Saturday, May 13, 2006

In a never ending quest to bring cup and ring marks, naughty Daleks, how to make wine from sprouts,

is some more. Yep CHisPA you can make wine from dandelion and like for sure. You can make wine from practically anything in fact. Obviously "anything" will not taste like a good Rioja. More sprout wine with your lobster thermostat m'dear?

Perhaps Tina will add a transcription. This may be an older offering. Well we can but see.

The myspace "avatar" Steve news. The boys aboard the Good ship "Come in number 1. your time is up" upon the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Which is in London, which is in England as any fule kno. The pic first saw published light of day in "Sex Pistols Scrapbook," Ray Stevenson's scarce prototype for "Sex Pistols file."

I can only presume that my other and better half slept well last night in her crawl in tent somewhere out there. I wonder if she will find any more cup and ring marks.

These are from Kilmartin Glen in Argyll at Achnabreck. They really are quite stunning and the shifting light through the day creates interesting effects of depth, to what purpose they were carved, who knoweth. We visited the site on a cycling holiday in November of all times. Not my pic.

DR. Who old news.

Well you can get this on the Sci-fi channel now can't you? Today's episode will feature the return of the No. 2 foe of the Doctor, the Cybermen. Ah but were you aware - indeed do you wish to be made aware of, "Abducted by the Daleks?" Like many another fan of the Dr. probly I had no inkling that the Dr.'s enemies were even remotely interested in naked nubile women -exterminating the human race is more their caper - but I was wrong! This film was limited to 1,000 copies apparently. The plot? 3 birds get abducted by sex-crazed Daleks. Who pursue them in rampant feel up mode /on fashion...and er that's it. Oh I know it's old news. Dalek creator Terry Nation could not protest about this disgraceful film lol about randy Daleks. He was late (as in dead,) so thankfully the BBC jumped up and down with sufficient energy and squashed it flat. Still, here to pursue the matter further purely in the interests of you will understand, ahem, "scientific fictional research" but also of course for our regular feature,


is a screen grab.

From a trailer in quick-time .mov format. Apologies for the quality. Now just what groping gratification those Daleks could possibly extract with their rubber suckers is beyond me.


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