Thursday, March 16, 2006

Be sweet. Who is on 2 moro?

Welcome back to chriswasanon, CwA!

Any of you unsuspecting surfers who've come in from kick down the doors, this is the bit of the Internet where the US and the UK shake hands through the marvels of tech across the water and serve to you the discerning, our distilled and carefully transcribed slices, slabs of the best bits of Jonesy's Jukebox from a great radio station in Los Angeles, Indie103.1.

Tina transcribes and I do the intros. I transcribe too sometimes. Tina never does intros....yet.

I can't hear the current show - no speakers to hear with on this computer that pretends to be a pentium 1, remember those? Cyrix!!! I will organise something because there are other machines...with speakers!

The blog news. Paul Cook interview tomorrow on Jonesy's jukebox? A rebroadcast from last year BUT coupled with the excellent recent John Lydon interview we think. Maybe or Malcolm Mclaren? but am not clear on that, edited down?


OK the latest the VERY latest is that I don't know if it will be Paul or if it will be Malcolm "butting heads" as Steve said, with John. If the CwA gets the info - it will go up. It all depends on Jonesy plans - me and you just don't know. Do YOU? Leave a comment if you want.


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