Thursday, March 09, 2006

"One Night Laydown" or What's it all about..... Alfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

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Did you ever have one of those- got a bit squiffy, all unneccessary even? Perhaps woke up in the morning with a strange personage? Did it with someone you knew and ah things were never the same I did. Well then, you 'ave had a one night schtand! Some of you still do??? comment. Well, what about a one night laydown?

Here at Chriswasanon, the transcriber and I have been having another kind of fun. By the way - in reading this lil blog you are in no way defying the man who can, the Sire of Sturmbannfuhrer. Stuartmm has more synonyms over at his bit, mine was invented. You may like to check the links. No, you CAN enjoy cask strength Steve Jones and Mr. Shovel here and NOT have to eat strong peppermints or hit the lattes afterwards. Think that chriswasanon and the TrAnsCrIbEr defy? Think again. Me and your papers are in order! Just one more day and John Rotten Lydon will be in the studio, you'll be listening to Indie 103.1? Of course you will! That's enough of chriswasanon. Enjoy.

I am reliably informed that this one went out over the rooftops of Los Angeles and OC and across the Wonderweb net on 3/6/2006.

The TrAnScrIBer is at the controls....

Steve: Where'd that expression come from, "one night stand". What does that mean, "one night stand"? I mean, I know what it refers to but how did someone come up with that? Wouldn't they say "one night lay down"?

Mr. Shovel: Maybe there's like a concession booth thing.

Steve: One night stand.

Mr. Shovel: Like you know, back in the old days they used to have a booth...a stand.

Steve: Yeah...but also it sounds like a it's a show down, too dunnit? A one night stand, like a standoff.

Mr. Shovel: I think that it's a show business term.

Steve: I like one night "lay down" better than "stand", you know what I mean?

Mr. Shovel: Well yeah, that's more appropriate. I think it goes back to like uh, you know, theatre.

Steve: (picking at his guitar) One night stand. Maybe there's a song in there,..

I don't know if I can think of any lyrics right now, I'm so anxiety-ridden. Have you got your trumpet to inspire me?

Mr. Shovel: No.

Steve: I'm not feeling it this morning. (continues strumming) Nope, nothing's, nothing's coming out. (Stums some more) Oh, something may be coming...

(sings) to the tune of "Lay Lady Lay."

Lay lady day
Lay with my one night stand
Lay lady day
Lay with me on my one night stand
I don't even know you
but that's the best part of it
'cause when I get to know you
I don't want none of it
So lay lady lay
Lay with me in my one night stand
Lay lady lay laylaylaylaylayyy
Lay with me on my one night stand

(to Mr. Shovel) I wish you had your thing...what's it called?

Mr. Shovel: Melodica.

(Steve continues singing)
Lay lady lay
lay across my empty bed
But maybe if we don't lay down
and we do it standing up
then it's a one night stand
(on) the kitchen table
lay lady laylaylaylay
oh, yeah

(Mr. Shovel drops in this bit of Michael Caine audio from the movie, "Alfie")
Alfie: Most birds go mad to get hold of the bloke and the first thing they think of is how to go about changing them, don't they? Now, I told Gilda from the start that I ain't the marrying sort and do you know what - she don't mind! She's a stand-by and she knows it. And any bird that knows its place in this world can be quite content.

A Tina TRanSCrIbEr and Chriswasanon Joint production. Thank yew!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not even going there with one night stands. Besides, Far too many to count. Ooops! should've mention that either. Since when have this been defying the Sire and Mr. Shovelness? Lovely men that they are, of course. Of course your papers are intact, Ms Tina and Mr.Chris. It is always a pleasure to see something in print. At least I know what had happen if I missed the show. I really want to listen to Jonesy and Rotten be in the same room together, it will rock. I just know it.

Keep it coming,

Chris was Anon said...

Well I had to Irish er...write from experience...some people believe all sorts of willies and tosh but you can't believe everything you read in myspace.

We will keep it coming - no worries.