Thursday, February 01, 2007

Punk Pathetique

Current mood: a damned eclectic blog

I'm hoping to see a pic or two of Rotter performing his "Stage of rage," at some point. Meantime to get us in the mood for such, here's a pic of me with my tattoed and inked good friend Lefty Maximus Decimus Meridius. I'm fronting Splodgenessabounds for one night only at the Cas Rock in Edinburgh. Lefty says that it his one of his favourite pics and mebbe you agree. It was an extraordinary gig. Max Splodge lost his voice completely. The audience took an instant dislike to us apart from a couple of blokes. Also attending were Robbie Rushton from the Crybabies on Drums, and Honest John Plain from the Boys on Guitar. The chap wearing the Holiday in Mongolia T-shirt is Steve from the Exploited on back up vocals After the gig we all went back to my bit and Max took his clothes off and borrowed a kilt. We are either performing "two pints of lager and a packet of crisps "or "two little boys," in this pic. I can't remember. Lefty as you can see is giving it laldy and so am I, or some welly at any rate.

No further news on these Sex Pistols gigs this year yet.

Sad to say that the "Killer rocks on," is no longer making Seditionaries and assorted other punk tees. So that's a dead link :-( ------------>

Tina will be back soon but until then there's always "Jonesy's, Jonesy's Jukebox." so..."Don't be a mug!"

Chris was a Splodger.