Saturday, May 13, 2006

In a never ending quest to bring cup and ring marks, naughty Daleks, how to make wine from sprouts,

is some more. Yep CHisPA you can make wine from dandelion and like for sure. You can make wine from practically anything in fact. Obviously "anything" will not taste like a good Rioja. More sprout wine with your lobster thermostat m'dear?

Perhaps Tina will add a transcription. This may be an older offering. Well we can but see.

The myspace "avatar" Steve news. The boys aboard the Good ship "Come in number 1. your time is up" upon the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Which is in London, which is in England as any fule kno. The pic first saw published light of day in "Sex Pistols Scrapbook," Ray Stevenson's scarce prototype for "Sex Pistols file."

I can only presume that my other and better half slept well last night in her crawl in tent somewhere out there. I wonder if she will find any more cup and ring marks.

These are from Kilmartin Glen in Argyll at Achnabreck. They really are quite stunning and the shifting light through the day creates interesting effects of depth, to what purpose they were carved, who knoweth. We visited the site on a cycling holiday in November of all times. Not my pic.

DR. Who old news.

Well you can get this on the Sci-fi channel now can't you? Today's episode will feature the return of the No. 2 foe of the Doctor, the Cybermen. Ah but were you aware - indeed do you wish to be made aware of, "Abducted by the Daleks?" Like many another fan of the Dr. probly I had no inkling that the Dr.'s enemies were even remotely interested in naked nubile women -exterminating the human race is more their caper - but I was wrong! This film was limited to 1,000 copies apparently. The plot? 3 birds get abducted by sex-crazed Daleks. Who pursue them in rampant feel up mode /on fashion...and er that's it. Oh I know it's old news. Dalek creator Terry Nation could not protest about this disgraceful film lol about randy Daleks. He was late (as in dead,) so thankfully the BBC jumped up and down with sufficient energy and squashed it flat. Still, here to pursue the matter further purely in the interests of you will understand, ahem, "scientific fictional research" but also of course for our regular feature,


is a screen grab.

From a trailer in quick-time .mov format. Apologies for the quality. Now just what groping gratification those Daleks could possibly extract with their rubber suckers is beyond me.


Special request!!!

Special request - this is a scan from a contact strip print that's why the quality is none.

Negatives are lost - best I could do...some of you may remember this pic from a previous post when (what we in the know ;-) like to call) cwa was a blog in Captain's blog mode. Before that this pic saw net service as my myspace avatar for 30 seconds. Ah you know how it is - you get bored - you change your image, new hairstyle, start wearing half-mast trousers...well you can even be Karl Marx if you wish. I was a £1 coin. Now that has to be a cheap date. Where was I?

I love my jukebox! This one was in a field near Woodbridge, Suffolk. A New Age traveller site - which was when I last heard two years ago - still a park-up. Went down there to see an old friend in a little caravan and if I recall correctly she had a squad of puppies there too. There were of course the usual site dogs roving around the buses, trucks, commer vans and converted ambulances etc. This jukebox was just sitting there as you see it in an unoccupied corner of the site by a Victorian rubbish tip. A search for old bottles had drew us there. It was as if to me the jukebox had just dropped from the heavens. I was very, very, stoned.

Note titfer and wrecked leather jacket. Both long since have gone to the great tat shop in the sky - not eBay you fool.


Friday, May 12, 2006

Notes from Thursday 5/11

On yesterday's show, Steve featured a guest who is an old friend of his, Terry Nails. Terry was Steve's "side man", played on "Mercy" and Fire and Gasoline" and toured with Steve. They played and sang a lot. I hope he brings Terry back again, he's an effin' great guitar player, too. All the records that Steve played were released from 1972-1975; he selected songs that were an influence on him in those days as he was first becoming acquainted with Malcolm and that whole scene. He related some pre-Pistols memories brought to mind by the tunes. Very good.

Tina (7:43 AM Pacific)

As fresh as the May grass. Well now I didn't listen to the show yesterday as I was spending some quality time with my other and better half before she went off into the Galloway hills for her annual walk on the long distance footpath, the Southern Upland Way.

NB. Cockburnspath is pronounced "Coburnspath," do not ask me why. She is not intending to walk the whole thing however - possibly 60 miles or so. Weather permitting!

However to get back on topic, I note from Stuart's blog that there is a link to Sex-pistols net where Terry Nails discusses Fire and Gasoline etc.

Perhaps the show brought back many memories for Steve - hence changing his myspace profile pic to SEX gang children. I suppose this could also be constituted as old arse news but there we see the very lovely Chrissie Hynde giving the classic US. finger to the camera. Next to her, did you see Derek Jarman's film, Jubilee?

"My God, it's Amyl Nitrate."

Yep, Sex assistant Jordan strutting her stuff.

Chriswasanon (17.00 GMT).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

No transcription, no arse, 1 piece of myspace Steve news (Update: Some arse)

Yay! I got my Jukebox poster today! It's very very nice. So exciting to have some thing that actually says "Jonesy's Jukebox" on it. Rare, that is. If only Sire would make special t-shirts for the MySpacers to buy. Sorry for butting in, but I couldn't help it. Carry on...

Jolly good Tina - I was wondering when those posters would be popping up. Any ideas of what a potential Sire myspace t-shirt should consist of, anyone? What design? Where was I? An inside -out t-shirt probably....musing....back to this blog.

Rule number 1.

If this blog does not open with "Welcome back to chriswasanon." there is no transcription.

"Welcome back" is not the same, neither is "hello again," or "it gives me great pleasure," or "Herzliche Wilkommen." It has to read

"Welcome back to chriswasanon."


Little to make a comment or observation on today. Last night I mean yesterday afternoon lunchtime, Steve was spinning disco.

"Oh no he's playing disco."

Poor Piespace just about imploded with all that disco...

Get ready...the green light is flashing...go..go..go
and don't forget to pull your ripcorddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd.

This is not necessarily my opinion. impartial mode /on

0 or nothing transcription-wise. When and if Tina makes one - you will get the call. Incidently adding me to your myspace means that you get unique chriswasanon bulletins.

Ah but if you see that Cheese and Pickle bear witness that was chriswasanon, that was.

0 arsewise.

So no arsenews there then. I keep asking for arsenews but nobody comes up with the goods...


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Name that bum

and that's enough blog my dear readers. I'm heading sunwards...

Enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box!

A special CwA thank you to Ethylene for the site with lots of birdie (fevvered) cams!

Hold the frontpage there an update on the steve profile pic... Yay!!! Good Sir Knight! The Sire!!!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

From Tuesday, May 9

Welcome back to chriswasanon a blog of allsorts for all.

I've had one of those sorts of days today. Niiiiiiiiiiice. The cracking weather continues and on the way to visit empty church at Beeswing, carpets of bluebells, wild garlic with white flowers and purple to pink campion and just hoards of yellow dandelions. Looks like I shall be making some dandelion wine, not quite Alox Corton 69 but a cheeky little number and gets you there eventually.

Beeswing Church - offers over £80,000.

The Kirk er church was built in 1868 but it needs a lot of steeplework and neither I nor my prospective outlaw buyers (could be in-laws but I ain't married) have a spare 30 grand or more to fix it up. Planning regulations sound a leetle complicated. This is not a begging blog. But the place wasn't spooky, comes with it's own bats in the belfry and vestments in the vestry. Plus a great stained glass window and a pulpit. Would make an ideal summer residence for a Pontiff possibly although one drawback may be the absence of a confessional as the denomination is Church of Scotland. No need to worry about deconsecration before use as this church don't do that. Ideal 2nd. home so long as it stayed fine. Look this is Alba ok. We don't have months and months of gorgeous sunshine - so when we do it sort of makes the news.

Afterwards the usual fossick round thrift shops er charity shops and then home. Ah so. That is the cricket cola Tina - see yesterday's post.

So the myspace news - yes Steve where did you put that bowflex. Yay!

That is some punk rawk bird of paradise sporting a God Save the Queen tee and I think that no exotic avians were harmed in the making of that. Photoshoppe? You can find the punk parakeet or something on Steve's comments page. It's done up with a dog collar next to Sid in his swastika shreddies! A good LOL moment there. For all your extraneous Pontifical perquisites.

Ok. Lets get to the fun part. Tina has got a fresher than fresh hawter than 'ot piece of transcription for you to enjoy. Tuesday's show - damn and it's Wednesday today. Lets make like iced tea with a lemon slice. Cooooool.


Tina IS at the controls

Steve: (Steve strums his guitar the whole time, nice background music) You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. On a lovely, dark Tuesday. Dark Tuesday. It sounds like a title for a movie, dunnit? (like a voiceover for a movie trailer) “It was Dark Tuesday. When the Gods descended upon Los Angeles…and the virus got out. But there was one man who could save Los Angeles. And that man was Jonesy. Dark Tuesday. In all major cinemas.” Yess. Dark Tuesday…

Mr. Shovel: Sounds like the “Omega Man”.

Steve: Yes, “The Omega Man: Dark Tuesday”. (laughs) What’s “The Omega Man”?

Mr. Shovel: It’s a…Charlton Heston.

Steve: Oh.

Mr. Shovel: Los Angeles. Everybody’s…dead.

Steve: Is that like Quinn Martin?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Close enough, right? One of them blokes. "A Quinn Martin Production". “Omega Man”. Omega, that’s something you have in vitamins, innit? Omega 3 and they put that in the…

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, maybe.

Steve: Don’t they put that in um…what’s that, flax seed oil, innit? And the have it in, they have it in healthy cereal as well.

Mr. Shovel: I think it’s the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Of course, what do I know?

Steve: It’s not 'zed'?

Mr. Shovel: They didn’t make it up to “zed” over there.

Steve: What is the last…is that the last word in the normal alphabet, zed?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Z? A to Z.

Mr. Shovel: Well, in your alphabet.

Steve: Yes. The Mongolian Mancheefrill alphabet.

Mr. Shovel: We have one called “z”.

Steve: Oh, rully? Yes, we have zed. I am the Man From Zed, and I have come to restore sanity in Los Angeles. On my planet, Zed, there are many forms of life. More than what meets the eye. There is no humans, but there is lifeform…but they don’t have arms and legs. They come in the form of lambs. Lambs are our secret gods on the Planet Zed.

Mr. Shovel: And muttons.

Steve: And muttons are the lower forms. The last on the food chain gang. The lambs are a higher being. “Planet Zed”. "A Quinn Martin Production". Yes.

Are gas prices going up?

Mr. Shovel: Oh, you noticed.

Steve: But since last week, have they gone up?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. It just keeps going up.

Steve: Yeah. I’m going electric soon, I think. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of them little motors…

Mr. Shovel: I’m going French fry oil.

Steve: Yeah – I was just talking about that and a…Darryl Hannah, she does it, doesn’t she? She’s got a, I don’t know if it’s a car or a truck, but she goes to all these…she has a thing, with these restaurants where she goes there and she has their old cooking oil…and she takes it in drums and she runs her motor on it.

Mr. Shovel: That’s got to be a limited supply, though.

Steve: Well, a lot of people eat. A lot of people throw that stuff away. I dunno what she gives ‘em in return. I dunno what she pays for it all.

Mr. Shovel: Well, you go up and you say, “I’ll have two happy meals and five gallons of old French fry oil.

Steve: Used oil, yeah. Apparently the car smells of like tacos and stuff when it, when you’re driving.

Mr. Shovel: Onion rings.

Steve: Yeah, and hamburgers…In ‘n Out oil. I heard a car can actually drive on water. Sugar water.

Mr. Shovel: We’d better start invading places that have sugar.

Steve: Planet Zed…has a sugar refinery. The actual, the craters and the moonbeams are made out of sugar on Planet Zed. I might go up there next week, see what’s happening. I’ve got a mate of mine who's up there. He runs a sheep farm and he’s…light years ahead. He makes sheep underwear. They’re very itchy, though. I can’t wear sheep, can’t wear anything wool. Wool is so itchy on my Niagras, I can’t have ‘em nowhere near ‘em.

Mr. Shovel: Imagine how the sheep feel.

Steve: Oh, God. I can only have the finest of linens around my bollacksesses.

Mr. Shovel: Angora.

Steve: What’s that?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know where it comes from.

Steve: I think that’s omega underwear you’re talking about isn’t it? Omega 3. Fine linens. Well, while we’re talking about ‘electric’, let’s play “The Electric Light Orchestra”.

A joint Floratina and Chriswasanon Taco transmission production.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

From Monday, May 8

Welcome back to Chriswasanon.

The myspace Top 8! news.

Deny, Defy, Cheese and Pickle - what does it take?

to make the Pontiff's top 8?

Fun and games!

It would have been nice to stay for just a while longer. Oh you can stay just a little bit longer...

Perhaps the Pontiff would hear this poor unloved sinner's confession.

Congrats... on the TOP 8!

Is this a transcription is...but first the blog and in a packed blog...

I had such a sleepless night last night but what an absolute belter of a day it's been. You know I never tire of the sound of birdsong. Or a hedge hog's grunt. The shrill sparrows staking out their territories and the imitative starlings and the beautiful song of the blackbird. I love all that stuff.

Footie news. Soccer, the beautiful game news.

Not to mention the entire Spurs team what got winter projectile vomiting disease and ended up being robbed for next year's European Champions League by their hated rivals (but not John Lydon's,) Arsenal.

Yesssss, I owe allegiance from my bro and my dad and my grandad "God rest Joe's soul," to the Arsenal. FC. North London. I owe Tottenham Hotspur 0. Also North London. It really pissed my brother off when as a boy I supported Chelsea though. See football fans do not change their teams, they just don't. You are allowed to follow one team and one team only, it's a life time commitment. Sustainability.

So how about this World Cup tale just in, filched from the Herald newspaper diary page hosted by Ken Smith.

An Englishwoman living in Johnstone (which is er in Scotland) struggled to keep a straight face. She was eavesdropping on 2 wee wummin on her bus and they were talking about tv. sets, one of the auld wifies needed to buy one. Her friend said they would be a cheaper deal after June cos of the World Cup. Pressure to buy new tellys etc.

"World Cup, What's that? Is that the English World Cup?" said the future tv. buyer.

"Naw, it's the World's World Cup" said her pal and then added..."But if the English win it, they'll say it's theirs."

"Too right we will," the English woman told Ken Smith.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now lets get to the main event. The transcription. What is in that Cricket Cola, Durophet? I note from the guardian paper today that if not the Soprano's sorry :-( a whole bunch of LOST can be viewed on but I would prefer look it's only an opinion - to listen to the evensong of birds before chanting in plainsong "Pontifex Maximus Adoremus." Which is Latin for "Steve we love ye man." Actually the literal translation is adore him.

Tina IS at the controls.

Steve: Hello? You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. Oh…hello, boys and girls. It’s Monday, it’s that horrible weather but I was told it’s gonna burn off, so hopefully, it will. Monday…ohh…what’s goin’ on? Did you watch Sopranos? You don’t watch Sopranos, do you, Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, normally I do, but I was working on my show yesterday, so I couldn’t do it.

Steve: So, how do you normally watch it if you’re always working on your show on Sundays?

Mr. Shovel: On…they you know, repeat it.

Steve: Oh, on Mondays they have it on. Do you, do you have a Tivo thing?

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: On Monday nights they rebroadcast it as well. It was pretty good, not as good as uh…I think everyone just is dying to see what happens with the, with the gay guy, the closet gay guy. And, he wasn’t in the picture. I guess there’s two or three more episodes left. It was kinda, a bit dull yesterday, long and drawn out. What’s his name, the young bloke? He…he started shooting dope again. You know, the one that goes to AA?

Mr. Shovel: Michael Imperiloli.

Steve: Yeah, he’s starting ta…messing about. Well, I don’t want to tell ya.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. No, don’t tell me.

Steve: I don’t wanna blow it for you…

Mr. Shovel: Does he OD?

Steve: (Sopranos accent) I ain’t sayin’ nuffing. I don’ wanna blow it for ya over there. Ya know what I mean? I don’ wanna blow it.

What do you think that’s all about when…when people who are gay don’t want anyone to know they’re gay and they’re in the closet and they won’t come out, they take it to their death bed?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know, maybe they don’t want to get tied up to a fence and beaten to death.

Steve: Yeah, but there’s a lot of other people…I don’t think that happens. Especially if you’re from…living in Hollywood anymore. I don’t think that’s a thing that’s…you know, I mean there’s so many gay guys here anyway. It’s not like you’re in some hick town and you’re gonna be the only gay guy if you say you’re gay, you know? But my point is, I wonder what it’s like cos it must be, it must be torture if you’re gay and you’re terrified to let anyone know, cos you’re not being yourself, right? So it must be a really hard thing to battle with, constantly with this front that you’re not gay, but really you are. It must be a hard thing to, to deal with. You know what I mean?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know. I mean, do you go around telling everybody about your sex life?

Steve: Yeah.

Mr. Shovel: Oh…well okay, besides you…

Steve: Yeah, but it ain’t even a point, it ain’t even that. It’s like, you know, if you’re hanging with some guys and guys are always talking about girls and you have to kind of make out you’re talking about girls, too. It’s like this big lie that you constantly have to be on your toes, worried about if someone finds out. It’s…wouldn’t it be easier just to like, say…wouldn’t it be like a relief to just, if you are gay – come out. Cos I couldn’t stand to carry something like that around. I’d have to say, “You know what, this is the deal”. You know what I mean? It must be hard. I feel bad for guys – or women – who fancy their own sex cos they have to hide it, you know.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah…they must have their own reasons. Everybody’s got free will.

Steve: Yeah. But my point is, I’ve seen a lot of people…I know a few people who are like that and they seem tortured. That’s my point. It’s not their choice to say it for some other reasons like, some actors…okay, they do it cos it makes sense. If America or the world realized that they’re gay, they’re not going to get leading parts because no one really wants to see a guy whose gay, you know he’s gay but he’s having a scene with a woman, people don’t buy it. So, there’s a lot of money at stake there. I understand that. But what I’m saying is, if you really want to, when you’re gay and you can’t say it, it must be torture. That’s all I’m saying. Maybe I’m lying. Maybe I’m wrong.

I’m gonna play…I’m really tired today. I didn’t get to bed ‘til like, four thirty, five o’clock. My stupidness. I had a Cricket Cola at around twelve o’clock and it just…I couldn’t believe how wired I was. So I’m really tired and I don’t feel great. I’m all achy from playing football Friday and Sunday and I’m aching…really tired. So I figured, if I’m gonna suffer, I’m gonna make you all suffer and play just instrumentals today. Yeah. I’m gonna show you lot out there. If I’m going down, you’re coming with me. Track one, I think we’re going to play, Mr. Shovel. What was you gonna say?

Mr. Shovel: Rather than drinking a Cricket Cola at midnite…

Steve: Yes?

Mr. Shovel: perhaps you could drink one at noon.

Steve: Rully? Twelve bells.

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, like now.

Steve: Yeah. Well it was twelve…similar times…

Joint Flora "Bobby Moore" Tina and Chriswas "safe pair of hands" anon production.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Final edition!!!

I added some more to Cheap Trick. Still trying to figure out who was who. Or is it whom?

Well the book of completely memorable people is called "Who's Who." Does that help, no? Or there is that well known and entirely plausible time traveller Doctor Whom.

What have we got today? Some kids books, some wart cure, some Steve News...

Still to come, a pic of a hedgehog...or a badger...or both...hell both, lets live a little!

Want to know what happiness consists of?

Leisure or idleness,
Self-understanding or identity.
Transcendence, or spirituality.

These are the 8 components according to Manfred Max Neef, a Chilean economist and ecologist No I mean the 9 ingredients. I'll say that again, the 10. basic human needs before a human being can be in a state of well-being and happiness.

Myspace news. That ole poopin' hound, the Indie dog.

What is happening with the Indie dog, has he decided to sniff up some other lamp post, other than myspace?

Do you believe in life after myspace? You know when you switch the computer off - what happens - is any of this real? What do you believe in?

Wart news.

See I've had these warts - ordinary warts on my fingers. I was examining my hands for signs. Well I know of this ancient "old mother chriswasanon" wart cure and it goes something like this.

Ye method (incidentally "ye" is not prounounced ye)


[Misreading of ye, from Middle English þe, spelling of the, the (using the letter thorn).]


Long rambling linguistic NEWS! Feel free to skip.

USAGE NOTE In an attempt to seem quaint or old-fashioned, many store signs such as “Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe” use spellings that are no longer current. The word ye in such signs looks identical to the archaic second plural pronoun ye, but it is in fact not the same word. Ye in “Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe” is just an older spelling of the definite article the. The y in this ye was never pronounced (y) but was rather the result of improvisation by early printers. In Old English and early Middle English, the sound (TH) was represented by the letter thorn (þ). When printing presses were first set up in England in the 1470s, the type and the typesetters all came from Continental Europe, where this letter was not in use. The letter y was used instead because in the handwriting of the day the thorn was very similar to y. Thus we see such spellings as ye for the, yt or yat for that, and so on well into the 19th century. However, the modern revival of the archaic spelling of the has not been accompanied by a revival of the knowledge of how it was pronounced, with the result that (yē) is the usual pronunciation today.

So that's that sorted then.

Only you could find a font that has "thorn" in it.

That was easy but. That's enough OE. news back to wart news.

Tak ane fistfull of fresh dandelions and squeeze the juice onto your warte and then wait...

Well I'm still waiting. But it has had what I would call an interesting effect upon my blemishes, turning them entirely to brown but as yet there has been no retreat of warty excruescences. I'm ever hopeful - oh yes ever hopeful.

Last night I was sitting there not ruminating on much, having a quite ciggie and re-reading Matlock's entirely reasonable account, I was a teenage Sex Pistol, tales of watching things and Denmark Street, a certain type of loaf of bread and a pound of liver.

Nature news (mammalia)

Thinking just thinking, watching the stars, marvelling at the rapidity of that rain storm coming from nowhere and then listening.

Where was I, listening just listening to the wind when I heard this snorting sound.The imagination wildly conjures up a badger - of all craturs - which shape shifted itself into a monstrous many legged insect. When the contrast and definition had finaly settled down, it was revealed to be just a wind blown pile of docken leaves.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

"Not a badger" and certainly not the Badger from Kenneth Grahame's wonderful children's book the Wind in the Willows. This is one of Shepard's illustrations.

The snorting was coming from beyond that. Flush against the drystane dyke - wall. There was a snuffling hedgehog. Possibly a returner from the troop that lived in the garden last year. Ahh sweet. It may head back to the compost heap.

Me: "There's a hedgehog outside!"

Other and better half: Brightly (hello clouds, hello sky mode /on) "Can I see?" Skips off.

Me: "You'll need a torch...."

Myspace Steve news. All is Steve is Steve is Steve is Steve is Steve is Steve is Paul? is Steve.

One of these eight Steves is different can you spot which one? Too late, Steve spotted it. It's all change ----------> <----------

No Transcription from Tina - today well not yet.

That's enough Steve Jones for today - more l8r - keep checking back.

Do hedgehogs bite? What do they eat, plant or animal? If they found a bag of Cheetos, might they eat them? I imagine them to be like, slow, grumpy little dogs.

Well they eat slugs mostly which is wot makes yore actual hedgehog the gardener's friend. Made utterly memorable as an adorable wee beastie by such children's authors as Alison Uttley and of course, Beatrix Potter...They'd be hard pushed to find a packet of Cheetos in our garden let me tell you by the way. Wotsits? Corn snacks.

As a tender foolish child, I had an enduring fascination for hedgehogs. Me Mum used to leave out a bowl of milk with that crap white sliced bread in it. She called it sop. They seemed to like that. She also use to say " come and get your tea." and "go away" and let me sleep for a bit" and "ask your father."

Mrs. Tiggy-winkle Beatrix wrote about her pet hedgehog in a picture letter to Winifred Warne: "Mrs. Tiggy-winkle is a great traveller. I don't know how many journeys she hasn't done. She enjoys going by train, she is always very hungry when she is on a journey . . . I think you must ask Mrs. Tiggy-winkle to tea, she will drink milk like anything out of a doll's tea-cup!"

Mrs. Tiggy Winkle seen clutching her Southern Railways season ticket to her paws as she makes her regular 1st. Class journey into Waterloo. Warne was of course F.W. Warne who published Potter's classic books.

That's enough Supernature.

Chriswasanon in the yellow and Tina in the lavender.