Friday, May 05, 2006

Our hundredth Post!!!

World Cup Willie was the official mascot of the Finals when they were held in 1966.


We are a century of postages here at the chriswasanon. I first opened the free shop here on 14th November 2005. Tina joined after the Indie 103.1 blog closed. This was the first post. So when I threaten to post my holiday snaps of Morocco you do realise that I'm in earnest and there is always importance in being Earnest. There's a lot of stuff to get through. First the history of the blog cos 100 posts is a lot. Then we will have some current affairs and finally in a bid to be ahead of the zeitgeist that will be the World Cup - some more of Willie (see above).

A transcription today? Well not now but maybe later. What a luvverly mornin' it is. Blue skies - just great. looks like IF this is the month of DOOM we are going to at least go out with a good dose of Vitamin D. or whatever vit. one gets from a good dose of the sun.

History news?

Chriswasanon was setup after it was suggested to me that I might like to do a blog, probably by my good friend and ex jukebox blogger Jewell. No I am wrong, Jewell it was who left the first comment. It was of course Floratina who suggested that CwA could play at blogspot. That was when Indie 103.1 had the Captain's blog. It was a free for all there and chriswasanon ie. here became the alternative for my rapidly growing blog friends when the blog was down. That was before the great exodus to myspace happenstanced. Why Chriswasanon? Well my first post to that late lamented blog was as an anonymous and my second was as... Chriswasanon. It was my good friend Jewell who definitely suggested the CwA. moniker. That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

In the early days of the blog it was suggested that I was a comment hound of the worst type. This paragraphi is a summary of some of the interesting bits that make up chriswasanon and each coloured post is a link to something on this blog. Well now on that subject of comments - perhaps the most comments this blog ever received were when myself and Geoff Pie and Peas colluded and produced the Great Pie Space Swindle. The radio post is one of my favourite posts though. From time to time this blog hosts things that are of interest to vast fan bases, Todd Rundgren is one example and even more recently Tina's work in progress, Cheap Trick. This may well become a lot of Cheap Trick. When Steve has guests with large established fanbases, I let it be known to them that the stuff is available here. Usually through the fan message board. Perhaps the most fun though and the most satisfaction was when John Lydon came into the studio and we transcribed between us the whole show and sent it off to Phil's site, Kick down the doors. We followed that coup with Chrissie Hynde. More recently the space oddyssey Commander Jones and the excellent terrifying A1 A+A+A+A+A+ Angel of Anarchy have appeared. Oh I added a chatbox but it is advertising based and will open up annoying pop up windows - if I could find another free ware one sans the commercials with as much power and control as Flooble, I would. Any suggestions?

So that is your what is it? er near 6 monthly review. It only remains for me to thank all my visitors and those who have left comments and to extend a special thanks to Floratina of whom without, this blog would almost certainly have gone into permanent stasis mode. I see absolutely no reason why this blog should not continue. I will continue to post waaaaaaaaay off topic things here keeping to that part of our mission statement, "a damned eclectic blog" but we will also strive and labour to bring to you the people what are undoubtedly the absolutely best bits of Jonesy's Jukebox ever!

On to the current events.

Firstly STILL no Arse news :-(

Political Down South council news.

The far-right British National Party on the xenophobe ticket did depressingly well in last night's English local elections. The Tories improved but took 0 in Manchester and Newcastle etc. The Lib Dems made some gains and some losses. No local elections in Scotland - we have ours later.

Speculation amongst Fleet Street continues as to whether John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister who indulged in a fair amount of extra-marital "hows your father" with his secretary, should resign. Actually Fleet Street where the British Press where based is now down at Canary Wharf, it is no longer the "street of shame" more like the "scheme of shame" I suppose. Anyway secretary in candid diary wrote how Prescott was a "randy old sod." That's enough UK. politics.

Diplomats who won't pay the charges news.

The US. are apparently the worst offenders for ducking out of paying London's congestion charge. The Saudi's are the best and another country that I cannot remember.

The US. is to appear before the UN. today to answer charges of whether or whether it has been complicit in torture rendition kidnapping etc and as signatories of the CAT treaty the Convention against torture - it is responsible. The US. has brought 30 lawyers to defend it.

In class confusion news - a new survey reports that something like 23% of bank managers in these shores believe that they are working-class and 23% of builders believe that they are middle-class.

"Middle-class, working-class, it's all a load of shit."

Class consciousness eloquently and simplisticly summed up there by Steve Ignorant former vocalist of Anarchist punk band poseurs and all round revolutionary malcontents the CRASS. With a name like Ignorant - you'll go far my son.

Inger-land news. Mclaren has been named as the new England manager/coach after Sven Goran Eriksson finishes after the World Cup finals. No not that Mclaren you fool - actually I thought that too (not enough coffee department) nope it's Middlesbrough boss Steve McClaren. Currently Eriksson's assistant.

It will go mad down South let me tell you by the way and once them finals get a goin', there will be a blizzard of crosses of St. George flying from the bonnets of taxis in that sunshine and a lorra lager will be sold chuck - oh yes. I will be hoping to watch some of it. The Scots will slag off England - they always do but I think that there will be a secret desire that England do put on a good show. So long as nae yin mentions 1966. So if I mention it today, I do not have to later.

God do you remember, I was just 4 in 1966 but we thought when we beat the Germans at Wembley that we were top nation. It was a time for me of Bubble and squeak and Stanmore on the end of what was I think the brown line on a tube map. It was 40 years ago, it all seemeth such a lang syne my drear. I was living in London at the time. Snap out of it CwA. No doubt the Lightning Seeds "It's coming home" - is that the title? - will receive increased to massive air-play too. It all hinges on Rooney apparently...

and here is another flavour of 1966 :-)

That's it history lesson over. If Tina decides to transcribe something, I will let you know.



multifacetsflux said...

i miss you too Chris!!! trying to catch up with your very busy blog.. and wanna know what 'nothing about the arse' means... among other tidbits *lol*.. how are ya???

ChispaFilthyLucre said...

congrat 100