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The transcribing continues!

Meantime lets have another picture.


Transcriptions of Lydon and Jones...

Welcome back to chriswasanon

Archive stuff this. Me and you are giddy and excited at CwA blog to have such wonderful material and transcribing John Rotten Lydon with Steve Jones is in fact a kind of 'eaven.

However before the release of another slice of this, it must be said that the LOT, I mean lock stock and caboodle, the whole shebang, the works, every effin bit of it is going over to Phil at where Sex Pistolians of all types may read it freely, meantime enjoy the extracts posted here.

Chriswas and floratina

No more Sex Pistols songs...ever, never ever. I'm a celebrity, get me outta here.

What did that advert on Carri on Sex Pistols say?

"You never know what is going to happen with the Sex Pistols but they do make music as well."

I liked that one. Well I've got into the TrAnsCriBer's seat for a tick and ran a brief revealing reprise out. What is known I believe as a "teaser". Ooooh saucy! Chase me, chase me...

This interview with John Lydon by Steve Jones went out across LA and OC and over the Internet via Indie 103.1 LA. and OC. independent radio, on 10/03/06

Chriswasanon is at the controls...

John: I suppose for both of us being a Sex Pistol right from the beginning is...we have to constantly fight off accusations and allegations, like we've done summin wrong when frankly its the rest of the world not us. We got it right, you know, the rest of you are still in two left shoes.

Steve: I know something I wanted to ask yer, why have you never wanted to write any more Pistols songs?

John: I felt - and I still do - that it would be wrong for my heart and soul. I've loved that period and when it broke up and really hurt my heart, bigtime, right, really hurt me and I...I don't wanna go back. Right I really loved it but it was time to go elsewhere and once I started in PIL, rocket to another level, different level. Not competition, just a different part of my world. I miss the Pistols, I miss the lot o' ya.

Steve: Well we had fun the last time we toured, I had a good time that little tour we did across America?

John: Yeah. But not always, cos thats life innit? and anyone who thinks its all a (different accent) "jolly good wheeze," its not..being in a band....

Steve: Its hard work

John: When you mean what you do, its hard work and you gotta watch yourself almost 24 hours a day, its the same as being on that celebrity thing.

Steve: I enjoyed the last tour though better than that big one we did...

That was a chriswasanon teaser transcript...

Steppin' up, another teaser.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Life is a lottery...

"That was cool...i been waiting 2 years myself...I think I love Mr lydon...does that make me gay?" - Shloemoe :-)

Well John Lydon Rotten was just on and it was perfect - a long time to wait for Rotten to come on the box, eh Shloe? Now where was I...resigning and wasting my money in the post office on a Saturday afternoon buying National Lottery tickets. All in a good cause - incomprehensible opera, or something. Does the US. lottery offer any similiar schemes?

Lotto or er the lottery..."all the fools in Christendom."

I am chriswasanon. It's kind of sore that I fell upon my sword, certain things have a way of working themselves out. If you are going to throw the towel in, pick a good day to do it.

These here transcriptions are here to stay!

Of course you can post here! (A) Anyone can post here. Sweet not sour.

So the TrAnscRiber has got another one for you to savour and slaver over and generally marvel with - well that is my response to each nugget of newly mined Shovel and Steve from her busy digits - transfixing transcription - marvellous dahling!

This one was over LA and OC on Indie103.1 and also the Internet on


It's the lottery song!

Tina is at the controls...

Steve: It's Thursday, it's a nice day out. About sixty-five degrees. It's five after twelve bells, so good afternoon everybody out there in Radioland. Welcome all you ladies and gentlemen and four-legged creatures to the Box. You got a band in today, Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. OK Go is coming.

Steve: OK Go, that's right...and they're coming in at some point and they're gonna jam as well, right?

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: That'll be fun.

Mr. Shovel: Did you go hang out with the Tomato at The Standard yesterday?

Steve: I didn't go there. No, I didn't go there. I can't deal with all that young stuff. Young guys and young birds and that madness.

Mr. Shovel: I thought...I thought that was your "thing".

Steve: No, not hanging out. Fancying young birds is one thing. But you know, hanging out with them and you know listening to them is not my thing.

Mr. Shovel: Like conversation?

Steve: Yeah, it's just (mimicking woman's voice) "Let's go here!" "No, let's go over here now!" "Let's go to this club!" That's not me. I just stay at home and you must do as I say or you will be removed. Ummm what was I going to say, there was something...I won ten bucks yesterday. You know the Lottery, it was almost...

Mr. Shovel: 'cause you had two numbers right?

Steve: I don't know what I had. The woman just put the thing in the machine and said I won ten bucks. Even though I bought twenty bucks of tickets, I won ten bucks. But someone won close to three hundred million dollars.

Mr. Shovel: One person?

Steve: I think so. Some person in Ohio, I believe.

Mr. Shovel: Oh, See I haven't checked my ticket yet.

Steve: Maybe it was Chrissy Hynde who won it. Or Iggy Pop...ain't they from there?

Mr. Shovel: Not Iggy. Iggy's from Detroit. Chrissy's from Akron.

(Steve sings)

What would you do if you won the lottery
Would you still be friends with me
Well, would you?

What would you do if you won the Super Lotto
Would you still get blotto
I don't know 'cause I'll never win it
the chances are very slim
but if I did I would take you all away
to an island

What would you do if you won the lottery
would you share it with me
I don't think so

What would you do if you won the lottery
would you have anything to do with me
You know I don't think so

But the chances of that happenin'
are almost none
The chances of that happenin'
are almost

Steve: Do you have your machine? (he continues playing the guitar as Mr. Shovel accompanies him on the melodica)

If you won the Lottery
would you still be "me"
or would you change
If you won the Lottery
it would be hard to be "me"
if you won all that dough
You'd have more friends than you can deal with
All fairweathers would want to know ya

It might be a curse more than a blessing
if you won that much dough
Talking three hundred million dollars
But don't forget half of that
will go to the Tax Man
The bleedin' Tax Man
will take a good chunk for himself

I wouldn't mind 'cause it's better
than where you are in your apartment
You must give me the winning ticket
Oh lordy, get me out of this mess

I know you'll never win if you don't play it
like the old saying
4 9 25 17 could be a lucky number
Now if someone wins with them numbers I just said
I'm gonna sue ya

Rambling nonsensical intro - chriswasanon
Sensible transcription - Floratina
Thanks to Shloe too.

Oh and why did I bail from the myspace Blogstars?

Over not mentioning transcriptions!

Steppin' up - to be honest I don't know, do you?
Fank yew...


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who sent ya? Oh them bs

Don't mention transcriptions...shhhhhh.....there are no transcriptions there... Carri on regardless of the dismal opinions of them and us transcriber. Regardless of "We" Stick around Shloe..wheeeew just when I thought it was boring again...fresh controversy. Come back Chispa. many (looks around) how many are you looking for...? Who? What? Come closer...closer! Right Steve Jones...!!! Sex Pistol? Guitarist. "Man who can" Yeah I know about 'im. He's with that er Mark Shovel...geezer EnGiNeEr fingy. They are as funny as f***k mate I'll tell ya that for nothin'. Its on Indie 103.1...innit, a Los Angeles Independent radio station. Well I dunno. This stuff is 'ot...Charlie, 'Ere come round the back now. Anyone see you come in? No? Good...Starters likes it's gonna cost ya, and no no cash...they'll be no $$$$ for you. You will take flak for it mate...from places you wouldn't expect it from. Especially after what went on...know what I'm saying, simple as. Ya can handle it? Yeah? You sure NOBODY never saw ya...? Well here ya go then, here's the stuff. Now nash likes for f**ks sake! If the blogplod come, I don't know you.

"WE SAY NO TO TRANSCRIPTIONS" You decided then? How was that managed? One potato, two potato or dib dob dab perhaps? Shloemoe is the enemy! "Tough titters" as his Rottenness would say.

This was to show what i felt was utter and total contempt at the sorry excuse for democracy that blogstars is, a closed cabal in fact.

Man I was pissed off when I wrote this next bit but it was a comment on the idea of being a blogstar and the twisted sense of loyalty that it seems to have engendered. What a load of cobblers, if you think about it, all we were was a bunch of strangers talking about the records that Steve Jones played and that was all the blog was, nothing the blog is a private secret club.

"No comments from blogstars - you are traitors to the cause, practically and what a cause! Who knows what might happen if you do feel the urge to comment might begin to question things. You had better check your bulletin board carefully."

I wanted to make people think about what it was that they were allowing mebbe two people to protest against out of perhaps 16 at the time and I really did wonder why not one person on the blogstars could defend me or Tina because after all, it wasn't about transcribing - it was about personalities. So I walked right out of there and I'm not looking back. Nevah closed the blogstar myspace group to public viewing after much for public access!

And if you have got this far, again well now you know.

Steppin' up "The lottery song." and why I resigned...mebbe...


"One Night Laydown" or What's it all about..... Alfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

Welcome back to chriswasanon!

Did you ever have one of those- got a bit squiffy, all unneccessary even? Perhaps woke up in the morning with a strange personage? Did it with someone you knew and ah things were never the same I did. Well then, you 'ave had a one night schtand! Some of you still do??? comment. Well, what about a one night laydown?

Here at Chriswasanon, the transcriber and I have been having another kind of fun. By the way - in reading this lil blog you are in no way defying the man who can, the Sire of Sturmbannfuhrer. Stuartmm has more synonyms over at his bit, mine was invented. You may like to check the links. No, you CAN enjoy cask strength Steve Jones and Mr. Shovel here and NOT have to eat strong peppermints or hit the lattes afterwards. Think that chriswasanon and the TrAnsCrIbEr defy? Think again. Me and your papers are in order! Just one more day and John Rotten Lydon will be in the studio, you'll be listening to Indie 103.1? Of course you will! That's enough of chriswasanon. Enjoy.

I am reliably informed that this one went out over the rooftops of Los Angeles and OC and across the Wonderweb net on 3/6/2006.

The TrAnScrIBer is at the controls....

Steve: Where'd that expression come from, "one night stand". What does that mean, "one night stand"? I mean, I know what it refers to but how did someone come up with that? Wouldn't they say "one night lay down"?

Mr. Shovel: Maybe there's like a concession booth thing.

Steve: One night stand.

Mr. Shovel: Like you know, back in the old days they used to have a booth...a stand.

Steve: Yeah...but also it sounds like a it's a show down, too dunnit? A one night stand, like a standoff.

Mr. Shovel: I think that it's a show business term.

Steve: I like one night "lay down" better than "stand", you know what I mean?

Mr. Shovel: Well yeah, that's more appropriate. I think it goes back to like uh, you know, theatre.

Steve: (picking at his guitar) One night stand. Maybe there's a song in there,..

I don't know if I can think of any lyrics right now, I'm so anxiety-ridden. Have you got your trumpet to inspire me?

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: I'm not feeling it this morning. (continues strumming) Nope, nothing's, nothing's coming out. (Stums some more) Oh, something may be coming...

(sings) to the tune of "Lay Lady Lay."

Lay lady day
Lay with my one night stand
Lay lady day
Lay with me on my one night stand
I don't even know you
but that's the best part of it
'cause when I get to know you
I don't want none of it
So lay lady lay
Lay with me in my one night stand
Lay lady lay laylaylaylaylayyy
Lay with me on my one night stand

(to Mr. Shovel) I wish you had your thing...what's it called?

Mr. Shovel: Melodica.

(Steve continues singing)
Lay lady lay
lay across my empty bed
But maybe if we don't lay down
and we do it standing up
then it's a one night stand
(on) the kitchen table
lay lady laylaylaylay
oh, yeah

(Mr. Shovel drops in this bit of Michael Caine audio from the movie, "Alfie")
Alfie: Most birds go mad to get hold of the bloke and the first thing they think of is how to go about changing them, don't they? Now, I told Gilda from the start that I ain't the marrying sort and do you know what - she don't mind! She's a stand-by and she knows it. And any bird that knows its place in this world can be quite content.

A Tina TRanSCrIbEr and Chriswasanon Joint production. Thank yew!

Steppin' up? You will be the first to know.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Never mind the is the news and this is the TrAnSCRIBER....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Rock Circus Piccadilly. it was such a question what image, then this one seemed to fit just nice. "I am extremely handsome" meets himself, pimples and all. This is a waxwork image of Handsome 29. March 1994. Ta Jewell!

Now what are blogs for, current affairs! I take my cue from Malcy on that one. But there is an agenda. Alfie. not yet! There's Kimmel - stepping up but not here unless someone patches me in. Is our Steve (thanks! Quean) - is our Steve ready for love? Well then there are them cowboys - nope not Broke bank mountain. Therapy and issues...

Steve did say that his Rottenship would be in the "city of fruitloops" for a guest spot on Friday. Go for topical here. This is not the Kasey Kasem goldmine, I loved that show. Nevermind the lottery - "a tax on all the fools in Christendom." It's the hall of fame!!!

This one went out over the LA. and OC. airwaves and over the Internet on 3/6/2006

Tina is at the controls...

Guest: Rosanna Arquette

Steve: Have you heard that we're not gonna go to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame?
Rosanna: No. That's absurd.
Steve: No, We're going 'in'.
Rosanna: Oh, okay. Oh, you're not gonna go 'cause it's so...okay not going to show up do it.
Steve: We're being punk rockers, yeah.
Rosanna: Oh, I love that, okay.
Steve: Are you for that?
Rosanna: I think it's, it's the perfect thing to do, for you guys.
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: Is it because you won't speak to each other? Do you not speak...
Steve: No, it's...
Rosanna: Are you and Johnny not speaking anymore?
Steve: No, we're speaking. I think he's coming on here, Friday.
Rosanna: Oh, is he?
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: That's cool.
Steve: No, I think it's more...
Rosanna: You guys are grown-ups now, you can get past all that.
Steve: Well, I wouldn't go that far. I think it's more because we don't believe what it stands for. You know, know the tickets is one thing. That's just a small part of why it's...if you look deeper into it, it really isn't a...
Rosanna: Is it lame?
Steve: If they had given you medical, or something, I could understand...or like, movies, when you get an Oscar, it ups your price, your ante, you know? But nothing, you don't really get much out of it. It's just validation for...
Rosanna: For the work that you've done. But it's your contribution to music and all the music that you...
Steve: Yeah, but everyone likes it anyway. We don't need...
Rosanna: I think it's cool to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for the Sex Pistols to be there. I think it's a nice honor. And I think it's cool that you're not showing up. But I think it's cool that you're in there.
Steve: You're basically, you're saying we get the best of both worlds. We maintain integrity, and we still get in there.
Rosanna: Yeah, I like it. Who's...are you going to have somebody pick it up for you, or like, have a speech, or send somebody?
Steve: I don't know. They asked a couple of people. Flea and Anthony from the Chili Peppers were going to accept the thing, but when they found out we weren't going, they declined. So, I don't know.
Rosanna: So this just happened because you talked with Johnny and he said, "I don't wanna go" and you just both decided?
Steve: Basically.
Rosanna: Yeah.
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: All right.
Steve: Basically.
Rosanna: You could always just change your mind, though and just do something really...
Steve: Maybe we should all go now.
Rosanna: I wanna go. I think it will be fun to see you guys, especially if you did something...
Steve: I'm only going if Miles Davis is going.
Rosanna: But you have to play...he's dead.
Steve: I know...
Rosanna: So forget it. But I mean really, they want you to play.
Steve: I don't know what they want. I guess they wanted us to play.
Rosanna: Yeah, I'd pay to see that. A lot of people would.

That was a joint Floratina and Chriswas Production...thank yew...

Steppin' up? wait and see..

Monday, March 06, 2006

Next will be

"The Lottery song" and on the matter of changes I will no longer be comment hounding you all - whether you comment or not will no longer be an issue with me, the fact that you do not always leave a comment will not be commented upon. Comments are not the life blood of this blog in fact soon this blog will no longer accept comments or have a chatbox of any kind. It will just be the pure distilled essence of the TrAnScRiBer Floratina. That heady mix of Steve Jonesery and Shovelism and minimum chriswasanon - most of the time. You would like me to leave that comment option in?...well you know what to do. Should we have adverts in here - I should cocoa! I think not. No, no Duke of Kent here...

Share and enjoy yourselves, enjoy the Jukebox beaming out every day Cally time Monday to Friday from Indie 103.1 at 12 bells that is a matter of in the UK. cos we gots the wonderweb thing now aint we - so get on it. Check my links and listen live! Radio radio....

Got to go now.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Changes and the sausage song

Gonna be some changes round here - new format mebbe - don't know. Chris was Anon here and it giveth me greatest plea sure to 'ere presente to you some more of S(h)ovel and Jones wit and merry japes. In a text format...The TrAnScRibEr has agreed to release more of these wonders and delights for your pleasure, each hand selected by her judicious lugs and noggin.

Welcome back to chriswasanon the show that er...I mean here for your double delicious discernment is the sagacious - its like the Good old days this innit - the stimulating, the sausagatorially silly "Sausage song." I am reliably informed that this went out on the airwaves of LA & OC and across the Internet on:

Tuesday 2/21/06.

Big fat sausages
Swine, better than wine
On dot com
We have the links
forward the links
to Sausages dot com
Farmer Brown he’s in town
Selling big fat sausages
German sausages
They stand to attention
They do the goose step into the frying pan

I like my svinehunds
in ze morning I like a bit of swine
English sausages
they talk back
The mad cows all over the place
I like mad pigs

Sausages you can’t beat them
All you vegans dive right in
Eat some swine
you’ll feel much better
little pigs’ hooves and eyelashes
you can’t beat ‘em
Oink oink oink
With a (snort snort snort)

Steve: That’s good enough, innit? Is there anything more to add to that, you think?

Mr. Shovel: You can do part two after…

Steve: I can do a slow bit…

3 little piggies went to market
why, why, why, why?

Hoinky, hoinky, hoinky
Honk, honk, honk
oh piggies
you’re in the middle of the frying pan
honk, honk, honk
oh yeah
big fat sausages is what you’ve become now
poor little piggy
poor little piggy

Stepping up...? well watch this space.

A joint Floratina and Chriswasanon production.