Monday, December 05, 2005

Dec fif's update.

The Tsetese fly laid it on the line

lots of posts were deleted.

Flora's t'scribing is superb.

Memories of Radio were shared
Kroq-good or Kroq-bad or kroq of shit.

Steve was depressed, he thinks a dog might help

Nevah is on a curry and fish 'n' chips tour of London.

The Psychicvampyre won tickets from Indie to go see Bauhaus.

Miche got into a small discussion about underwear.

I am extremely handsome never posts anymore.

I found this old jukebox on a New age Traveller
park up in Suffolk - a few years ago, the scan is from
a contact print so it is really small.

"Hi is that Johnny Rotten?"

"Yeah thats it"

"You should move to America."

"Oh I don't know, can you get egg n chips?"

Chris was Anon.