Sunday, April 30, 2006

Every picture tells a story

but what do you think that this picture is about?

The fire festival on the Calton Hill in the middle of Edinburgh.

The fire had last been lit on the Calton hill 400 years ago to mark the coming of the summer. In 1987 a dedicated bunch of re-enacticists decided to relight the fire "Bring whisky, wood and songs" was the call that went out on that first flyer ,if memory serves me correctly. Well from an initial attendence of around 400 in that first year, the Calton Hill fire festival of pagan pageant, song, carousing and drinking grew to be so sucessful that the City Fathers of Edinburgh district council tried to put a no drinking policy in place.

Chriswasanon will always acknowledge the old ways -so I would like to wish all my readers a joyous night and may your own beltane fires burn brightly. Here as far as I can work out is the current flyer. It has been a long time since I last went up the Calton Hill on April 30th but I have many happy memories. I may finish this festive weekend with one more post on thoughts of the Wickerman - our scripts of the film at £8.00 were a snip - flew off the shelves they did!

Steve will be back soon!


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