Friday, May 12, 2006

Notes from Thursday 5/11

On yesterday's show, Steve featured a guest who is an old friend of his, Terry Nails. Terry was Steve's "side man", played on "Mercy" and Fire and Gasoline" and toured with Steve. They played and sang a lot. I hope he brings Terry back again, he's an effin' great guitar player, too. All the records that Steve played were released from 1972-1975; he selected songs that were an influence on him in those days as he was first becoming acquainted with Malcolm and that whole scene. He related some pre-Pistols memories brought to mind by the tunes. Very good.

Tina (7:43 AM Pacific)

As fresh as the May grass. Well now I didn't listen to the show yesterday as I was spending some quality time with my other and better half before she went off into the Galloway hills for her annual walk on the long distance footpath, the Southern Upland Way.

NB. Cockburnspath is pronounced "Coburnspath," do not ask me why. She is not intending to walk the whole thing however - possibly 60 miles or so. Weather permitting!

However to get back on topic, I note from Stuart's blog that there is a link to Sex-pistols net where Terry Nails discusses Fire and Gasoline etc.

Perhaps the show brought back many memories for Steve - hence changing his myspace profile pic to SEX gang children. I suppose this could also be constituted as old arse news but there we see the very lovely Chrissie Hynde giving the classic US. finger to the camera. Next to her, did you see Derek Jarman's film, Jubilee?

"My God, it's Amyl Nitrate."

Yep, Sex assistant Jordan strutting her stuff.

Chriswasanon (17.00 GMT).

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