Thursday, March 09, 2006

Who sent ya? Oh them bs

Don't mention transcriptions...shhhhhh.....there are no transcriptions there... Carri on regardless of the dismal opinions of them and us transcriber. Regardless of "We" Stick around Shloe..wheeeew just when I thought it was boring again...fresh controversy. Come back Chispa. many (looks around) how many are you looking for...? Who? What? Come closer...closer! Right Steve Jones...!!! Sex Pistol? Guitarist. "Man who can" Yeah I know about 'im. He's with that er Mark Shovel...geezer EnGiNeEr fingy. They are as funny as f***k mate I'll tell ya that for nothin'. Its on Indie 103.1...innit, a Los Angeles Independent radio station. Well I dunno. This stuff is 'ot...Charlie, 'Ere come round the back now. Anyone see you come in? No? Good...Starters likes it's gonna cost ya, and no no cash...they'll be no $$$$ for you. You will take flak for it mate...from places you wouldn't expect it from. Especially after what went on...know what I'm saying, simple as. Ya can handle it? Yeah? You sure NOBODY never saw ya...? Well here ya go then, here's the stuff. Now nash likes for f**ks sake! If the blogplod come, I don't know you.

"WE SAY NO TO TRANSCRIPTIONS" You decided then? How was that managed? One potato, two potato or dib dob dab perhaps? Shloemoe is the enemy! "Tough titters" as his Rottenness would say.

This was to show what i felt was utter and total contempt at the sorry excuse for democracy that blogstars is, a closed cabal in fact.

Man I was pissed off when I wrote this next bit but it was a comment on the idea of being a blogstar and the twisted sense of loyalty that it seems to have engendered. What a load of cobblers, if you think about it, all we were was a bunch of strangers talking about the records that Steve Jones played and that was all the blog was, nothing the blog is a private secret club.

"No comments from blogstars - you are traitors to the cause, practically and what a cause! Who knows what might happen if you do feel the urge to comment might begin to question things. You had better check your bulletin board carefully."

I wanted to make people think about what it was that they were allowing mebbe two people to protest against out of perhaps 16 at the time and I really did wonder why not one person on the blogstars could defend me or Tina because after all, it wasn't about transcribing - it was about personalities. So I walked right out of there and I'm not looking back. Nevah closed the blogstar myspace group to public viewing after much for public access!

And if you have got this far, again well now you know.

Steppin' up "The lottery song." and why I resigned...mebbe...



Quean said...

I checked the guest lineup for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show for tonight - only Johnny Rotten is listed. So I called the radio station while Jonesy was on - someone (English but did not sound like our dear Steve)answered the phone. I asked if Jonesy will be on the Kimmel show tonight - no was the answer. Hmmmmmm. Saves me a trip to Hollywood. I can't hear all of the show while I'm at work - was anything said?
and fanx for blogging

floratina said...

Steve said that John would be on the show at 1:00 tomorrow 3/10.

Chris was Anon said...

don't know, it didn't look like anything exciting was going on from a glance in the blogstars group Quean...

Steve is recruiting myspacers to assist him in eliminating top 8 defiers. He's using some kind of invisible ink in the recruitment process.

I feel a call to his private brain care specialist may help but who knows?

I think John is coming into the Indie studio 2 moro though. Blogstars would post different otherwise. All the signs on all the web sites are that John will be the guest.

You clearly do not say no to transcriptions!