Monday, March 13, 2006

Hall of ? The statement!

OK. The blog bit first. Snow brings chaos to parts of Scotland, now its all slushy. This monitor has to be returned from whence it came so this is just a brief postage.
I'm wondering whether to shift all the jb blog stuff out of here. If anybody still believes that the very idea of transcription violates copyright or is "myspace" defiance against a certain Pontiff, believe something else.

'Ere we go, 'ere we go 'ere we go. Now Tina what is often known as the Transcriber Goddess by those in the know has delved into the Friday John Lydon with Steve Jones interview and selected some more for you to enjoy. All that is left to said is that this interview was broadcast by Indie 103.1 independent radio in LA. and OC. and over the Internet on 10/3/06.

The TrAnScrIber is at the controls.

J: Steve, good to see ya, one Sex Pistol to another!

S: Excellent, excellent. How you doing?

J: All righty.

S: Did you go on the ol’…it’s on tonight, right?

J: Yeah, I think they’re airing it tonight. Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel last night.

S: Yeah.

J: Under the disguise of it was my fiftieth birthday, but you know that we set it up to go and have a bitch about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and quite right at (those) self-appointed sods. You know I don’t mind getting something for nothing, but I ain’t gonna pay for the privilege. You know what it is, Steve, it’s like they’re asking us to pay them to tell us we’re famous. But we’re not. We’re infamous.

S: We’re already famous

J: Yeah, done that, been there.

S: Ain’t we already famous? Do we need them to tell us we’re famous?

J: It would be nice if they paid us for the privilege.

S: Or got medical. Or something.

J: I don’t mind being paid to be told I’m famous, but I ain’t paying them. So there you go. Good on ya.

S: But it’s more to it than just the seating, innit? I mean they had your lyrics in the bleedin…not even your lyrics, right?

J: Yeah. No, the bigger truth is, right, and you know this – I’m just waffling about the money, I couldn’t give a toss. But, I mean I’ve had problems with this Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for a long time and in particular the museum. You remember years ago when I was running Rotten TV for VH1…?

S: Right.

J: Well, we were going to shoot an episode there at the museum and they wouldn’t give me permission to film and in particular, not to film this so-called alleged "Sex Pistols" exhibit they had which, by all accounts was somewhere under a staircase, down the corner at the end of a basement. But, in it was a set of lyrics that they claimed was the original like, uh things, that you know, like I wrote them all out at one go and autographed them. Phony by anyone’s stretch of the imagination and I told ‘em so. But they told me that their sources were “irrefutable”. So, in other words, my word isn’t good enough, but my ‘words’ are.

S: Right, right…

J: Right. That’s, that’s wrong. Alright, so a museum that’s based on what, you know, selling you a load of old kack and phony baloney you can’t be supporting. If they’re doing stuff like that with our career years back, why we gonna hand ourselves on a platter to them now? They were never interested in the truth in the first place and now all’s their gonna get IS the truth.

S: Well, they can, they can put your new lyrics up now, in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

J: Oh, yesss. What ones would those be?

S: The you know, The Statement.

J: Oh, well, no…that’s ALL of us, particularly the bad spelling of ”congradulations”!

S: Oh yes, I wrote THAT! Yes that was MY idea!
(both laugh)

J: It needed to be said. We thought it out, we worked it out and we knew what would be done, you know?

That was a joint TrAnScRiBer and Chriswasanon production.

Steppin' up...some mancheefrills!

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