Monday, November 21, 2005

In which I tune my Radio to KSAN, Radio 1 and Indie 103.1.

If you do not know and for some obscure reason you may not, Steve Jones is/was the Sex Pistols guitar hero. I know - cos Desmond Morris took photographs of Cutie Jones' black amp with the words: "Sex Pistols Guitar hero," painted on. Jonesy moved to Californiayyyy some 25 years ago I hazard and has been since February of 2004 on the radio. Thanks Stuart for the info. Not to say he hasn't done other things, The Professionals, Neurotic outsiders and other stuff to numerous to mention. Steve Jones is a much-respected guitarist.

Well the Internet being what it is now, there is no need to be in the California area, you can listen live to the radio

"He has been carving a name out for himself, as a US radio jock."

Quote from Colour Supplement of the Herald, a local Scottish newspaper, on a one time tad-anonymous scourge of England. Apparently it was all about having bog brush hair "spiky" and Jones could not coiffure his locks - unlike John and Sid - with his head up-side down in the oven Vish. Steve now happily spins the decks on the radio at Indie 103.1 on his own show. Indie is a great little US. independent radio station. Criticism: It does suffer badly from over-advertising, we Brits are spoiled I think. Jonesy refers to this advertising in his inimicable way as, "the Duke."

"We're gonna visit the Duke now." Duke of Kent = Rent.

Its a long way from:

"Big tits across America,."

Steve and Paul get busy at KSAN.

I really hate to see my favourite radio station just taken down
with all this crap you're throwing out
over the air."

An irate caller said this when Steve and Paul guested on the KSAN Jive 95 radio station in 1978 for a notorious phone-in. (real-player required). KSAN the laid back station on the top of your dial in San Francisco. You will hear pieces of an interview with John and Sid there too. Some of these interviews appeared on the record:

Some Product, Carri on Sex Pistols.

The Californians and now the Internet have taken Steve well and truly to their and its heart/s and no wonder, there is nothing else to compare. He truly is the man who can and our favourite British DJ. John Peel is smiling down on him from where he surely is in the great Suffolk small-holding in the sky. We remember fondly John Peel for promoting unsigned bands,his longevity in the business, his free-spirit.

We remember fondly his love for The Fall, his unique place at Radio 1

We of a certain generation.

But "Peelie" didn't strum his acoustic or make up (on the spot) surreal and insanely silly lyrics to well loved tunes and John didn't whistle either, or have his engineer, Shovel...and Mr. Shovel deserves a blog spot of his own...

Other differences? Peelie, did not drop his aitches...John Peel could,

never be asked like that treacherous anon

Anon says:
"Why can't you speak properly?"

Where else but on the blog to end all blogs, the madness and the love that is Jonesy's Blog.

Strange what some people will get upset about nowadays.

God save Steve Jones.



Jeff Pioquinto,SJ said...

nice blog. thanks

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome Jeff and thanks, breeze by again some time


Stuart said...

Show started February last year;

See ; for links etc.

and ;

for Dinos, quite frankly , insane attempt to annotate the shows.:-)

I have been recording the shows since July 2004 and keep a site at;

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome Stuart and Thanks for the info.


NYCGAIL said...

Dear Chris,

As I have stated before,it's absolutely divine that you have started this little space. It's seems as though, our little blogger from Hell, is trying desperately to make a comeback. The dirty little piece of shit is now impersonating me!!! We'll have to keep a close eye out today...he's quite angry that he was unable to shut our beloved Jonesy down. I'm going to try and post in here as much as possible!

P.S. I think the jadeblackmore site that Stuart is speaking of, is Miche's business partner. I would love to know what has become of seems as though she's left the Jones blog for good!!

Chris was Anon said...

Post post post away Gail.

Chris was Anon

Scottish Toodler said...

Greetings from big tits IN america!! Thanks for stopping by my blog-- I hardly ever hear JJB now that I am working again!! I will have to keep ABREAST of him through your blog. (Sorry, I am having serious childish humour moment about boobs-- my own and others)

Chris was Anon said...

Thanks for swinging by Toodles, if them bloggers don't post here soooon
I may change to another subject. Good to hear from you!
The Mammarian oriented nature of your comment is hilarious
We all like tits, man breasts, woman bosoms

Tits Across America to you.

Chris Was Anon