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A Bit of Cheap Trick - From April 26, 2006

Chris has invited some guests over and I am not completely prepared! I have more of this interview to transcribe yet. I was able to tell which voice was Robin's but Steve didn't individually introduce everyone so I didn't have any way to differentiate between Bun E. or Tom. It was entertaining, though! (5/4)

Got some more done last night! (5/5)

We recieved an email from Daria that has given me some clues as to the identity of one of the speakers. Robin rarely spoke but he responded directly to something so I was able to make a note as to what his speaking voice is like. Rick at one point as you've seen, counted the number of people in the room. Five. There is a chance that he was counting Mr. Shovel, the show's producer in that number and maybe only three from CT were in the room. I say that because in seems that there are only 3 different CT voices, not four. It sounds like the same voice in each instance where I type "Tom or Bun E.". Is one of them more talkative? Is one of them more of the "silent type" personality?

Just adding a bit more to the section about living in L.A. Okay, Robin may have been doing more talking than I thought he did. The part where one of them talks about a big show in 1979 being the first concert where his father saw him sing? That is pretty much the voice (besides Rick's) that is heard most in the interview. It could still be Tom because he does sing some, right? I hafta go back to the beginning and re-listen to Robin's voice. Tina (5/8 6:22 AM)

(Back to you, Chris) OK. Arse news, I was planning on making up some badger news especially as I have every cause to fear this mammal apparently but for the time being lest we lose sight of a sudden of those twin cheeks of ecstasy I am going to stick with our winning format and give you today's arse news.

Arse news!

There is a little arse news today. Steve has changed his profile myspace picture to one of his bubble butt statuettes. We are await with baited buttocks some one to send in some arse (or news).


Tina IS at the controls

Rick: I’ve been writing stuff since I was a little kid. I still have, I still have every piece of paper from junior high school and high school…on backs of envelopes and stuff that I haven’t thrown away and I’ll go back and I’ll look at it and I’ll say, “Hey, you know, that was a good idea. I’m glad I didn’t throw it away.” But I…my wife says I’m very bad at the “F” word and…it’s not that “F” word - it’s “finish”. I have trouble finishing stuff and…now in the last two or three, four records we’ve been kind of co-writing everything. So, you know. On the newest record, “Rockford”, that’s coming out in, in June, I mean, it’s got all four of our names on every song. Whether who wrote more or less, it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re Cheap Trick. And so I mean, it’s like…some people say, “Why doesn’t Robin talk on stage?” Well, 1. because I’m a big mouth, 2. he’s there to sing and it’s like…for him to go up and talk and stuff, you know – save that great voice for that next note, you know, really.

Steve: Well they, I mean normally, singers are the ones that do the talking.

Rick: Normally singers are you know, rock stars. Robin is a rock star, but not in the, in the “bad” rock star kind of thing. He’s a famous guy that everybody knows, whether they know his name or not, you know…”Aren’t you the guy in Cheap Trick?” “Yeah” they say, “Oh, cool” you know. They always think that I’m the manager for the band or something, you know, if they don’t know us. Cos I can’t you know…I don’t look like I know anything so…but that’s alright by me, though.

Steve: But you guys have had a…

Rick: Pretty good career.

Steve: Good career. How long you been going. Thirty years?

Not Robin: Thirty years.

Rick: Thirty-three years.

Steve: Thirty-three years. And you’re still going strong.

Rick: Yeah…and…

Steve: It’s weird. Don’t you think it’s weird the way it’s all changed, the whole deal, though? It’s a whole different ballgame.

Rick: We, we don’t know how to dance, so you know we…

Steve: No dance moves, choregraphy?

Rick: No, but you know, like, like right now what’s…there’s a TV show called, “Sons and Daughters”, they’re using “Surrender” on that one. The TV show, “That Seventies Show” that’s us doing that seventies song we’ve been doing for it nine years, or whatever.

Not Rick: Colbert.

Rick: The Stephen Colbert Report on Comedy Central, that’s our song on there. Um…there’s always movies and plus, we’re putting out stuff…none of, none of the things we do are big, big, big huge thingies.

Not Rick or Robin: Nobody’s died yet and so we’re the same four guys…

Rick: Not until this radio show. (pause) Hey, Steve, good to see ya! (all laugh)

Steve: How are ya?

Rick: All right!

Steve: Should we go and visit the Duke? (British rhyming slang that translates into “paying the rent” – going to commercial) We’re here with Cheap Trick, we’ll be right back after these lovely messages. Thanks for listening.


Steve: Why does everyone put L. A. down? I like it…

Rick: I don’t like L.A., uh, just because of the traffic, cos I’m used to the Midwest where it’s like, you know, I can get around…doesn’t take me an hour to get, you know, across the street.

Tom: I used to live out here. I liked it out here.

Rick: I like it. My son lives here, I’m…

Steve: Oh, now you like it here.

Rick: ...I spend more time out in L.A. than I do at home to tell you the truth, you know…from, know, usually from making…from all the records we’ve made. I mean, our second one, our third one, our forth one, uh…our fifth one was Budokhan, whatever…but you know, it was like, most of them were most of our records are done out here. From uh, working at One On One Studios and A&M and Cherokee and…(to his band mates) what are all the different places…

Tom or Bun E.: Record Plant.

Rick: Record Plant…Sound City…

Steve: Was that, was that…

Rick: The original Record Plant…

Steve: Does that…legend stand up to what it was back then? Was it like, one of the rock and roll sleazy places of all time?

Rick: Which one?

Steve: The Record Plant.

Tom or Bun E.: The Record Plant, yeah.

Rick: Yeah. That was cool.

Tom or Bun E.: Sure was.

Rick: Yeah. That was.

Tom or Bun E.: You could go down there and see, you know…on Third…naked women running all over the place and then, then…Peter Green sitting there, playing pinball…

Rick: Pinball machine…

Tom or Bun E.: you know, at the same time.

Rick: His brain, he thought was going – it was with the silver ball.

Tom or Bun E.: It was a circus.

Steve: That’s when it was on Third Street, right?

Rick: Third. Third, uh huh.

Steve: Then it moved. But when it, when it was there, in the Seventies, right…

Rick: Yeah.

Steve: when money was uh, flowing in the record business.

Rick: Yes…I met Susan St. James there. She was going out with Stephen Stills (hard to make out, multiple voices)

Tom or Bun E.: When Stephen Stills was there, he’d…he wouldn’t allow anyone else in the building.

Steve: Well, you didn’t have enough room for all the blow. There was no room for people.

Tom or Bun E.: Right and then he’d cater food every day and he just pretty much lived there…show old porno movies.

Rick: We’re from the Midwest…they just thought we were some of the “help”.

Steve: You see, there you go again. You’re putting yourself down again.

Not Rick: It’s true.

Rick: No, no – that’s how we got in. Oh hell, when we got in, we didn’t act like rock stars cos we didn’t know any. Did know how to act. We came out here, the biggest stars we met were Kim Fowley and Sparks.

Steve: Really?

Rick: Yeah. Ron and Russel Mael…

Tom or Bun E.: We got to know a few over the years, though.

Steve: Did you see “The Mayor Of Sunset Strip”?

Rick: Rodney? Bingenheimer?

Tom or Bun E.: The story they did on him?

Steve: Yeah, the documentary.

Rick: You know, right over…I think it’s called the, “Coach And Horses”…it used to be right next door to Flo and Eddie’s club.

Steve: Oh, yeah?

Rick: Yeah. I went to Flo and Eddie’s club in 1975 or something like that and Rodney was there. Rodney used to take me to…

(Steve belches)

Rick: to burp…

Steve: To Burbank.

Rick: To Burpbank, and ah, I introduced him to iced tea. He’d never had iced tea before.

Steve: (smartass) The singer?

Tom or Bun E.: (laughs)

Rick: (sarcastic) Yes, the singer.

Steve: Yes…?

Rick: No, REAL iced tea.

Steve: Ohhh. Drinking tea.

Rick: Drinking tea. Not, not that stuff you have in England, not…that, that hot stuff with the little cup.

Steve: Thai food. Broth buns. PG Tips…

Rick: Right up the street from Thoi Thai(?). But that was Rodney Bingenheimers…one of the first places I met him and it was Flo and Eddie’s club…

Steve: The Turtles!

Rick: The Turtles…we actually played…

Steve: (singing and Rick joins in with some la-las) Imagine me and you and you and me…(to Rick) you are the harmony maestro.

Rick: There we go. Well, my dad was an opera singer.

Steve: Do you know uhh…(trying to remember) Do you know…

Rick: Josh Groban? No.

Steve: Naomi…uh, no…

Rick: Campbell?

Steve: No. Um, Klaus Nomi.

Rick: Klaus Nomi? Yeah, sure, with a “K”.

Steve: What did you think of his voice?

Rick: (says something in what sounds like German)

Steve: It’s good, yah? Sign ze papers. He was doing the opera thing wasn’t he?

Rick: Yeah, he was ahead of Bjork and all that kind of stuff.

Tom or Bun E.: He was kind of Tiny Tim-ish.

Steve: Yeah.

Rick: He was a skinny, albino-looking…

Steve: Tulips…what was the song, the Tiny Tim song?

Rick: Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

Steve: Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

Rick: (sings) With me.

Steve: He reminds me of that bloke who went on to do all the cover songs, Tiny Tim. Weird Al.

Rick: Weird Al. He’s a fascinating guy. There’s not many people I know in the record business that are…last name is Yankovitz (sic)

Steve: I guess that’s a sign if you’ve really made it, if he does one of your songs, right?

Rick: Yeah. He never did one of ours.

Steve: Well there ya go, puttin’ yourself down again.

Rick: No, I’m just telling you the truth. The bastard never did one of our songs!

Steve: He didn’t do one of ours either.

Tom or Bun E.: We asked him to, a hundred times.

Steve: One of our fourteen songs. He never bleedin’…

Rick: (exclaiming) My God!!

Steve: What the hell…Jesus Christ.

Rick: I tell ya.

Steve: Let’s play some Babys.

Rick: All right.

Steve: You a big fan of (the) Babys?

Rick: Yeah, actually…19…this was 1979, the Forth of July…we did our first headline show of our own and it was Steve Dahl and Teenage Radiation was the opening band and Molly Hatchet – whooo, hello! – then the Babys, then AC DC, then Cheap Trick.

Steve: That’s a great bill.

Rick: It was a great bill. And after the show, I had Angus and Malcolm came over to my house…

?: My dad, that was the first time he ever came to see me sing was that show.

Steve: Really?

?: Yep. He sat in the back and drank all our beer. When we got back into the dressing room, it was gone. (general laughter) That was it.

Rick: Forty thousand people that was our big show…

Steve: Fourteen thousand…

Rick: Forty. For-ty. Four-zero.

Steve: That’s…that’s…

Rick: It was in Rockford, it was Winnebago…Pecatonica County Fairground…Winnebago County Fairgrounds, July 4, 1979. And somebody threw an M80 up at the stage when AC DC were up there and really hurt their roadie and it was…that was, that was the original lineup, that was with Bon Scott.

Steve: Bon Scott…right, yeah, yeah.

Rick: I took Bon Scott for his very first non-alcoholic meal at a Mexican…I got him Mexican food. He’d never had Mexican food before.

Steve: (smartass) Did you introduce him to iced tea?

Rick: (sarcastic laugh) Ha aha ha ha. Steve, I love your show, but I’ve gotta go. (general laughter)


Steve: What is that when you get old? Everything closes in.

Tom or Bun E: It’s called, “Getting old”.

Rick: It’s the end of your…the end of your life is coming near and you figure, maybe if I don’t have to hurry it, I can be here a couple minutes longer.

Steve: Do you get weird…things have changed since you’ve got older, though?

Robin?: Sure. You feel more destructible. You’re not indestructible anymore.

Rick: It’s like every time I, you know, every time something hurts you think its…

Steve: No, but I mean, do you get panic attacks or

Rick: No, I really don’t.

Steve: …more feared up? You get more feared up right, about things.

Rick: I get afraid in small rooms like this, more so that I do in a, in a big crowd.

Steve: Did you used to? No?

Rick: No, I was never…I never had stage fright. I was ah, like I said, I’m afraid to walk in a room with you know, three or four people. Wait a minute…(counts) whew, there’s five in here. But um, I never had it. Robin, I think you, you always say you get…

Robin: I always, I still do.

Rick: he has like, jitters before we play and stuff like that but…and then airplanes. I just figure, well, the alternative…I don’t know what the alternative is.

Tom or Bun E.: You’ve got to get there. What are you gonna do? A couple valium and you’re alright, I guess.

Rick: Driving across…(laughs) driving across country? I mean, in 1975 we played out here…I bought a T-Bird out here in Santa Fe Springs. I had a buddy of mine drive it back. There’s no way I would have driven it back.

Steve: Really?

Rick: Yeah. A 1955 T-Bird, drove it back.

Steve: Well, it might not have made it, for one thing.

Rick: Well, that’s one of the reasons I didn’t drive it, but it did make it and I’ve still got it in my garage. Put 13,000 miles in 26 years on the thing. Really puttin’ the miles on it.

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