Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Ma space, ye space ay body's space!
My space, your space, everybody's space!

Why am I writing about myspace? Because I have expanded
my social contacting there and to some extent taken my discussion
from the Jonesy's blog. It is partly why I set this blog up, so you
could add your own thoughts here and when Tom posted his
myspace link quite a few of you signed up. I was hoping to chat to
Steve and I imagine many of you were too

If you are a jukebox blogger and you found that myspace
wasn't for you...These are the results of my research:

  1. . A marketing thing driven by a free market a riot of graphics.
  2. . One of the top social networking sites to be found on the Internet.
  3. . A good research tool, a never ending wave of distraction and advertising,

Animated gifs,
sound files,
kudos scoring,
instant messenging. AIM I think.
blogging and lots more.

Social networking, "making friends."
You'll get a message saying "so and and so ....want's to be your friend!"

"approve, deny, block, delete, retry, abort, give-up.". know...the drill - its not quite like MS. DOS though.

You'll get a message saying,
"New Comments!"

And you'll find that someone has written

"Thanks for the add" and
they have added a huge picture...
or not...sometimes it really is only a comment."

Its a wonderful place to find out about; music
and bands, and entertainment a place of artistic
expression meet new people, find those that
you have something in common with.
Whatever those tenous links of connection
may be. It may well be ideal for dating
I can't comment. It seems to be geared
towards that quite strongly.

You can search your email addresses for contacts and
add them to your friends list. This is very handy.
There are some good blogs on there but you must look.
hard and the search is not that great.
If I was being cynical and a party pooper....
I would say that it isn't entirely "myspace"
for my space at home does not involve a constant
scrolling of adverts.

This piece reminds me of the "Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy."
No not the dreadful film, I mean the books, the radio series
the lp. the tv series anything but THAT film...
Myspace IS the Restaurant at the end of the Universe.

And that in a protracted snap is myspace.

Chris was not Marvin a manically depressed robot.

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