Saturday, February 18, 2006

Alert, Alert, Alert. Alarmstart. blogs...

O Shloemoe, have you broken all the blogs? Perhaps Zero strafed them in his aeroplane, or Chispa turned them to Paella? Time here just after, time in: "Dead Loss Angeles" just after

All I knows is that all the Steve Jones Blogs are down. Off-line. Now that is every single one of them. The lot! Post a comment here. Use the chatbox if you can see it..

If you wish you can send me your insights anonymously.

Chriswasanon updated twice today!

Who's gonna?...clear this mess up? No, no, no who's gonna...

Moderate the blog?

Sholoemoe outed by two of his own errant personalities probly but who knoweth? Vortex missed drumming for the Clash, Chispa submits a bizarre poem about good of the mornin' bloggers, kicks the empty cans, looks in the ashtray for a decent roach, has a can of lager for breakfast. I see Rot is sprawled out on the floor with a mouthful of carpet. Floratina appears to have fallen asleep in the bath, NMTB is under a pile of clothes in the corner and how did Michebel get UP there? Where's that anarchist JR?

Well weekend sort of basket cases full of artichokes. FUCK OFF - insert number of choice vibes - flame /on is all I can say really.

Oh and this...I was going to sell this one as yet another chriswas exclusive but seeing as Monsieur le Geoff Pie snuck a lil bit of the story out on the blog, t'aint really. Here is more news from the piephone:

I like Pie's opening reference, it's really meninblack. Any way let us put our headphones on and twiddle a lot of knobs and dials for latest-ish news from the Indie bunker...CwA.

"Well when we were down in the sewer I said I would call them and...!"

Beep bop beep bop bop bop beep beep bop bop - what does a US. ringing tone sound like? burrrrr burrrrrrrrrrr burrrrrrrrrrr

Jones - "Hello?"

Pie - "Jonesy it's Geoff aka Piespace."

Jones - "Hello Mr Space."

Geoff - "Hows it going mate?"

Jones - "Good thanks."

Geoff - "Whats the story with the blog?"

Jones - "I dont know mate..."(yelling) "Shovel whats up with the blog?"

Shovel- (yelling)..."We took it off for a day."

Jones - "Its under repair."

Geoff - "It got a little wild on there yesterday.

Jones - "Really?"

Geoff - "But its good though."

Jones - "Ok mate."

Geoff - "Talk to you later mate."

Jones - "Ok bye."

Big up Alison, Jewell user extraordinaire of my chatbox and also to some anonymous posters, for commenting. Then Quean, Floratina, Pie, JR. Nevah, Gail on the 20's kick. ChispaZero FUCK OFF etc. Miche, Vortex, IrishScots, Tricky and the crunchy frog. A Special heavy and a chaser that's a pint and a good malt to Geoff...

If I missed you there'll be another one along in a minute - its like buses. All you have to do is comment...


Thursday, February 16, 2006

There's a

new blog..."How dare you defy"...Missing in action. "Enjoy." and "Translation, and two years." We will remember them...probly

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

St. Valentine's day 2 years blog...

Damn damn damn. I tell you, I was lying in me pit this morning thinking:
"Am I obsessed with Zhlermer," and "what if the blog is pulled? How will I ever know if he responded" and even "What do I care, I'm staying away from it, I'm in danger of becoming a loony obsessive." Then bugger me if I don't find that another blog has gone, first the "enjoy" and now, "2 years."

How can you trust your heart to cupid - a blind baby with a bow 'n' arrer - daft I call it!

Someone has been a very naughty boy or girl. Could be me, calling Shloe a bad man, threatening him with a shirrecking which isn't reservoir dogs stylee razor fun, just shaming. Could be the genital obsessed rotter, could be that Shloe and Rott are in some way related. Use my cbox! Not that sort of box. Damn damn damn, I was hoping I could get away with it, minimum box postages until Friday but I felt DUTY bound to make post number 36 on chriswasanon. So the inside tip is that one guilty blogger will not be making a reappearance on the JB blog -until then...we must all wait and see with our pulsing hearts and our baited breaths...If I've missed you, I will try a lot harder next time. "Easy Skanking, skanking it slow, easy skanking, skanking it slow..." Bob the Marley.

Chriswas anon.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Poetry, and I must go down to the the salty sea and the Sky, I left my vest and socks there, I wonder if they are dry?

Some of this post's absurd title credited to the late great Spike Milligan.

The Rotter has posted more poetry, this stuff is rich in imagery but the theme is not quite dark enough for me. AC. and friends did a fine Dr. Harry Twater. A JB welcome goes out to RockinRach and oh I almost... Ah he has posted a darker one about cutting I think...

Hello Shloe - bye bye Shloe.

Alison - I wish I had made that chair - it's a beauty isn't it? Some guy called Graham in Port Patrick made it, and from local materials too. Oh Carol - Yes I'm English Sasannach. I'm not Scots Albannach. Nevah - Its a nice little spot at myspace NMTB. JR. - Did you see her with the party hat on? Bangkok Steve - there are not usually televisions in bookshops, bs but thanks for the picture comment!

Now I posted a bulletin to myspace alerting the bloggers that the blog had a new post but two JB. bloggers replied directly to my question and I thought the answers merited inclusion on the blog.

Gail to the question, "Are you a jukebox blogger?" wrote:

"You better know it baby!! Can't live without my Box or my Box mates!!!!"

Car to the same question wrote:

"Yes, but I work at a very fast paced job and I stay so freak'n busy so I don't get to do it as much as I would prefer 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----long live the box!"

Pie tells me that he talked with Jonesy. Mrs. Pie thinks he has a hotline to the man who's what happened:

Pie: "Congratulations on two years. You make radio fun to listen to!"

Jones: "Thanks mate, where's me socks?"

Pie: "You don't want my friggin socks mate they stink and have holes in them!"


Pie: "Will you play a song for JR s birthday?"

Jones: "Not today mate I already did a birthday and don't want to be some cheesy DJ."

Pie: "No problem. You guys are great. Thanks for all the good music."

Jones: "Try next week."

Pie: "Ok, this is piespace!" :-)

Jones: "Oh yeah, how dare you defy!" :-)

Pie: "Cheers mate."

Jones: "Bye."

Tina will I hope soon be posting another of her excellent transcriptions to the jb. blog.

This has been a Joint Pie and Peas and Blogstars Chriswas production. Thank you to all the contributors!

If I missed you...just smear yourself with Nutella and squirrel's piss apparently...


Sunday, February 12, 2006

The fuckin Rotter...:-)

Happy Birthday to JR. Blogtastic.

Interesting fact - the Rotter's first post to the blog was

827# Rotter says:

December 14th, 2005 at 9:08 am

Have a great holiday!Ya cunt!Aaahahahahhaaaaaaa!

This was when Steve posted the "I'm back." comment. Nothing further until his dissing of Sex Pistols Experience. Now some people might think that the Rotter is a good thing. AC. did not. I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt but I believe that he really is a twat. People like the rotter cook my head! He come's onto the blog like a steam train, like a child seeking attention and probably will not go away now.

However such as he provide a different voice to that which we most commonly read on the blog. The Twatter dialogue was hilarious and Shloe like the serial killer that he is - or thinks he is - rubs his hand with blog glee.

Blogstars? We are all Blogstars!

Some people think that the blog should be shut down - I call repeatedly for logins but they never come. I did not think much of Rotter poetry either...but that is an artistic feeling - I've seen better poetry elsewhere and I doubt Faber and Faber think much of it either. It is to me, "Vogon poetry, the second worst in the universe." Yet people such as the rotter with uncompromising egos provide diversion from what can be seen as too often, one voice. Real life is not like that, none of us share the same opinions on stuff - if we did we would be like automatons. Alison was right - this is about good music and having a bit of a laugh. Unfortunately...I don't find that Rotter v. funny.

Some bloggers believe that Rotter is Shloe, he is a Shloe but is he Shloe? The fighting that goes on in the blog is depressing and circular. The 2nd anniversary show was great - no question of that! But where on earth is this going???

Answers on a post to here, not there HERE where it says "add comment."

Oh and the Rotter is banned from making a comment - until he exhibits something more than fuck shit cunt bollocks, right?

Just settle down like AC said Rotter and it will be OK but if you continue to post crap trying to prove that you are a sex pistol when you are not and never will be, I will ignore you. We've had all sorts on the blog but you for concentrated crap so far AND after saying -nuff said, are too much!