Saturday, March 11, 2006

No more Sex Pistols songs...ever, never ever. I'm a celebrity, get me outta here.

What did that advert on Carri on Sex Pistols say?

"You never know what is going to happen with the Sex Pistols but they do make music as well."

I liked that one. Well I've got into the TrAnsCriBer's seat for a tick and ran a brief revealing reprise out. What is known I believe as a "teaser". Ooooh saucy! Chase me, chase me...

This interview with John Lydon by Steve Jones went out across LA and OC and over the Internet via Indie 103.1 LA. and OC. independent radio, on 10/03/06

Chriswasanon is at the controls...

John: I suppose for both of us being a Sex Pistol right from the beginning is...we have to constantly fight off accusations and allegations, like we've done summin wrong when frankly its the rest of the world not us. We got it right, you know, the rest of you are still in two left shoes.

Steve: I know something I wanted to ask yer, why have you never wanted to write any more Pistols songs?

John: I felt - and I still do - that it would be wrong for my heart and soul. I've loved that period and when it broke up and really hurt my heart, bigtime, right, really hurt me and I...I don't wanna go back. Right I really loved it but it was time to go elsewhere and once I started in PIL, rocket to another level, different level. Not competition, just a different part of my world. I miss the Pistols, I miss the lot o' ya.

Steve: Well we had fun the last time we toured, I had a good time that little tour we did across America?

John: Yeah. But not always, cos thats life innit? and anyone who thinks its all a (different accent) "jolly good wheeze," its not..being in a band....

Steve: Its hard work

John: When you mean what you do, its hard work and you gotta watch yourself almost 24 hours a day, its the same as being on that celebrity thing.

Steve: I enjoyed the last tour though better than that big one we did...

That was a chriswasanon teaser transcript...

Steppin' up, another teaser.

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