Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Never mind the lottery...here is the news and this is the TrAnSCRIBER....

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Rock Circus Piccadilly. it was such a question what image, then this one seemed to fit just nice. "I am extremely handsome" meets himself, pimples and all. This is a waxwork image of Handsome Rotten..date 29. March 1994. Ta Jewell!

Now what are blogs for, current affairs! I take my cue from Malcy on that one. But there is an agenda. Alfie. not yet! There's Kimmel - stepping up but not here unless someone patches me in. Is our Steve (thanks! Quean) - is our Steve ready for love? Well then there are them cowboys - nope not Broke bank mountain. Therapy and issues...

Steve did say that his Rottenship would be in the "city of fruitloops" for a guest spot on Friday. Go for topical here. This is not the Kasey Kasem goldmine, I loved that show. Nevermind the lottery - "a tax on all the fools in Christendom." It's the hall of fame!!!

This one went out over the LA. and OC. airwaves and over the Internet on 3/6/2006

Tina is at the controls...

Guest: Rosanna Arquette

Steve: Have you heard that we're not gonna go to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame?
Rosanna: No. That's absurd.
Steve: No, We're going 'in'.
Rosanna: Oh, okay. Oh, you're not gonna go 'cause it's so...okay not going to show up for...to do it.
Steve: We're being punk rockers, yeah.
Rosanna: Oh, I love that, okay.
Steve: Are you for that?
Rosanna: I think it's, it's the perfect thing to do, for you guys.
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: Is it because you won't speak to each other? Do you not speak...
Steve: No, it's...
Rosanna: Are you and Johnny not speaking anymore?
Steve: No, we're speaking. I think he's coming on here, Friday.
Rosanna: Oh, is he?
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: That's cool.
Steve: No, I think it's more...
Rosanna: You guys are grown-ups now, you can get past all that.
Steve: Well, I wouldn't go that far. I think it's more because we don't believe what it stands for. You know, various...you know the tickets is one thing. That's just a small part of why it's...if you look deeper into it, it really isn't a...
Rosanna: Is it lame?
Steve: If they had given you medical, or something, I could understand...or like, movies, when you get an Oscar, it ups your price, your ante, you know? But nothing, you don't really get much out of it. It's just validation for...
Rosanna: For the work that you've done. But it's your contribution to music and all the music that you...
Steve: Yeah, but everyone likes it anyway. We don't need...
Rosanna: I think it's cool to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, for the Sex Pistols to be there. I think it's a nice honor. And I think it's cool that you're not showing up. But I think it's cool that you're in there.
Steve: You're basically, you're saying we get the best of both worlds. We maintain integrity, and we still get in there.
Rosanna: Yeah, I like it. Who's...are you going to have somebody pick it up for you, or like, have a speech, or send somebody?
Steve: I don't know. They asked a couple of people. Flea and Anthony from the Chili Peppers were going to accept the thing, but when they found out we weren't going, they declined. So, I don't know.
Rosanna: So this just happened because you talked with Johnny and he said, "I don't wanna go" and you just both decided?
Steve: Basically.
Rosanna: Yeah.
Steve: Yeah.
Rosanna: All right.
Steve: Basically.
Rosanna: You could always just change your mind, though and just do something really...
Steve: Maybe we should all go now.
Rosanna: I wanna go. I think it will be fun to see you guys, especially if you did something...
Steve: I'm only going if Miles Davis is going.
Rosanna: But you have to play...he's dead.
Steve: I know...
Rosanna: So forget it. But I mean really, they want you to play.
Steve: I don't know what they want. I guess they wanted us to play.
Rosanna: Yeah, I'd pay to see that. A lot of people would.

That was a joint Floratina and Chriswas Production...thank yew...

Steppin' up? wait and see..


Anonymous said...

Awesome work Chris and Tina,

It so nice to see Tina is hard at work again.

I kinda wished the Sex Pistols would go and just to Shake thingsa up abit, You Know?

As for the Yesterday's show, Whata Show it was too. It Blew me away. I wanted to give the man a hug after that.

Well Tina, My Dear. I guess you showed me hey. The man has huge heart. Ooops! My Mistake. Ready For Love, I guess we will see, won't we?


Alison said...

Thanks, y'all. Missed that bit both live and on rebroadcast ... dadgum mountain range and rain interfering with the airwaves!

Tina, you are the transcriber goddess.

that pic ... it's like a warp in the time-space continuum or something :-)


multifacetsflux said...

this is a great idea chris and flora..thank you for coming up with it!!!

at first..i couldn't figure out the pic.. but it looks like wax..

rosanna really got jonesy to talk out about himself yesterday.. good to hear and now to read..

thanks flora for the usually amazing transcript..i'm interested to read the part where he goes into why he's not into relationships.. i missed a lot of that while moving around and doing stuff..

yesterday was truly like therapy for jonesy on the box..he even called rosanna his therapist..great stuff it was for sure..thanks very much again..

rotter said...

Good work Tina...thank you very much.I missed the show today cuz of work and its great you transcribe jonsey for us....cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks all! Jewell, that was another great inadvertent interview of Mr. Jones yesterday.

It has long been my contention that Steve needs to get it in gear and start on his autobiography. If his aversion to books is stronger than the lure of the dough he could make, history will have to make due with transcripts of his spoken words. Thankfully there are plenty of those but it ain't the same. Everybody hold hands, conjure the Pontiff in your minds and chant: "BOOK! BOOK! BOOK! BOOK!".

It's time, yes?


Anonymous said...

i missed that hour and the rebroad was of the same silly hour and tons of commercials.. wish i knew what was said.. ah well .. thanks