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Lydon interview bugs

Well I was held up from the main job today of transcribing the Jones Lydon interview by an intense snow storm which took all the power down but I've got another 7 minutes of it done. Some great pics have been posted by Indie of John in the studio with Steve. Go here for a looksie So without further from me lets have some more. This excerpt from the interview of Steve Jones with John Lydon was broadcast in LA on Indie 103.1 and over the Internet on Friday March 10th 2006.

chriswasanon is at the controls.

Steve : (Laughing) Oh God, oh (different accent) it’s disgoostin.’ Is that bug on the Discovery Channel, is that comin’ out here or was that out?

John: No and yeah , oh you talking about the “Megabugs” thing I did yeah? Ten part series for Discovery. They won’t release it here.

Steve: Why?

John: No idea. No idea.

Steve: Is it entertaining? It must be.

John: It’s bang on the money, right. It’s you know, from a man who’s bragged about loving industrial carparks to be stuck in a bleedin’ jungle, it’s alright.

Steve: Yeah yeah.

John: It’s just me being real but you know I like, I study things, I read, I like to know how things work Steve. I don’t like killing anything and so you know, an ant crawling across the table fascinates me and so it just played in lovely to a ten part series. It’s ended up now in England on the universities, on the curriculums. And if you are talking about nominations oddly enough it was nominated and put up against Attenborough… (1).

Steve: Oh yeah.

John: Lucky I came second, cos it would be another award I wouldn’t be able to go and collect.

Steve: (Laughs.)

John: Cos I feel kinda, I don’t like awards see I feel ropey about them but I do like doing work that’s…

Steve: Acknowledged.

John: …off the beaten track, yeah acknowledged but left alone and not absorbed into the shitstem. It was mainly scorpions, the lot, things that I would normally like have been like spooked about but the thing is you see these things in the wild and they look different, they behave different. You know.
Steve: When I was young I was never interested in…

John: It’s like being stoned without the joint.

Steve: Right.

John: Right, that’s how nature is with me.

Steve: When I was young - I don’t know about you - I was never interested in looking at the sky or anything but when you get older, you get.

John: Yeah, ‘ow could ya Steve, you know another grey day in London, nothing to notice.

Steve: But I didn’t care,I didn’t notice things when yer young like that, like yer life.

John: No.

Steve: You don’t notice it but the older I get the…

John: I tell ya, I did notice spots, you know, pimples...

Steve: Zits?

John: Yeah oh zits, (US. accent)

Steve: Yellerheads (US. accent).

John: Things like that you know things that made you worry and think people wouldn’t like ya for it.

Steve: Yeah. Do you remember my mate Jim Macken? he had the worst skin under the planet. I didn’t realise at the time, must have been torture

John: Yeah murder yeah, yeah must have been torture. Things we worry about you know, the little vanities but teenage years are the worst for it.

Steve: You don’t know what’s going on.

John: Yeah and we didn’t even ‘ave time to like properly cultivate a few yeller heads cos yer in the middle of that madness. It’s alright you know when yer being discussed in Parliament under the Traitors Act, a pimple on the end of yer nose takes second place.

Steve: (Laughter).

John: Does, honest.

Steve: (Laughter)

John: Going to do a documentary about it…starring Cliff Richard’s colostomy bag. (2)

Steve: (Laughter)

John: I bet that’s got enough pimples.

(1.) David Attenborough, famous British television naturalist.
(2.) Refers to a rumour that Cliff Richard has a colostomy bag fitted.


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