Monday, November 21, 2005

Jonesy's jukebox - turn up your radio! - edited version

Where the hell was I? Ah, a strange thing happened on the Jonesy's juke box blog last night....

That strange thing is happening fairly regularly. I get all emotional here - time for some judicious editing...well you have had the chance to view it. Some git thinks its fun to post under the names of the regulars and causes confuuuuuusion. Troll is not the word for that little buglurk!. Lately he has become fish obsessed. I'm working in a vacuum here. I can't get a stream from Indie but I can read. The blog is precarious! People slagging off the Steve and punks typing, "Steve ya fat cunt" Reminds me of massed British football - no not American...honestly keep up - chanting of, "you fat bastid" at Finsbury Park for the Filthy Lucre tour in 1996.

The anons who post... they accuse us of being repetitive - but we are gathered, in aural Wilshire we are gathered because we likes good music. Jonesy is not a feedback man. He threatened to shut the blog and there were cries of "oh please no," don't shut the We are family on the blog, so much silliness, banter, good humour, information. Some of us beg for steerage from the Cap'n but he is too content listening to the music to be concerned about us greatly - which is ok@the end of the day. Not an email address - wake up at the back there!

Aside - I was having doubts about Myspace when I posted before this edit but now yes, its a mellow type situation but very hard to meet interesting people, like tramps, genuine mountain men and itinerant story tellers.

Myspace is well what is myspace?

So if anybody see's this, my shouts and my big ups are to:

Never mind the Bollocks.
Pie 'n' peas.
Tricky Dickie
NYC Gail

and to Steve Jones!

Answers on a post.

Chris was Anon.


NYCGAIL said...

Dear Chris,
I am extremely disappointed with the way Jones has handled the whole thing. He could have mentioned, pulling the blog on the show today...but he remains silent. I too, joined MySpace...for exactly 48 hours. The people that are our age on MySpace, are so damn pathetic. I guess it is a California phenomena, and I have no interest in it. I'm so grateful, that you have started this blog. Hopefully, the others will find their way over here. Anyway...greetings to you and your lady, and I hope we all can stay in touch...what ever way we can!!! Gail from Gotham (NYC)

multifacetsflux said... know you rock..

it's all gonna be ok on steve's blog.. but now we can get together here too!!


Chris was Anon said...

Welcome NYCGAIL and Hi Jewell.
I guess we could do that, Steve never posted there anyway. There are still some open blogs on jonesy's page though. Trouble is it doesn't have that random quality does it? How can we attract nmtb and all the other people here, he never left an email address did he, or toilet obsessed (sometimes) tricky dicky. In principle its a great idea tho, you will have to put out invites. I have JR corresponding off this site he/she/it wasn't able to post a comment but I'd like to set it up so that non blogger people can post here too. I'll still be posting here about life and you are welcome to email me. I agree Gail it was a bad thing to do. In effect lunching us all out but I spose more people listen to his show than blog don't they? Plus I don't know if I was Steve whether it wouldn't just drive me nuts to read it all. I myspace emailed Steve but I somehow don't think he'll reply.
Thanks for saying I rock Jewell, I can honestly say nobody has ever said that to me b4. Probably do in seditionaries pattern bondage trousers tho.

Myspace - it implies that people are nice and a lot of the time, they aren't but I have a personal blog there which is very boring. I set it up to take the piss out of all the others. I choose the colours on the profile page to be ugly and unattractive. I chose a vile passport photo of myself and some twat still gave me a 6.4 in the shiny shaggy people stakes. People CAN be nice but I don't
like it when the issue is forced.

XTC on the Indie 103.1 senses working overtime...

Keep checking back y'alll!


JR said...

I thought thigns were going along so nice (finally) and then that person came along... ya, its JR - im a bird (i guess im not easy to pin)
The thing with Steve is that he does not like confrontation... i think it make him close down... so the bloggers all up in arms makes him cooonnnfuuuuuused (as NMTB would say)

well, here we are anyway... the rest should come.
Cheers to all.

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome JR!

Yeah thats true Steve doesn't like confrontation, he'd rather bail than deal with it.

More later and probably when every one has woken up!

Time currently:

Time in UK is 11.20 am.
Time in CA is 03.22 am.
Time in NY is 06.22 am.

I never was very good at sums er math...

12 bells in CA is 12.00 am
12 bells in UK is 20.00 pm

CWA with attitude.

Chris was Anon said...

Normal service has been resumed on the Jonesy blog - wonder how they wiped that imposter!

See you all

Chris was Anon

Chris was Anon said...

Nov 19th Jonesy Blog birthdays - nmtb.

Chris was Anon said...

I'm mind changing about myspace, its not all that bad, some great bands and info on there.

jr said...

Myspace may be good for the info re: bands, etc... but the people most of the people who try to chat up... lets just leave it at we are into quality not quantity.... sheesh
It is def not the place to meet people... then again, what is?
See ya at hells bells
chris with attitude to boot

multifacetsflux said...

my space is good for a lot of things of transparent things so of course there is always room for improvement..i'm a member of many disparate 'friends' network..all of which have their blog..after all, isn't the internet a contstant works in progress? in any case

..i have a my space spot..i'll be happy to befriend you there too :) what's your url there?


multifacetsflux said...

i thought i was typing 'all of which have their issues' but who knows what happened there *lol*..

jr said...

Hello Jewell

Chris is listed as Chris and I am listed as Jill in the sexjones myspace friends area. We are amongst the only ones who are listed as real names - which is highly appealing considering the alternatives ("hottie69",etc..)
This could only mean we are honest, trusting, non-BS'ing, none too clever or just plain stupid.
LOL - it is fun to chat with y'all I must say! Hope to see you at an "event" some day.

multifacetsflux said...

*lol*..that's great JR :)..Jill, it's nice to know your name..i love it..

i always start out using Jewell, and when it's already taken, i use multifacets or multifacetsflux, or some such alternative

and now i have to find gail's my space..i wonder if it's still there? she said she hates the place.. GAIL, i hope you're reup your myspace now that we're there!!

i just am diggin the way this is all expanding..that's very cool!! we definitely have to get together at some point..

see ya at 12 bells tomorrow ..

Chris was Anon said...

I don't know about Gail's myspace Jewell the only thing you could do I guess is scroll back through Jonesys blog to when (everyone's friend on myspace) Tom set Steve up with his page. look for everything about myspace she may have posted it there.

Welcome to the Blog JR.

I hadn't thought of that - people posting with other than their real names. Expanding the personality. I thought I was just being myself. Not somebody I am not. My myspace blog was quite a sardonic space for me for a while but I've decided to give it a whirl.1

But if the personality has all the charm of a house-brick. I think its a bit rigid.

Does a person who is there for dating have a fundamentally different experience to a person who is there for friendship?

Why do you have to say what you are there for anyway on myspace? I am there because I am there.

"I'm here to bring myspace into disrepute"

and can anyone tell me how to get rid of that crap scrolling loveheart dating marquee on the top of my profile?

Dating a friend is much more fun than dating 99,000,000 suitors.

Yeah I don't know JR good question for a blog, where is the best place to meet somebody. My friend met his woman on the newsgroup.
Why don't people ever meet in parks anymore, or on the beach? Not all parks can be like Central Park can they?

Anyway thats me finished.

Translation: I have completed my comments

PS. Sorry about word verification thing, its annoying when posting but it stops spambots posting comment spam. Eg.

Wow! You have a really cool blog, you should check out our insert commercial website here....

Enjoy yourselves.

Chris was Anon.

nevermindthebollocks said...

i am alive!!!!!
just stumbled across all this now,peeked at my brithday card greeting yesterday and tried and tried to post a big hug and thank you to all you blooogin fooooools.
i am touched by the sentiments and thoughts, thank you.
had trouble loggin on as i am a complete computer sassy(ness) nerd.but i will keep trying.........
need ya to know i am here....well off to saki land now.
til 12 bells!!!!!!!!!
cheeeers big ears!!!!
you really do rock chris......
p.s i am a woooooooooooooooman........
(not sure if you were thinkiing i am a lad or not) not that it matters but hey........confoooosed eh wot!
nevermindthebollocks indeed!

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome NMTB and what can I say? I feel "black affronted," Scots term for embarrassed. Cos I 'ave to admit me ole mucker I did. Ha ha ha. Its quite funny though. I'll stop now while I'm ahead...


Happy Birthday nmtb!

Tell us what you did, I wanna know what Japan is like.

Chris was wrong again.

Chris was Anon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
car said...

OK, so I just got the worst email ever, no MORE on our computers here at wrk!! So let everyone know over there as little as I got to blog during the show (due to being completly overworked) has just gotten worse. This suxx 4 me!! Will check in after hours and whatnot!! Long live jonesy's blogstars!!