Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just a short one...for the activists!

Positivey FINAL Covenating edit!!!

Tina will be back soon. Meantime I have mostly been reading about the G8 in Russia and recommend that if you want another perspective, you should read:


and Welsh anarchist blog.

Was it really last year that we went upto the G8 in Edinburgh and ended up with free tickets for the gig at Murrayfield? It must have been. The smell of a riot in Princes Street, so many coppers and so much disinformation to stop protesters getting to Gleneagles. If you visit those sites, you will realise that our little excursion was a walk in the park. I like Edinburgh, great place! Lived there for a few years - so an old stamping ground.

Also reading about Depleted Uranium in Iraq. brian jonestown massacre on the ole myspace for that one. This is Anton of NY band fame. He is a very active blog myspacer and worth an add. DU is a local issue for us here too as the MOD firing range at Dundrennan is close by and lots of shells lie off the coast in the Solway. By lots I mean about 6,000 of them.

Plus still to come. "The sealed knot" Battle re-enactment society.

They are in the area and "some" of the Byre are planning on a Sunday trip to the Kirroughtree Newton Stewart where they are encamped area to see them re-enact some such Civil War battle probably fought in Scotland? Ah Covenanters! Poor research so far...I fully expect an historian like the lovely Shloemoe to pitch in here with a suggestion or two! Keyword. Montrose. Round head. etc.

Expect a sketchy report on that 2 moro and then I gets my head down for some serious transcripturizing. Tina will be back soon and meantime, there is her Sonic Youth piece.

Plus!! Life's been good to me so far! Prospect of a large screen to watch films (arty pretentious confusing ones) on. More on that when and if it comes off.

Ze Pie! good ole Pie has posted a pic of him and his own with Meester Shovell at the Hammer museum for the Shovel birthday bash! There is some profile news, it is stalwart Steve Jones Blog pie n peas Piespace! news. Check it!

No myspace Steve sex jones my space profile jones news. No change there. Expect something soon.

Chris was anon.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

July 13 - Happy Birthday, Mr. Shovel!

Happy birthday to the fabulous Mr. Shovel, who is always ready with the right response be it a sound clip, smartass rejoinder, a tune on the friggin' melodica, etc. Here's to you Mr. Shovel and thank you for everything! You can send him birthday wishes where you'll find him at the Indie MySpace!

Thanks! Tina. Yes Meeester Shovelll! Have a good one!

Those of you who can, could always head down to the "Hammer Museum" - 13th July 2006. Not an institution exhibiting great hammers, eg. Thor's hammer, hammer time, Rodgers and Hammerstein, "if I had a hammer..."

The Hammer museum is probably a venue in Los Angeles somewhere. No entrance fee, no admission. Free. so go along there have yourselves a good time and celebrate with Mr. Shovel.

"Monsters are waiting"...and the "Bangkok five," too will be there for your delictation.
This info was taken from Mr. Shovel bulletin on the old myspace.


Firefox 2 due in September. Now Beta testing.

In assorted grab bag where does this go? news....

More on Zizou here.

More on Syd Barrett including discussion about prog rock, Sixties Brit Psychedelia and media assumptions - including my own about LSD25. here.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

July 11, 2006 Sonic Youth (updated 7/13)

7/13 I got some of it done go have a look down there -T

7/12 Tina here with the (second morning edition of the day) of ChrisWasAnon (see previous post below for that first edition, an update by Chris) Okay, I should have more of this done here at the moment, like some of the actual interview for instance? But begging your forgiveness, I tell ya I have been madly doing research in anticipation of getting me a new computer and it must be done soooon. But here's the first bit.

You know, I seem to recall Stephen as a callow youth, sporting a customized Pink Floyd t-shirt...hmmm.

Oi Chris, come back, you're needed again! You never know what or who is going to pop up here at CwA - or when, for that matter...

Late final supplementary diet edit!

That's ok. Tina in your own time my friend. Whatever you present here will be eagerly read and appreciated. It seems a little chaotic here at the cutting edge on the shop floor of this blog but bear in mind, that we don't work in the same office., 5,000 miles separate us.

That said, the Sex Pistols all wore the same togs - whatever was lying around on the floor in Denmark Street got went on Mssrs. Rotten,, Cook, Steve and Glen. Inc. "I hate Pink Floyd. " The Floyd were the band though definitely. So many great albums. Speaking of your new computer in


a new feature (but not necessarily regular) I read somewhere (google "el reg") that Mr. Bill is not for def. planning on releasing Windows VIsta, "the next generation of operating systems" apparently in Feb 2007. 20% chance so far against. "We wamt to get it right," sayeth Mr. Bill. Back to the Floyd. So here's a post what I made on Jack's earlier and as it seems "timely" here it is again:

I was in an obscure and little known restaurant outside Whithorn (SW. Scotland) last night and in the dining room there were some barometers but mostly clocks hanging on the wall with some lovely wooden cased grandfathers with brass inlayed faces. It reminded me of Pink Floyd and in particular the last three lines of "Bike."

I suppose also because when hallucinogens are ingested they distort time - it seemed to either speedup or go sloooooooooooooooooooooooower when I was tripping.

But here are the lyrics

"I know a room of musical tunes.
Some rhyme, some ching. Most of them are clockwork.
Let's go into the other room and make them work."

It was just 8 o'clock when we sat down to eat and I fully expected these venerable time-pieces to start chiming in a cacophany of horological unison but they apart from the odd chime from one or two, remained silent.

I only mention it because I didn't know that Syd has now gone and it seems appropiate

So farewell Syd - genius acid casualty poet of the Floyd. He famously walked out of London to Cambridge barefoot. Some 70 miles I believe.

The Myspace Steve news. No change (see below).

Tina IS at the controls.

Steve: (starts off chugging on guitar in a distinctly Pink Floydish manner, yes I got it, I was so proud of myself) Isn’t that Pink Floyd?

Mr. Shovel: (mimicks vocal of song) One of these days…

Steve: Poor old Syd. Syd Barrett passed away. I dunno if it was today, or early this morning. I guess he was in England. Dunno what he died of, but he passed away. I think he was only sixty-seven, maybe? I could be wrong. Maybe we should have a, have a little search, see what’s, anything’s transpired since early on. Syd Barrett was the founding member of Pink Floyd, a very strange, mysterious man. I think he lost a few marbles. I think he’s been pretty much not all that on the ball lately…last, well for a long time, I believe. So maybe he’s gone up the visit the other Sid.

Mr. Shovel: (in the b.g.) He was sixty years old.

Steve: Oh, he was sixty years old. Maybe him and…start a new band, The Two Sids (Syds?). Bit of punk and a bit of hippiedom. Mix it in, see what happens. So that’s a shame. Another one bites the dust. I will give him a good farewell, in a minute. We have guests today, don’t we Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Yes, we do.

Steve: Sonic Youth, coming in a little bit later. Gonna be jamming. I believe they’re opening up for Pearl Jam.

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: ...or they have been or are gonna be doing it. Yes.

Mr. Shovel: And they have an in-store appearance at Tower today.

Steve: Oh, on Sunset?

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: Tower on Sunset. I can’t mention Tower anymore because I don’t work for…(intentionally trails off to a mutter)

Mr. Shovel: Well, you didn’t. I mentioned it.

Steve: I am…no, you just made me say it.

Mr. Shovel: No, you said it.

Steve: I’m at Virgin, now. (inhales deeply) How dare you defy. Um, we’re still going to stay with the animal themes today. And I’m just going to play a little tribute to Mr. Barrett. Going to start with later Pink Floyd and then go into Syd, and then going to go into Pink Floyd with Syd. This is from the album, “Wish You Were Here”, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, for Mr. Barrett. God rest his soul. God rest in peace. May the Lord be with you. May the Pontiff bless you and all your many musical notes. Goodbye, Syd.

Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth visit The Box

Steve: That was, “I Am A Walrus” from “The Magical Mystery Tour”, that was The Beatles and before that was…

Thurston: That was us, man.

Steve: Oh, yeah. (both laugh)

Thurston: It was Bazooka Joe.

Steve: Yes, with Adam Ant. Yeah, did you ever hear of Bazooka Joe?

Thurston: No…Steve was telling me that Bazooka Joe was the band that The Pistols opened up for on their first gig.

Steve: Yeah, I was just telling…

Thurston: What were they, what were they like? Were they like a…

Steve: Kind of rockabilly-ish. It, there was no originality there. But Adam Ant was the bass player. I believe he was the bass player. And they cut the power on us because we were opening, we were opening for them cos we’d never played, no one knew who the hell we was. And there weren’t even a stage and it was in this art college and it was this tiny little area and um, we went in…the first song I think we did was, “Did You No Wrong”. And I was just so loud cos I was terrified. I’d never played a gig in me life, Rotten had never sung. None of us had done anything and uh, they pulled the plug - cos we were so loud – after about three songs and I was taking these pills called Mandrex at the time. They were like Quaaludes and had a few pints down me and I was like, “Yeahheahhgghhh, it’s great, this is great!” (sounds like Jerry Lewis there) And the next thing you know, I’m walking down Shaftesbury Avenue, I was just like, “What’s happenin?”.

Thurston: But now, you said there’s a plaque in the front there…

Steve: They, they…the reason…

Thurston: designating the place as an iconic…

Steve: …yeah. They’ve got like, one of them legitimate kind of like, “Dickens Lived Here” plaques, you know…

Thurston and Lee: Yeah yeah.

Steve: …saying this was the Sex Pistols’ first show.

Lee: Wow. That’s crazy.

Steve: St. Martin’s College on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Thurston: Next time I go to London, I’ll have to go by there.

Steve: Will you get a picture with your face next to it?

Thurston: (laughing) I will, definitely. I always do that in London. I love…there must be some kind of like, like a rock and roll tour of London that you can take.

Steve: Yeah, I’m sure.

Thurston: Cos they had one in New York for a while. But New York is like, it’s a grid. You can, you know, you can walk it, you know, in half a day.

Steve: What, you mean like, CBGB’s and…

Thurston: Yes all the whatever, Max’s Kansas City which is now like, nothing, it’s like a salon…

Steve: The Dolls…you know on the first Dolls album on the back, that like, kind of…

Thurston: That’s Gem Spa.

Steve: Is that still there?

Lee: Yeah.

Thurston: Gem Spa is there in some fashion.

Lee: Yeah yeah…Second and Eighth.

Thurston: That was the total place. That was the corner of St. Marks and Second Avenue.

Steve: Okay, yeah

Thurston: Yeah, you’d go, just go there and get your newspapers and your…

Lee: Egg cream.

Thurston: …egg creams and stuff like that. So that was like, that was a really, that was a great photo cos it really authenticated them as like, that “is” New York.

Steve: I would like one of them pictures. I wonder who took that picture? Was that a Bob Gruen classic?

Thurston: Could be. Did you see that Bob Gruen “Looking For A Kiss”, or whatever…

Steve: Yes, of all that footage of just them walking around…

Thurston: Right before the first album comes out and they come to Hollywood, man that thing is so good…

Steve: It was great because they all looked straight and innocent…

Thurston: They are…

Steve: …and naive.

Thurston: They’re totally like…they’re just having a good time and they’re like, walking through the airport like, in silver hot pants, and like smoking cigarettes and just blowing minds. They come to L.A….that’s the first footage you ever really get to see of like, L.A., of like, Sable Star and like the groupies that were sort of like, coming into the scene.

Steve: In the Whisky dressing room, I believe it was…

Thurston: Whisky dressing room and then they have all this footage inside of Rodney’s English Disco, like Johansen dancing in the disco…man.

Steve: and then they go up to San Francisco and they’re hanging out there.

Thurston: Yeah, they go up to SF, yeah. And they show people waiting in line for the gig and everyone has like, long hair and flares and stuff like that.

Steve: And mustaches and stuff.

Thurston: The coolest they get is like, someone will have a Bowie shirt on or something. So it’s like it’s this whole transitional like, thing is going on. It’s kind of hip.

Steve: What was that, ‘74? ’72?

Thurston: It’s like at least…maybe ’72…it’s killer.

Steve: You know they’ve got a new album coming out, The Dolls.

Thurston: Yeah.

Steve: Have you heard any of it?

Thurston: Um, I have not, no.

Steve: We played one song. It’s pretty good. Surprisingly good.

Thurston: Oh, I heard a song on this station actually. The one about the monkey.

Steve: Yeah.

Lee: Yeah yeah, I heard that one.

Steve: Why ain’t I…I should be playing that. It’s an ‘animal’ song. WHY WASN’T I INFORMED!? We’ve go to visit the Duke, we’re here with Sonic Youth, we’ll be right back after these lovely messages, thanks for listening…

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From July 10, 2006

Welcome back to chriswasanon! So was that a nun popular result - keep up there! Well I had fun, settled down with a few bottles of Grolsch and some kippers and tatties and enjoyed myself. Like Steve I'm sorry it is all over :-( but them Euro's are in 2 years. I don't think the teams from these bitterly arctic snow and ice and hail and sleet and horizontal rain battered shores will go far in South Africa. Honestly the way Steve carries on you'd think we lived in Poland, or the Tundra zone or even Zemlya Novobirskibrassmonkey ninety nine below zero on a good day. Let me harp on a bit here (plunk) and state that it's not THAT cold hereabouts, is it? Where are my fingerless gloves?

But when Zin├ędine Zidane - or Zizou to the adulating hordes of Les Bleus supporters stuck the heid on that Matarrazi player - I could only sit and gawp, mouth open, eyes wide, hail of beetles cascading out of my hair as I absent mindedly scratched it, agog. The kid from Marseille had been insulted. Speculation remains on a condition def con red level 3 alert achtung rife plateau at the mo. Whilst the rest of his team collected runners-up medals, Zizou was skulking in the dressing room. Now FIFA are talking of stripping him of his award. Coh! That sucks.

Now what is the nature of this speculation? Was Zidane called the spawn of an Algerian terrorist? The son of a whore? Perhaps Matarazzi said that his, "...mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries." Steve has a few ideas. Invective when skillfully applied is an art, did you know that? The people of the gifts in old Irish Society knew that their satirists and poets were able to raise boils and blemishes with CURSES and insults. Kiss of death are bodily sores - if you are an old Irish Societist. Quite simply you just could not be in the "in crowd" disfigured with nasty boils. They wouldn't have you. Ah what a fucking rotter! Still there we are, that's another FIFA World Cup done and dusteroonied.

The Myspace Steve avatar profile news. It's blue plaque time, that famous ransom lettering Sex Pistols logo gets the heritage treatment. When it says, "unplugged," it's not like a Nirvana MTV acoustic music set, it means literally the band's instruments were unplugged...after about three songs or something. You can read more here But you know all that or you would not be lurking on our alternative juke box jive blog
-------> A <-------- ...where we celebrate the shennanigans of Steve Jones and Mark Shovel and any assorted guests on that memorable radio show "Jonesy's jukebox" part of Indie 103.1. Plus I get to blather on inconsequentially about anything and everything. Keep coming back! CwA.

Ying tong
ying tong
ying tong
ying tong
ying tong
iddle i po

Tina IS at the controls!

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. It’s three minutes after twelve bells and it’s about eighty-odd, somewhere in the eighties, as usual. Lovely. Bit knackered this morning, but I’m not complaining. Got a lot of sun yesterday. World Cup was Saturday, it’s all over, alas. Maybe that’s what it is, little bit of tired from no more World Cup. Really enjoyed it. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish it was every two years, not four years. I guess that’s what makes it even special. The Olympics, how many times…is that every four years?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. But they alternate winter and summer, so it’s every two years.

Steve: Ah, see? See, I know what I’m talking about, then. So it should be every two years. In November. That way, European teams like England will have a better chance cos it’ll be cold, and they play better in the cold…in Scotland and Ireland and, you know, all the cold-climate countries. Evens it out a little bit. You know what I mean?

Mr. Shovel: Are you saying that’s why Italy won?

Steve: Italy? I was glad Italy won. I was, I was rooting for Italy. One is: I had a bet on it for fifty bucks from some French bloke, which he’s gone missing all of a sudden for some reason. Two is: I like the Italians, I support any country that has naps, siestas…

Mr. Shovel: (laughs)

Steve: …and I like their faces. I like them romantic faces on ze Italians. Stylish men. Um, that was a funny ol’ move by ol’ Zidane, though.

Mr. Shovel: It was really bizarre.

Steve: Zidane Vicious. What a way to go out. I mean, he really steamed into that bloke’s chest, too. I’d just love to know what he said to him. I would love to know what triggered him. I think he was frustrated as well.

Mr. Shovel: Well, Rooney did the same thing. With all that at stake, knowing what the consequences would be, couldn’t not do it.

Steve: Yeah, but it’s easy to say that, when you’re sitting at home, watching the TV, why people do this and why people do that. But can you imagine being in that situation? Millions, billion people watching ya. The atmosphere, the pressure of knowing you’re in the final, or the quarter final. We don’t even know it’s like, we can’t even imagine, you know what I mean? So you don’t know why people react in a certain way. Obviously Rooney’s got a hot head, that’s known. But Zidane, that’s not known in his character as far as I know, to be like…to do weird things like that like, go off the end…I’d love to know what he said. He probably said, “Nice haircut” or something to Zidane. Or, “I’m wearing you Mom’s knickers” or something like that.

Can’t imagine what he said. But anyway, I was pleased for the Itides (sp? Help, Chris!). We’re gonna do animals today. I’ve left the…oh, I know one thing I wanted to say. When was the last time you ever used a phone book for addresses?

Mr. Shovel: That’s a good question, Steve.

Steve: Hundred years ago? Does anyone use phone books anymore?

Mr. Shovel: I think, if you’re looking up a service, sometimes it helps.

Steve: I don’t think anyone uses them and yet they continue to send them to your house. Imagine how many trees that costs? All them phone books that no one uses? See, if I was the Governor, the would be the first thing to be axed. Phone books. Waste of wood. At least put it into like, houses. Make them, make the wood cheaper. I don’t think it’s recycled paper, either. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. Not going to do body parts today. Going to do animals. Going to talk to the animals. Sing to the animals. But first, a couple of songs for the Itides (?) cos they were the winners, they get a couple of songs, winners of the World Cup. And one for the bad-losing French after that and then we’ll start with the animals. So here ya go. Congratulations, Itides. I thought you did a good job. Take it away…

Monday, July 10, 2006

From July 7, 2006

Steve: You are listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox. It is three minutes, almost…in twenty seconds it will be three minutes. Let me check that with my phone…in fifteen seconds…let me just see if this actually works. In ten seconds…in five seconds…in no seconds, it is three minutes after twelve bells. Yes, my phone went to it, too. Good, that clock works. On a lovely Friday and it’s about eighty degrees. It’s another hot one. It’s gonna get hotter. Nice and sunny, though. Just the way Daddy likes it. Nice and hot. Not too humid. We giving anything away there, Mister?

Mr. Shovel: Yes we are. We have a couple of pairs of tickets to the secret Sonic Youth show…

Steve: Oh.

Mr. Shovel: ..secret Sonic Youth.

Steve: What’s that show?

Mr. Shovel: It’s a secret show. With Sonic Youth.

Steve: Oh yeah? Where they playing?

Mr. Shovel: It’s a secret.

Steve: Oh, okay. I’ll pry it out of you Mr. Shovel, if I have to.

Mr. Shovel: You can try.

Steve: Okay. Got a Chinese torture. Electric shock treatment. Or maybe just some guy’s voice that just drives you crazy…just put you in a room, play that over and over again…of some guy’s voice.

Mr. Shovel: Okay, I’ll tell ya.

Steve: That must be horrible, innit? Torture? Now that we’re on the subject.

Mr. Shovel: Some people like it.

Steve: Yeah, not me. I don’t mind dishing it out, but I’m not…I don’t want to be the recipricant. (there’s a pause then Mr. Shovel starts laughing) Wasn’t…that the right word? (Steve laughs) Is that the right word? Did I put my foot in my mouth? What does that mean, “recipient”? Is that…someone who takes it, a receiver? I don’t want to be the receiver. What does “recipient” mean, then? The person who’s doing it? (pause, then snippy) You don’t even know…

Mr. Shovel: You said “recipricant”.

Steve: Oh yeah, lubricant. Yeah, I don’t want to be the lubricant. It must be…some of these stories you hear of people getting tortured, I couldn’t think of anything worse, being tortured. At the will of someone else. Especially if you’re blindfolded. Imagine where your head goes when you don’t know what’s going to happen? Some people break in houses and they tie the family up and blindfold ‘em. That must be horrendous. I hope it never happens to me…touch wood. Is there any wood in this place? Any wood?

Mr. Shovel: Well, you’ve got your guitar…

Steve: Oh yeah. (knocking sound) Touch wood that never happens to me. Or to anyone else I know. Or to you, Mr. Shovel. You might like it, though. I think you’re the type who likes that torture thing…

Mr. Shovel: You think?

Steve: I dunno…

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: No? Not your cup of tea?

Mr. Shovel: No. I don’t want to be the “recipricant”.

Steve: You don’t want to be the lubricant? Who, you mean actual people like that kind of thing?

Mr. Shovel: They pay for it!

Steve: They do, don’t they. And it’s always normally people who are in powerful, who have a powerful job or somewhere where they’re like, bossing people around. They seem to like to go off to some dungeon and get whiplashed.

Mr. Shovel: (this Jonesyism makes him laugh again)

Steve: That seems like, common though, innit? It’s like, in London there’s a lot of them like, MP’s and that…they like to go and get like…

Mr. Shovel: …whiplashed.

Steve: Yeah, all kinds of…cat of nine tails and just treated like a piece of doggie doo. We’re strange. Strange ain’t we, people? Cos dogs and animals, they ain’t like that. They have one thing on their mind. Very small things that dogs, animals in general: “Where am I gonna get my food from?”, have a good sleep, and “What can I sniff?”

Mr. Shovel: And, “Where can I deposit my (?)”

Steve: Yeah, yeah. And that’s about it. They don’t play mind games, do they? Although some dogs are pretty smart when you’ve got some food. They know how to work it out of ya, with them old sad-sack eyes and all the other stuff (laughs) so they do play games. I forgot. I forgot about that. Dogs do play games. They probably got it from us, though. From watching us play games. (jams on guitar for a few bars)

When I’ve run out of body parts, which, by the looks of it, ain’t gonna be too long. I think we should go to animals. Songs with animals in it. “Year Of The Cat”…

Mr. Shovel: Okay. “You Ain’t Nothing But A Hound Dog”

Steve: Yep.

Mr. Shovel: “Belly Of The Whale”

Steve: Yep. That’s gonna be, I think, as soon as the body parts run out, gonna move over to animals. Songs, songs (titles) with animals and in the song. And also, there’s a lot of bands with animal names. The Animals, Beatles…

Mr. Shovel: (starts laughing again)

Steve: Troggs…

Mr. Shovel: (laughing harder) The Beatles aren’t an animal.

Steve: (fudging) Oh…well it moves, dunnit? (they both laugh some more) It’s got legs.

Mr. Shovel: I don’t think Troggs are an animal, either.

Steve: What else, Rolling Stones? Okay. We’re on “Eyes”. Eyes. Body parts. Eyes. And what better to kick this off, than with, “The Eye Of The Tiger”? (realizing) Animal, AND an eye.

Mr. Shovel: A great segue.

Steve: See, I’ll play that next week, when I’m doing animals. Tiger! Take it away, darling…