Friday, January 06, 2006

On the twelvth day of Christmas.

This is a blog for those what blog on Steve
Jones Jukebox blog. It has interesting links
see ------------------> to the Sex Pistols,
to Indie, to other blogs of Jonesnote, to
outrageous offensive clothes. To Steves career
and to punk! Stick around, leave a comment
link to this blog!

A new year, a new blog!

12th Night - get those deccies down!

The year of the blog, the year of the dog.

Did you know that NYC GAIL was the first
of our happy band to post to the blog?

Pie and Flora finally spaced!

Phoneline hell?

The dread toenail subject reared its ugly head or foot.

The Steve Jones secure serving merchandise page
is not yet up - finest ducats (duckets) only please
all major credit cards accepted. Doubloon express
Master pieces of eight...etc.
Also not available

- plastic stickers,
- a Jonesy Juke box t-shirt,
more wantable than the DESTROY that Steve wore to the
A&M. signing?

Chispa is an solid A1 A+++ juke box bloggin' guy
and he gets my myspace Recommend!!! award.


JR. - Get well J.
Pie. - Piespace photospace.
Alison - underneath them bleachers.
Nevah - nevahland in spaaaaace!
Ramona - thanks for the addition!
I am extremely handsome - if he's around.
Tricky - Get thee to myspace matey!
Chispa - Spins the decks.
AC. - Chilled. niiiiice.
Glass Heroes - bike prang but ok.
Minx - She's gotta space!
Jewell shiny and precious!
Gail Yayyyyy oh yes!!!
Aunty Chrissy - Kate Bush sings, "Heathclifffff!"
Floratina - ThE TrAnScRiBeR.
Michebel ma belle - 2006 is her year!!!
Gidget - Hey Gidge props to u!
Shloe - always entertaining..even when he hallucinates JR. yeahhh Moe.

Zero Mischima wants to exterminate
the entire human race - don't worry
Mitsubishi their working on it!

If I missed you...make yourself known
you too can go into the hall of fame
chriswasanon blogosphere - or not
how important is this fergawdssake?

The helpline for Jonesy jukebox addicted bloggers
may yet become a jonesy group reality.

Picture the scene.

"Um my name's ZQ and I thought I could handle it
a bit of typing, fire up my radio pod cast/media player
winamp etc. Let Jonesy man vibes wash over me.
Then I discovered this free for all blog and before
too long I had signed up to myspace and from there
its just become all too much button badges, plastic stickers
and now - I want, want, want, I'm hurtin' I need that
-shirt, I'm hanging out like a c**t for finest

"Thats very interesting ZQ, that took a lot of courage
to say that - have a keyring. You are not alone."

Steve needs to put toilet paper down in the office
he can walk on that and keep the Mancheefrills
bugs at bay - sound advice from Howard Hughes ;-)

And er thats it...

Now you can all get back to myspace.