Monday, December 05, 2005

Dec fif's update.

The Tsetese fly laid it on the line

lots of posts were deleted.

Flora's t'scribing is superb.

Memories of Radio were shared
Kroq-good or Kroq-bad or kroq of shit.

Steve was depressed, he thinks a dog might help

Nevah is on a curry and fish 'n' chips tour of London.

The Psychicvampyre won tickets from Indie to go see Bauhaus.

Miche got into a small discussion about underwear.

I am extremely handsome never posts anymore.

I found this old jukebox on a New age Traveller
park up in Suffolk - a few years ago, the scan is from
a contact print so it is really small.

"Hi is that Johnny Rotten?"

"Yeah thats it"

"You should move to America."

"Oh I don't know, can you get egg n chips?"

Chris was Anon.


NYCGAIL said...

Hey Chris,

You see...everything is changing on our beloved blog!! Floratina is absolutely priceless on the Jones site! I've returned to work and can't log in during the day...not to worry! I have Flora to keep me up to date on all things Jonesy!

I'm not so sure that one of the imposters, isn't Mr. Handsome!! He was getting pretty tired of all of the femaleness on the Jukebox.

I love reading Miche's posts, most of the time. I must admit however, that I'm not always comfortable as of late with her bantering back and forth with these blog assholes. I love her confidence and generally all around ballsy attitude...but there is a thin line when you are embarrassing yourself. In short, I asked her to tone it down a bit! I am a 46 year old woman in pretty decent shape...but it ain't 26. There is a big difference!!!

Chris...I love the photo!! Please send us more...I need to feel as though I've travelled!*lol*

Gail(Feeling a bit serious these days):)

Chris was Anon said...

Hi Gail, glad to see you - I'll see what I've got but a photo of a decrepit knackered old jukebox in a field in Suffolk IMHO takes some beating! Especially as the scan was from a contact-print, digital cameras just don't take photo's like that - you have to resort to photoshopping...

Yeah well if Miche wants to pull them along but I quite understand, it doesn't make for good reading.

I think you might be right about handsome no way of telling tho is there?

I thought it was quite funny how he changed his name from Mr Jones to Imeh

Compare writing styles?


multifacetsflux said...

hey CHRIS! glad that you're doing your stuff to keep us up with the blog.. i loose track a lot..

i've been having the same feeling about iaeh being the imposter some of the time.. i think there are severaltsetse fly seems to be someone completely new though..

where did that convo with john rotten come from?


Chris was Anon said...

That was from the Filth and the Fury Jewell. Thanks for dropping by. I lose track a lot too but Flora is invaluable. I wish we could get her him on to myspace or just to leave a comment.

I need those comments!

Take care "Gepetto," well figured m'dear I wondered who JR. was referring too.


JR said...

thanks chris
i got it all straightened out and rady to post. I really need to look around here and read all your juicy tidbits of info.
jewell - about the geppetto thing.. sorry, i used to work at a place called geppettos .. wood carvings and all..
i wanted to go to the Indie holiday party to see who all these folks are... damn that would be crazy.. but i gotta work. Jewell, are you going? AND if you are... take photos will ya? At the one event i went to (ok, well 2) there were all sorts of people, and a lot of stalkers.
anyhow enough of that, im gonna read now. g-nite all
thanks for the help cWa

Chris was Anon said...

Hi there JR. No obligation to read anything here. Just the top post will do for now. My brain reaches information saturation load fairly quickly nowadays.
I'd like to go to the party too but life gos on in other ways...