Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Christmas mail

Here's another man who can - or could!

Great performances I have loved.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is a facsimile copy of the one that Hendrix really loved! It's a 1965 Fender Stratocaster.

Transcript of Jimi Hendrix intro to Wild thing:

"OK. we're gonna do the English and American combined anthem together ok and I don't think I'm losing my mind. Last nightmare whew. But today I think and everything is alright. Thank you very much to Bob Dylan's grandmother (Noel Redding) huh huh . "So uh, I'm gonna sacrifice somethin' I really love ok? and I don't think I'm losing my mind...and don't get mad, ok? Whew, all those beautiful people out there."

(This was a genuis at controlling feedback!)

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo etc.

Well how CAN you convey that?

Hendrix then wowed the crowds at the Monterey Pop festival with his finale, "Wild thing." He was just a rumour at that point in the US. having broken it big in the UK. He sprayed lighter fluid over the guitar and set his Fender Stratocaster on fire. My top Rock and roll moment of all time. After it was all over, the screaming of the torched instrument could be still be heard through the amps along with the demented yelling of the crowd.

Back to the Christmas post.

I used to live in a place similarish to this but it wasn't as great, it was freezing cold full of miserable strange people and as damp as...something quite damp. Way less turrets too and divided into flats. Place called Harvieston. Used to snow a lot though. This looks like Glamis Castle or Borthwick to me. Image obviously copyright somebody. Fank yew.

Happy Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!
Nollaig Chridheil!
Happy holidays!

Ane gude new Year to one and a'


Well it seems that some folk are very sick with an unmentionable bug. I cannot tell the nature of said bug, is it flu, is it swine fever, mad cow disease, LA. sniffles.
What I do know is that influenza makes you feel like shit on a stick and that aint nice so get well soon and here is a hope that whatever it is that left you all so low will leave you feeling higher than the Christmas fairy on the tip top don't stop of the tree by at least Christmas Eve. If not sooner!!!

I now know thanks to JR and Nevah and Alison lots more about those bleacher thingies than I did.

There have been too many rebroadcasts over at Indie and that has put a downer on it for a few of you, about 3x I have had to rearrange my "busy" schedule sat down in front of this poxy computer, only to find that Steve is dying and this is a "rebroadcast." I also as JR. said, just want the man to be well.

Big ups to.
Flora for transcribing
Michebel for spilling the beans on the party.
Alison who invited me to a dance
nevah for being solid
JR for being JR.
Chispa - saludas from Scotland!
Pie and his toy-shop like head.
Jewell and her inspirations.
Tsetese for Malaria ;-)

If I have left you out, muchas apologies you try scrolling through 1067 entries on the Indie blog. Make yourself known here or at Indie and you will surely go into the hall of fame and fortune! Or not its not that important is it?

Enjoy yourselves - enjoy the box - enjoy/endure your families if you have them, your christmas puds, cakes, shortbread, whisky, sherry, mince pies, traditions that you never bothered to tell me about, turkeys, nut roasts, presents that Santa leaveth for all good girls and boys under the jukebox shaped tree. Awful boring television. Lets hope the US. Mail. the Royal Mail, (ya ever feel sorry for the postman?) mailman er the Spanish postal service, Irish mail, alpha mail whatever and wherever you mail- all got/will get through!

This has been a seasonal Chris was Anon summary. No posting for a week or two? I'm off to a land where there are no computers!

Have a good one! Play a fuckin' blinder!


multifacetsflux said...


multifacetsflux said...

and btw, that castle looks unreal..wish i was spending christmas in's beautiful..a castle of dreams..

Chris was Anon said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's the house we got evicted from back in '77. Something about the stereo being too loud, and the neighbors complaining about all that loud, scronky noise, and those foul-mouthed yobs.

Anytime you want to dance, Chris, you just holler. I do a mean pogo. For about 45 seconds, that is.

Meanwhile, a happy holidaze to you in the computer-free world.

Pecan pie for everybody!

Alison, who's too lazy to try to figure out how to fake a blog so this won't post as anonymous.

Chris was Anon said...

I like this poster, she doesn't care if she posts as an anonymous and she keeps the reader guessing right to the end.

:-) :-) :-)

Thanks for dropping by Alison.



Gidget Goes to Hell said...

Cead mille failte.....

Sure Chris....we can do an exchange...just as long as you guys over at Jonsey's promise to keep you know who....

We have a wonderful guy named Glenn....I call him Glenn-O that I offer up as our first hostage...errrrr....inner Indie exchange nomination person type guy...Oh boy, if he could see me now he'd kick my ever lovin' Irish ass.....


Chris was Anon said...

A bhfuil Gaelge agat?

Gur ro math agaibh airson t'phostadh.

Thanks for the post Gidget, always nice to get someone posting but to leave Celtic saluations, wonderful!

We don't want him but I do not wish him on you either. I have a sneaking suspicion who it is...I should out this anon!

Drop by anytime book mark

I think that you should make an alternative Jack's shack blog :-)



Gidget Goes to Hell said...

I can only speak a few bits here and there...I remember vaguley something that started out Puinta Guiness, lo dois thoil...or something like that....and of course Slainte and Eringo Braugh....Tu igim....hmmmm...

My son...aka Himself aka The Kid....was named after De Valera and James Connolly.....but I am actually American....but we are proud of our heritage....

Glenn is actually from New Zealand and in The Fleiss (he's a regular over at our man Jackie's)...we have a saying over at Jack' Fleiss...NO PEACE! I wouldn't offer up an anon (again, no insult intended). I wanted to make sure that our first offering was a bona fide one so that you would know we were serious!

I suppose that you boys would have appreciated if I would have offered up Gooch, Jules or Annie first, but I kind of figured that since you were the peace broker, you'd appreciate Glenn and his love for everything BBC....;)


Happy Holidays as well to you and welcome aboard at Jack's!!!

Alison said...

Lurvely Christmas gift, Chris.

See, I've got a blog handle now :-)

(the formerly anonymous)

Chris was Anon said...

So you have Alison, have a good one!

See you all soon.

A' Ghidgeat

Slainte math a' charaid.

Good health my friend!

I use the peculiar Scots Gaelic version of Irish.

Can you do something about all the gunfire I keep hearing, it is a lovely room here at theta etc.

Thanks for the post.

Have a good time.

Laterz amigo.


Gidget Goes to Hell said...

I bought a book on Galeige and started teaching myself a bit...then I met a friend from Dublin who laughed and laughed at me...I was speaking it with a French accent...when you hear it for the first time, it's much more guttural than what I had playing in my head....

Anyway, I learned that there are indeed different "versions" of Galeige...and that some of the people in Nova Scotia speak a variation...I suppose it's a combination of the two? I don't rightly know....

I'd help you with the gunfire, but I think that Jewell and JR took my gun...~winks at the girls~

I also wanted to say a hearty THANK YOU for being so welcoming and kind to a Jack's Shack have made me feel comfortable and warm here in your blog as well as over to the Box that Steve built...

Merry Christmas AnonAnon....

(I kind of like the way that it's spelled here!)