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Paul Cook 1st. visits the box, 31.08.05 show, rebroadcast 17.03/06 + hot off the press!

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Continuing our Paul Cook theme, I thought I would spread out a little of the Jukebox show first aired on 31.08.05. This is another teaser for you. So ok. it was Cookies birthday yesterday but the celebrations will continue, a little like New Year in Scotland. People are still standing on the tables in the pubs 5 days later! Next year Mr. Shovel's birthday will have length and longevity. Wait till Steve's comes round! We could have annual jukebox blog festivals! What do you thinkski Tina?

So this is another lil teaser for you. This transcript is the second hour of the rebroadcast. The orginal airing was 1. hr only - you don't need to concern yer selves with that info. Paul and Jenny turned up shortly before. Suffice to say the whole hour should soon be available at kick down the doors! Unfortunately there were tech problems, gremlins scrambled the signal on two occasions so there was 0 to do but summarise. When the stuff is up AND Tina's mighty works - you will get the call. Yeah. More Cookie to come - probably scans from magazines around the time of the Pistols reformation. Oops probably not, scanner is bust!

So lets go back to those dark days of 1940 and also strangely 2005. The post does speak for itself , I think but this wonderful aerial shot of a Heinkel He. 111 over East London presumably taken by another aircraft of the same bomber group seems apt.

Heinkel 111 twin engined heavy bomber in the daylight over East London. Primary Target: the docks and warehouses and the civilian population. Photo taken on Saturday Sept 7th 1940. Battle of Britain day. During that Winter the night bombing offensive was to become much more intense. September 7th marks the decisive phase. The Luftwaffe turned it's attention away from RAF stations and radar installations, to raids on Britain's cities. This gave the RAF respite and lost Germany the chance for air supremacy, a key condition for a successful invasion (operation Seelowe) of Britain. The following summer Hitler turned East and unleashed the full horror of his vile racial war...

So this pic of the Jerry bomber is taken from a Battle of Britain
Wiki on the subject. The text was not! It's mine all mine and mine
alone. Etc.

Well there is plenty of myspace Steve news, so go check it out! It seems Steve was on a bit of space journey trip, so one of my sources tells me. Thanks Lintilla!


Chriswasanon IS at the Controls!

Paul: Oh one of my relatives, yeah oh yeah we get about, we been in Spain for months and months.

Steve: That’s right, you got a gaff out there.

Paul: Yeah we get out of London as much as we can mate, don’t worry.

Steve: Did all that, was you out of town when all that…?

Paul: Yeah when all the bombs and stuff were going off. Yeah it’s a weird atmosphere there now. You know.

Steve: Really?

Paul: I went on the train the other day, there was no one on it.

Steve: Really?

Paul: Goin’ up to Piccadilly, yeah , it was that empty.

Steve: If some bloke with a turban gets on, with a backpack, everyone gets off.

Paul: Well I was lookin’ at everyone. You know, “who are these…?”( Laughs)

Steve: “What’s goin’ on…(imitating panic Corporal Jones of Dad’s Army Style) What’s… has he got a backpack?”

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Hey that’s terrifying.

Paul: Yeah….so…

Steve: Oh well.

Paul: We’re used to it, ain’t we?

Steve: IRA.

Paul: Yeah, it’s been goin’ on forever.

Steve: (Indistinct).

Paul: We don’t care, we just carry on you know, bombs goin’ off everywhere.

Steve: “We don’t care” (…a spoken line from the chorus of Pretty Vacant? Then carries on in a gritty voice).

Paul: (Joining in with a throaty” backs to the wall” accent). Bulldog spirit. The old blitz spirit! Bombs goin’ off everywhere!

Steve (Laughs) Excellent. Um..what ‘appened with this bleedin’ thing Shovel? Did no one know this song?

Wait, Tina here. This is a bit from Steve's program yesterday:

June 20, 2006 Cookie’s 50th

Steve: You’re listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. It’s three minutes after twelve bells and it’s nice that, nice out. Hot, but not as humid is what my senses tell me. But it’s not quite as bad as it was last week, or maybe just getting used to it. No, I don’t think so.

Mr. Shovel: Much warmer than it is in outer space.

Steve: Very cold up there yesterday, Mr. Shovel.

Mr. Shovel: In fact, it’s cold as hell.

Steve: I know. Um…what’s the next line?

Mr. Shovel: “and there’s no one to…”

Steve: “to save me, on a flight like this”. Um, that was fun though, being in space. Got to do that more often.

Mr. Shovel: I missed you though, it was weird being here alone.

Steve: By yourself? Yeah. I was gonna go and drop down back in England, cos Paul Cook, it’s his fiftieth today.

Mr. Shovel: Well, he came here for yours.

Steve: I know, I know.

Mr. Shovel: You should have dropped in while you were over there.

Steve: But he don’t have a job, see…so he can do things like that. He’s you know, I think he likes coming here. I would have actually went there if I could have had the time. But he ain’t even in England. He’s in Spain. He’s got a gaff out there and…I’m almost a year older than him. September, I’ll be fifty-one. How many months is that, three? Three months, right? What is it, yeah. Early September. Almost three months, wow. I’m the oldest Pistol. The oldest gunslinger. So happy birthday, Paul. My dear, oldest friend. Ever. I’m glad you made it to a McGarrett, 5-0. Excellent. And you’re all healthy, no major problems. It’s all good. We both got here, so far. Fifty more to you, my friend.

I’m going to play all power pop today. Pop. Pure pop. Some of you might get irked by this, so I command you to leave now and those of you that have broader minds, please keep listening. I’m going to play the Raspberries right now. We giving any sh…stuff away?

Mr. Shovel: (laughing) Yeah, we have Buzzcocks tickets.

Steve: Buzzcocks? Nice.

Mr. Shovel: You almost swore.

Steve: No, I didn’t. I wasn’t going to say what you thought, “poo poo”…I wasn’t going to say that.

Mr. Shovel: Okay.

Steve: I just started on saying, “shtuff”. Are we doing a thing in the studio with Buzzcocks next week?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: Going to be doing…

Mr. Shovel: The “Bunker”.

Steve: The Bunker. Live from The Bunker. Actually recording them as a band for the first time ever on The Box, right?

Mr. Shovel: It will be a full, studio, electric set-up. Next Wednesday, right?

Steve: Yeah. Excellent. Can’t wait for that.

Mr. Shovel: That’ll be the first broadcast from The Bunker.

Steve: Yep. (plays a bit on his guitar) Oh, that sounded good, that. How does “Happy Birthday” go? (sings a sweet acoustic "Silly Thing" instead)

What you see you can’t get
Nothing’s free, nothing’s set
Don’t be fooled by the signs
Don’t read in-between the lines
Whatcha gonna say
Whatcha gonna do
Now you’ve missed out once again
but I thought you knew

You are fifty now
You’re the same as me
You are fifty now
and we’ll let it be

Trouble there trouble here
People stop just to stare
What’s the use in wasting time
Just move on leave ‘em all behind
Whatcha you gonna say
Whatcha you gonna do
Now you’ve missed out once again
and I thought you knew

Now you’re fifty…

Happy Birthday, Mr. Cook. Take it away, Mr. Shovel.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Cookie ~

It's Paul Cook's 50th birthday today, everybody!

Chris and I have transcribed the shows that Paul participated in when he came to visit for Steve's 50th last year. These will be posted at Cook 'n' Jones, but they are not up just yet.

Chriswas here. Well you know Tina that at the old wasanon we like to lay out what we call teasers every now again and I think that we should just slot a little transcription in here. At times like this, full of excellent nosh and half asleep. Look I'm sorry, I didn't get to the blog before now and as it is I won't be here for long. I think it's time for a teaser...I suspect that it may still be Paul's birthday for another 1 hour and 15 where he is at the mo, so here's wishing Cookie a good one!

In fact what say we make this the official Paul Cook Birthday weekend? That way we can get some more wee smidges of Cookie and Jones up. So for today something that Tina did from the 9/9/05 interview - Slim Jim Phnatom was in the studio but it seems that Steve was watering his begonias...

Have a look at this one and see what you think and tell me is this a teaser?


Transcribing Tina IS at the controls.

Slim Jim: Who is this?

Paul: This is Paul Cook, by the way. I just walked in the studio and Jonesy’s…where’s he gone? He’s just gone to the restroom, is it, or the bathroom, the john, toilet…

Slim Jim: The loo.

Paul: The toilet.

Slim Jim: Khazi.

Paul: The khazi. So…just trying to bluff it ‘til he comes back.

Slim Jim: It’s good to see ya, Paul.

Paul: There he is. Yeah, I’m back again, yeah, before, before I go home.

Slim Jim: How long you here for?

Paul: Um, who’s talking…Jim?

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Oh, it’s Jim. (laughing) I dunno what’s going on here.

Steve: (in the background, bossy) See, it harder than it looks, innit?

Paul: Well, yeah. You have to be really…I’m here ‘til Sunday, mate.

Slim Jim: Oh, good. Let’s go have lunch after the show.

Paul: It was good to see you at the party and everything.

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Great time.

Slim Jim: Jonesy had a great party. Have you exhausted that one, yet?

Paul: Yeah, have you spoke a lot about that a lot?

Steve: I didn’t talk about it.

Paul: Your party, yeah. Who was there…

Slim Jim: Jimmy Saville, the guys from Oasis, the brothers were there…

Paul: Everyone dressing up and stuff as English guys, whatever.

Slim Jim: It was great. You got a nice house, Steve.

Paul: Yeah, where was it? Malibu.

Slim Jim: I liked the horses especially.

Paul: I think he just rented that out for the weekend to impress everyone. So um, that’s it. What do we do now, then?

Slim Jim: He tries to plead poverty, Jonesy. But that was a nice house.

Paul: Whose was it?

Slim Jim: I thought it was his.

Paul: I’d better not say. I better not say. I dunno where he’s gone. He’s left us, innit? Now I dunno what to do. Play records…

That was a Joint Tina the Transcriber and Chriswasanon production.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

From July 17

Steve: You are listening to Jonesy’s Jukebox on Indie 1031. Seven, six and a half minutes after twelve bells. You know, we don’t start at twelve. Who starts on time? No one. It’s very hot outside and not pleasant. All over the weekend, well as you know, I don’t need to tell you what it was like here. If you’re from, if you’re on the internet, from some other state, it was, it’s pretty brutal here right now, with the humidity. It even rained last night. Lightning…it’s got to be an earthquake coming soon. It’s got to be. We haven’t had one, a proper one, in over ten years. But not to be alarmed. It makes you wonder, I mean I don’t like saying it cos it’s so trendy to say the “global warming” thing, but it’s weird that it’s just, I’ve never known it to be this humid this time of the year. It’s normally June, you know…it normally don’t get this hot ‘til like, September and August. It’s weird. But I don’t like it. It’s so uncomfortable. And my power went out yesterday. No, Saturday night, I’m sitting there, playing Playstation all of a sudden, all shut down. And…what do I do now? Started getting hot by the second, cos I had the ole air conditioning on, which I don’t like using, but I was forced to do that, and I’m like, “You know what? I’m just going to go to Malibu. So I packed up my ole kit bag and football boots and went to Malibu. Played football the next day went a few other places, got home around five in the afternoon – power’s still out. There’s about five of them big trucks on me street. You know the big Water and Power trucks? I think one of them big, you know them big drums things that go on the top, you know them big…

Mr. Shovel: Blew up?

Steve: I dunno if it blew up, but…they were putting a new one in there. So I’m glad I split, cos it obviously hadn’t been turned on for like over 24 hours. Almost 24 hours, actually. Don’t want to exaggerate. So that was pretty…and it makes you wonder how much we rely on electricity. It ain’t pleasant without it…so God knows what would happen if that actually happens, all the power goes out for, because of overuse, whatever reason. There will be chaos on ze streets. So, always have a good supply of water in your house. People think I’m crazy cos I have all that stuff, they’re like, “You’re insane”. I’m like, “Am I? We’ll see who’s insane”, when armagedeonupadingdong happens. You know what I mean? Don’t come knocking at my door. “Oh, no. You don’t want to come here. I’m ‘insane’”. Huh? Yeah. You know who you are…

Monday, July 17, 2006

Body Parts, Animals and Fruit

Where else can you hear The Stranglers, Mother Goose, Ween, Peter Sellers, Peter Paul and Mary and Black Sabbath all in the same radio show? On Jonesy's Jukebox! In this case, it was on "Fruit and Veg Friday", one of the creative themes that Steve has been programming the show around over the last few days. I hope he does some more. I don't have a new transcript for you this morning, but I really have a good reason really really.

Chris, back to you. - T

Thank you Tina.  Now it is "less see now" mutter....Tuesday 18th July.  Well today is a hot one. Hawt, 'ot.  O Scorchio!  Roastin' man.  Sweating cobs.  But before we tackle the British National Obsession in yet more detail wir mussen move onto the G8...

The Cardiff Anarchos were given no food or any  water for two days after they were nicked and they slept under newspaper in the Stolichnya cells of the the Russian police.  Now they have to leave Mother Russia forthwith.  "Git aht."  But at least the cops didn't bust their heads.

BNO.  How hot I know not but it is hot.  By midday I was feeling quite flaky and had to slow down.  So you all tell Jones from "Wasanon" that it is tip tip tippety tipped to reach 39 Centigrade in some parts of the UK.  Sizzle.  Which is apparently the hottest it has ever been this side of the pond since records began.  Drip.  Even Scotland may break records with a high of 31 Centigrade expected either today or tomorrow. Flake.  So glad that we have a shower and not a bath.  Melt, wilt, ah fuckit it's Siesta time....

I bought a digi camera in Carlisle yesterday and enjoyed a cig with a Mocha in a cafe cos Carlisle is in Ingerland yeah?  In Scotland there is NO SMOKING in pubs, cafes restaurants and this rule is ruining pubs.  They are becoming unpleasant convivial friendly places full of children, families  and hithertoo never seen before, "nice people. " 

On the photography angle, expect some grainy unpleasant shots of salubrious locales in Scotland sometime soon.  Such as Ardrossan say , or Grangemouth or even Stranraer down at the docks.  I think the local sewage works might be worth a trip too...I'm not being SERIOUS by the way. But I've always felt that sewage works, reclamation plants and indeed glue factories have a romantic and totally understated and misunderstood charm about them.  Eeeeeeew mode /on

Oh, did Steve play?

"Walking on the beaches looking at the runner beans ?"  

There is no sexjones steve jones cook and jones profile myspace news - see last profile news.

That's it and transcriptions will be back soon!

Featuring any guests, Mr. Shovel and Steve and all brought to you courtesy of the Indie 103.1.  

Facilliatated by Tape head Tina and the wasanon transcripturising and eclecticity service.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Medieval brigands

Not as far as I am aware a welcome back to chriswasanon day.

It looks like some of those Cardiff Anarchists at the G8.  have been arrested in St. Petersberg. Why do I have no doubt that Inspector Boris Knackerski of the Yard has been mob handed and busted a few heads?  

Getting reports of inhumane treatment of same on the indymedia network too.

In lighter news.  Cos we need some!  Seeing as the car broke down, I did not get to go to the Kirroughtree for the battle.  Boo hiss.  Shloemoe is off the hook.  I had drawn up a nice test paper "

"To what extent where the causes and consequences of the English Civil War in Cleethorpes, due to a chip pan fire?  In so far as you agree, discuss the historical evidence, using a casio calculator, a packet of Cheetos and a full bottle of Wild Turkey.  Exagerate your position in an increasingly wild and manner. 

Marks will be deducted for mentioning the Spanish Inquistion.

Some of the regulars well "2" possibly "3" regulars have this absurd idea that our own lovely Shloemoe is in fact Steve Jones!!!  

C'mon guys, Shloemoe is Joe Esclante.  You must know that by now!  And if you believe that one, then I can sell you Moosemeat. We welcome your ideas but where is the proof???  Hmmm?

Steve profile myspace sexjones avatar change news!  Cookie and Steve.

Tina will be back  soon with more quality kick ass don't stop da bomb lyrics.  I mean transcriptions.  Aye man coming atcha faster than something quite fast...

Thanks to Stuartmm for the correction.

That's it.