Saturday, January 28, 2006

You will have journey...

Whats this about unsuspecting surfer - its a blog about a blog - not many of those about are there? It's about the keystrokes typed by individuals at the Steve Jones blog on Indie. 103.1. Indie is a radio station on the web and on the radio beaming out of LA. This is the cWa info exchange in thrall to Steve Jones the dee jay..aka..the man who can...the sire of Willshire...the captain of the blogship Indie. To whet craven appetites, you came here for something didn't you? Did you just click the recently published blogs link? I can only suggest that you click the back bit of your browser cos here we kick down the doors, fill your head full of guitar hero Kutie Jones and his Sex Pistols and dress like a dyke, like a hero, like a punk and like a prostitute Anarchist punk gang 1% who don't fit in and don't care. Its all there for your diversion. --------------------> In the link boxes.

Now to move on...

That feeds you with some absurd renderings from Spanish into English and vice versa anyway - if I had translated anything in that manner from Irish to English, or Gaelic etc. at Uni I would have been bottom of class and my lecturer would have fixed me with his steely gimlet eye and said:

"That's not quite what it means A' Chrisdean."

Ah I can hear Raghnall Mac 'Illie Dhubh now. The consensus seems to be use a dictionary cos language is full of nuance and subtlety.

We are blessed with on the spot translation servicios - for these London boys - "servicios" can mean toilet in Spanish - I'm talking about translators like Tricky, like nevah and like that chriswasanon - who he - when he can get it together to listen and blog that is.

Lots of squabbling, some of us really do want to just feel the love and AC. is right there. Move on peoples. Mind you some of you do find the postings of others to be red rag to bulls and have to respond.

Like Pie I try to sit on the creaking fence, sipping Irn bru - not fizzy water or is that the palings and the pickets? I am a diplomat and as Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili or "Stalin" said once to one of his minions:

"Let us execute the diplomats..."

This mass murderer did have a sense of humour...

Rat Scabies needs a crash pad and a car apparently. Don't worry he hasn't got scabies anymore. Rats? - Pie these are worse than mice - oh that gnawing...too much. When they get in your kitchen its a kind of a merry hell - I knows. Scabies? When these little mites get under your skin you will wish that you were a giant scratching machine. I knows.

Accom wise Gidget offered her space to the former DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED drummer and so did many another hospitable blogstastic blogstar. Floor reprised the journey and apart from 2 words one of which turned out be lug'oles and the other...I do not feel in a position to comment upon...well it was A1 A+A+A+ great ebayer - would deal with again recommend excellent communication stuff. T'scribing is hard work.

Ramona thinks that we should have a board not a blog - she's got a point.
Sundance - how can I comment?

Until Monday...
Until 12 bells.

Big up:

Floor/JR./Jewell/Aunt Chrissy/AC/Tricky/Pie/Miche/Gidge/Nevah/Gail/Alison/Ramona

if I've missed you....yaketty yak.

Postscript - "dosers? dosers?" Oh dossers - I get it I thought it was like celebrity "get a dose" when I read it on the blog. I couldn't hear the show so I had no idea what you were all laughing about - mind you I usually have no idea so it's a wonder I do this not entirely thankless task - slaving over a hot computer...moan grumble. I do it for the comments - that's it. So you will comment won't you. TIA!

Back to the confoosion. Dose as in "syphilis" or "clap" or something and if you think I'm going to spell gonorhhea kerektly think on...It's "Doss" sleep rough. Crash on the street sing ANTI NOWHERE LEAGUE..."Streets of London" or even Ralph McTell. Stuart's blog cleared that one up. Dohhh...nutella.

Chris was anon.

Friday, January 27, 2006

4 Real...

Welcome back to chriswasanon a sort of blog about a blog.

Chispa, I now believe that you are Chispa if I'm proven to be wrong I don't stand to lose anything more than being thought of as a credulous fool. Chispa I find translates into English as "Tipsy" which means slightly "squiffy" old man, a little "wobbly" on the old pins eh wot?

Amigo! Muy Bueno.

So there nyyyyyaahhhh.


Chuck P. posted and that was very cool - it would be nice to see Steve or the Sovel post sometime too.

Check those stats, thats why I think Chispa is real cos 56 hits from Valencia to here adds up to being kosher/straight up and I hardly think that Shloe can be from Spain - not if he was outed from Infinity anyway.

The majority of my readers come looking for the Steve, they come looking for the jukebox, they come looking for the Indie and I've got plenty of links to whet them appetites. You wanted to know where you could get a good pin queen t-shirt, I tell you. You want to know about clothes, its there, you want me to shut up...ok. I'll shut up. There. -------------------------------------------------------->

Then there are the many, the legion, that flock from West Coast USA and California but I get you coming in from all over and that's all wonderful but I keystroke with the hope that I will get a comment or two, I don't want 100's of them, just the odd observation on why there are 3 red cars parked outside the bar tonight yet there was only one yesterday - off topic. on topic. Ta!

So yes, there are those spammers who stay for 0. second and head right off again - cos they can't post and as long as chriswasanon is sysop of chriswasanon - or anyway I'm the chap with the keys they never, ever, never will post.

No duke, just pure 100% profit free blog.

Saor and asgaidh - which is like free man, so take one.

Current mood - uamhasach math - won't help you with that I'm afraid.

Big ups to Rat Alison
Naughty or Nutella JR.
Pie Peace and lots of lubbings mate
Nevah - fizzy water I reckon
Jewell glad to give you a LOL.

If I've missed you post a freaking comment and I won't next time.

chriswasanon currently updating as often as ya changes yer knickers!

Chris was Anon

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Want more?

"And what do you call such a person in your country Monsieur?"

"An Agent provaceteur."

So Shloe so Chispa so who ever you were working for the other
side - such childish behaviour. There is only one Steve Jones
talent such as his cannot be imitated, his life cannot be replicated.
You have either got it in aces like the Sex pistols and their guitar hero or you haven't and what ever poxy radio station that you hale from, I aint interested. Which fave punk personage type would the JB bloggers like to see spinning the decks?
Answers on a postcard please or not...more :

I think Chispa is real - he has to convince the rest of you though.

"I think XXX should be a dj er radio jock
1st pipe behind the radiators
Victoria train Station...

Mark your envelope:

"I have an opinion on this"

Forget it man.

Cos all the answers say "Kutie Jones."
2nd choice is John Lydon...

AC. is becoming the love whale of the JB. blog.

I feel sorry for the personality known as Chispa.
Not more playlists arguments already!

On a serious note today in GB is Holocaust Memorial day to remember the Final Solution, there is a current debate doing the rounds with the Muslim council of GB whether this should aim for inclusiveness and remember also Srebenica and Rwanda. Genocide memorial day, the argument against is on the lines of...

"well, the Nazis and their helpers killed on an industrial scale so that makes this event unique."

Mass murder is still mass murder, whether it is along the train track, in a pit in Eastern Europe, from the sky or with a machete in Africa.

Remember that!

Serious mode off.

There is always somebody who wants to just ruin the blog all the time. First there was the imposter and then Shloe came staggering in and now Chispa sucked into it. This is my last post on the subject of blog abuse.

Miche I do worry about your obsessive adoration for what is at heart just another radio station. Mind you - I worry about my obsessive adoration for what is at heart a free fall exchange know as Jonesy's juke box blog where all are made welcome. Where friendliness and tolerance is extended so long as it is not extended to racist women hating men hating types who come up on the blog to disrupt it. If you want to disrupt, disrupt something more interesting! JR. sex education does not involve whether the navel is innie or outie :-) Oh I see what you mean....good one!

"I can't concentrate, can't love or hate, I don't feel straight..."

In a rut?

Read chris was anon and give your mind a treat.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Myspace uk

This from my favourite techie site the register.

Looks like Mr Rupert plans to myspace the uk too.
God can you just imagine no its too horrible.

Other myspace links too on the page - well none of us posts objectionable content pictures to myspace do we, aside from that one of Max Splodge clutching a bottle of Jack's genuine old Nessabounds brand Kentucky whisky.

That one is an abomination unto the Lorrrrd and come the day of judgement you will surely spend eternity listening to the hell!

Chris was updated anon.

The merest smidgen

Morning blogstars. Well well well.

Steve gave us a new blog with the title:


I was seriously doubting whether he would, the auld yin was longer
than something really quite long it was into the 25th Century when
we will all be dead for sure and gone at close of play.

The sun sets on horizons that we will never see...

Floor great transcription! An ego the size of Steve Jones!

It's the real this is the real deal
and I am the accolyte real karma cola comin at ya from the Galloway massif!

I'd like to buy the world a Steve Jones guitar solo and sing in
perfect harmony...

"I fly the Indie 103.1 flag."

Wave on wave on..

News about JR. becoming a dee jay.

Er...John Rotten and not Jr my Jonesy juke box blogger.
Sure to be interesting Mr Lydon. 2X ex Sex Pistols spin
the decks. It's funny how our generation were the last generation
of heroes. There aint no heroes anymore just imitators...

shlomoethepaperbagwielding, you are all one and the same multi personage. The same name run into one. That's very weird, very weird behaviour. I don't know. Time was when you could go on the Internet and you'd get spammed, flamed, hip crimed, tossed, kill filed, plonked but now one ego with an insane conversation with himself draws others in.

I wonder if this is anti disassociative behaviour?
At least you are not a serial killer called Red Dragon. If you
are I am carrying my copy of the National enquirer and I claim
my $5.00. I always suspected that, Hah I suspect everyone and
I suspect no one.

No my Iberian amigo Chispa you cannot be the paper bag wielding one, can you? I yam broken harted and the veil of illusion falls Siddartha like from my eyes as I stop typing shit, Jewell and see the whole infinite oneness of creation and me a small dot upon it and hear words echoing weirdly from one Winterland - just down the road ya know coo eee- wow so many bands played there...

"ah ha ha, ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"

What is it about No fun that I have to listen to it over and over again.

The way that Sid goes "bomp" on his bass

and in time! as the intro starts...ah its a kind of magic...I'm throwing in song titles here...pillaging and raiding the lyric store, want more? John's desperation,

"No fun, by myself, no fun, all alone, no fun..."

Scared that I'll fade away and turn to grey see see the salt and pepper has become a sea of grey upon my head, I grow old, I grow old I will wear my Sex personal collection bondage trousers rolled.

This has been a chris was infinite nonsensical dot upon the anon blogosfear and I'm sick of editing it and if there are any typos that's just tough, my eyes hurt already.

Oh alright bigups.
Anons who post sense
Nevah - come out of the myspace and post here ya used to.

et al.

If I've missed you etc. make yourself known and you may get a plaque
on your wall and a silver cup with yore name inscribed upon it.