Saturday, May 13, 2006

Special request!!!

Special request - this is a scan from a contact strip print that's why the quality is none.

Negatives are lost - best I could do...some of you may remember this pic from a previous post when (what we in the know ;-) like to call) cwa was a blog in Captain's blog mode. Before that this pic saw net service as my myspace avatar for 30 seconds. Ah you know how it is - you get bored - you change your image, new hairstyle, start wearing half-mast trousers...well you can even be Karl Marx if you wish. I was a £1 coin. Now that has to be a cheap date. Where was I?

I love my jukebox! This one was in a field near Woodbridge, Suffolk. A New Age traveller site - which was when I last heard two years ago - still a park-up. Went down there to see an old friend in a little caravan and if I recall correctly she had a squad of puppies there too. There were of course the usual site dogs roving around the buses, trucks, commer vans and converted ambulances etc. This jukebox was just sitting there as you see it in an unoccupied corner of the site by a Victorian rubbish tip. A search for old bottles had drew us there. It was as if to me the jukebox had just dropped from the heavens. I was very, very, stoned.

Note titfer and wrecked leather jacket. Both long since have gone to the great tat shop in the sky - not eBay you fool.



Anonymous said...

I like that picture of you..

Chris was Anon said...

Thank you anonymous.