Monday, May 15, 2006

She's back!!!

No not Floratina, my other half and steenking like a polecat too. Although I've never smelled a polecat. She found one of the waymerks on the Southern Upland Way. Carries a lovely otter design. Weight of it suggests that it has been made from lead, she's thrilled. I'm glad she's back out of the mist and the rain and tucked up in a nice warm bed.


The myspace profile news.

"Zounds" actually that's Steve on the cover of the late lamented Sounds music paper. Didn't Adrian Thrills used to write for that one?

So are you gonna watch Barca v. Arsenal at the Stade de France. UEFA Champions League Final. That's on this Wednesday with an entirely reasonable kick-off time of 11. am I believe Pacific and 7. in the UK. 8 Central Europe time. France Ger, Espana, Italy etc.

Ok that was the blog.

No fresh transcription but and if the wheels of the transcriptorium start turning I'll surely let you know.


...and all was right in the byre. Welcome back, Laura!


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Me 2 I will watch someone elses.