path to find work in the factories down on the Costa. We came to a ruined house, its occupants were scruffy dont wish to be disturbed sheep. Wandering the hill we found wild crocuses of pink and purple carpetting the ground. We followed the dusty, carob strewn road upwards until we came to a ruined fortress. We couldn't tell how old it was, multi-occupational, Cartheginian? Moorish? There were commanding views way over the valley to the strip of Estepona. Marbella and Malaga. beyond. Palm trees, bars, chinguritos (grass roofed beach bars) estate agents. snaking east across the Costa. The costa is just un restrained building. Below there are many fincas and plantations. As the climb up the firebreak had been so steep we searched for another way down. When we found it we had to sneak past a clump of beehives. "Atencion Abejas," I believe the sign said. Tigger, our resident Spanish guard dog was nosing around the little bee houses. Poor sod, the hunter that owned him had eaten his brother! When he first met us he was shit scared. No wonder if you just get beaten all the time and then your owner eats your sibling. Thankfully the bees did not show. Down, down down another firebreak and even steeper. I had to slide down the dry sand on my heels creating little avalanches as I descended. Past a small hole in the ground, wild wasp or bee colony, there was a piece of honeycomb that was yellow/ white against the sandy soil. Down to the dirt track that winds up, down and around until it reaches Finca La Vega,. Tigger immersed himself in a dirty yellow puddle of mud to cool himself. Sensible dog, no bottles of agua con gas (fizzy water) for him.! We found ourselves back at the river after the usual hassle of forcing ourselves through spiny bushes and leaping over rocks. I washed the mud from him in the water of the Rio del Padron. Cross the bridge, back to the Finca.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Ok. Here's the story. Outside Bolonia, very near to Tarifa on the Southern tip of Spain is a hill that translates as, "The Pope's chair." Its a good climb too. Through woods, alongside an extraordinary striated rock. On the top, once you've convinced the long horned cows not to jab you with their horns. You can get fantastic views of Morocco from here. The shore, way way below the hill, is a drop off point for what you might refer to as wetbacks. Fast boats speed across from N. Africa to here and chuck these guys over and they then race back again having dumped their human cargo. The guys have to swim the last stretch and then scramble up the beach and climb the hill to illegally enter into Spain. Clothing lies abandoned in small caves. Trainers, socks, sports bags, trousers etc. They change out of their soaking wet togs and into new ones.

We were there to see the Egyptian vultures wheeling and circling all around us. We had an excellent view over the bay to N. Africa. The sun was setting. Shaping up to be a good one too. To the West you could see the Roman ruins. "Look out Crisdean!" calls my partner. I thought I was just being warned not to go near the edge. Not being alerted about the low root which grew up about two feet from that edge. I of course stepped on it and er "nearly" tripped. If I had, I'd certainly have gone over. How close to a fool's death can one be? How close to an Evening meal for white wingtipped raptors?

We then decided rather stupidly to take a different "shortcut" down the hill. The light was fast fading and after forcing our way though bushes, spiny maquis type plants and sudden drops, there was soon so little left of it that it became impossible to see a clear way down. We managed to get back on the level by taking it very cautiously. I jammed my foot between rocks. The adrenaline dulled any sense of pain. Quite the scariest thing done since looking for cup and ring marks. Evening spent eating Pizza, drinking Cerveza, Rioja, anything and playing dice. Night spent being woken every fifteen minutes by annoying quarter of hour town hall clock chimes. Next morning Ramadan in Tangiers.

Pity this wasn't a goat sucker tale.

Chris was Anon.