Thursday, December 15, 2005

Random update on mainly...THAT blog

I should be going South for Christmas hooray!
No one has posted anything here and I'm wasting
away for lack of COMMENTS u know those things you
write where it says ADD A COMMENT - I don't care
what you write so long as it isn't

NAZI BOLLOCKS - into the dustbin er
the trashcan of history with it!

"Halte Deine umwelt Sauber."


"Stops your environment cleanly."
It may lose a little in translation but...
ya gets the picture!
"White ayran nations..." indeed...pah
what a load of willies and cobblers!
Speaking of Nazis - it seems that myspace is full
of them. BrianJonestownmassacre has an excellent
triptastic blog there and... read it.
Nuff Nazis...

So what happened to the blog then? Well selective
scrolling reveals the following non bulletted points.

Steve was wished lots of nice things by the Indie bloggers.
The silence about the 6am Cally time rebroadcast was deafening.
Neither the Pie of Flora are myspacers - there was no reporting
back to the nevah.
JR had fun in Vegas.
The nevah is withdrawing from Cadbury's chocolate
that aint real chocolate nevah - real chocolate
is 99% cocoa mass!
Iggy Pop may possibly be posting on the blog - we hope so
cos we are all big fanz and passengers! Also Pete Townshend.
Mosquitoes may carry AIDS - well Scottish midgies sure don't!
Bjork was big upped! I saw her once at Glastonbury 95

No it was Glasto 94 and er, I didn't want to but I was
kind of swept along by the crowd and ended up at the
stage and it was all-right. Tho my ex used to say that
she was as mad as a snake! Big time sensual....ity!!!!

Lennon's death was discussed.
Blue Öyster Cult fun with umlauts even tho it was a cover version!
Viagra day - "I love my job." JR.
Message of the week - came and er went...
Perhaps Steve does like to be insulted in a fatty jones chocolate box
assorted McLaren Reid kind of way...Ah hae ma doots!
For some reason Miche advocated Jack's shack
as the alternative blog post place but this is the:

Tell me where there is another?
OK there is Stuarts blog and you should check it
for the latest news. See the linkie its in MY LINKS

The impostercile dropped his fish guise electing to use
the run from Jack and the Beanstalk as his theme.
Disco inferno...Is it what you wanna hear from
the Licker of Lichtenstein? Steve the Jones
is an eclectic man, wonder if he'd play some
Tom Paxton for me? No not Misty...
Crotch grabbing....

All together its....
Schhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- you know who you are
and so do we!

This has been a chriswasanon updated summary
of the summary - you know it makes no sense
sense production.


JR said...

I love this condensed version... no snarkiness ( although i do pride myself on my biting )
thanks CWA
great stuff...

multifacetsflux said...

sounds like you're excited about going South for the holidays..good for ya CwA!! sadly, my holidays seem to be bearing out miserably.. but i'm apparently getting used to it these days..

yeah! about anton's rant to that 17 yo nazi.. that was trippy..

steve should wish us something i think..

where do i get a 99% cocoa mass???

i hope iggy and pete t. come back and chat with us more.. those appearances really suspend my disbelief..

do scottish midgies bite?

see what happens when you suspend your disbelief.. swept along up to the stage up to bjork huh? that must've been a blast!!

i think jonesy just likes for us to say and do what we want, whatever that is.. even if it might be insulting..

i thought this was the alternative!!!!