Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Comment junky hurtin' bad

Welcome to my free part of the blogosphere.

A few links. Myspace - a Californian thing probly. News Corp Rupert Murdoch has acquired it..

Want more on myspace go:marketing

Technorati - if you are new to blogging, search them!

This blog is for Indie 103.1 Jonesy's jukebox bloggers but if you like music

Sex Pistolian...music...

Did I mention comment?

I'm using 2 web browsers, Internet explorer 5 for Win 98 and firefox.

If you are using IE5, this page is not displaying properly and exploder
5 users will find my other links at the bottom of the page

You could always grab a copy of firefox

My wish list: ............three square meals a day.

To be able to log back into the indie page, I can't seem to load it
at all.

Confused, answers on a postcard, thanks.


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