Friday, March 10, 2006

Life is a lottery...

"That was cool...i been waiting 2 years myself...I think I love Mr lydon...does that make me gay?" - Shloemoe :-)

Well John Lydon Rotten was just on and it was perfect - a long time to wait for Rotten to come on the box, eh Shloe? Now where was I...resigning and wasting my money in the post office on a Saturday afternoon buying National Lottery tickets. All in a good cause - incomprehensible opera, or something. Does the US. lottery offer any similiar schemes?

Lotto or er the lottery..."all the fools in Christendom."

I am chriswasanon. It's kind of sore that I fell upon my sword, certain things have a way of working themselves out. If you are going to throw the towel in, pick a good day to do it.

These here transcriptions are here to stay!

Of course you can post here! (A) Anyone can post here. Sweet not sour.

So the TrAnscRiber has got another one for you to savour and slaver over and generally marvel with - well that is my response to each nugget of newly mined Shovel and Steve from her busy digits - transfixing transcription - marvellous dahling!

This one was over LA and OC on Indie103.1 and also the Internet on


It's the lottery song!

Tina is at the controls...

Steve: It's Thursday, it's a nice day out. About sixty-five degrees. It's five after twelve bells, so good afternoon everybody out there in Radioland. Welcome all you ladies and gentlemen and four-legged creatures to the Box. You got a band in today, Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah. OK Go is coming.

Steve: OK Go, that's right...and they're coming in at some point and they're gonna jam as well, right?

Mr. Shovel: Um hmm.

Steve: That'll be fun.

Mr. Shovel: Did you go hang out with the Tomato at The Standard yesterday?

Steve: I didn't go there. No, I didn't go there. I can't deal with all that young stuff. Young guys and young birds and that madness.

Mr. Shovel: I thought...I thought that was your "thing".

Steve: No, not hanging out. Fancying young birds is one thing. But you know, hanging out with them and you know listening to them is not my thing.

Mr. Shovel: Like conversation?

Steve: Yeah, it's just (mimicking woman's voice) "Let's go here!" "No, let's go over here now!" "Let's go to this club!" That's not me. I just stay at home and you must do as I say or you will be removed. Ummm what was I going to say, there was something...I won ten bucks yesterday. You know the Lottery, it was almost...

Mr. Shovel: 'cause you had two numbers right?

Steve: I don't know what I had. The woman just put the thing in the machine and said I won ten bucks. Even though I bought twenty bucks of tickets, I won ten bucks. But someone won close to three hundred million dollars.

Mr. Shovel: One person?

Steve: I think so. Some person in Ohio, I believe.

Mr. Shovel: Oh, See I haven't checked my ticket yet.

Steve: Maybe it was Chrissy Hynde who won it. Or Iggy Pop...ain't they from there?

Mr. Shovel: Not Iggy. Iggy's from Detroit. Chrissy's from Akron.

(Steve sings)

What would you do if you won the lottery
Would you still be friends with me
Well, would you?

What would you do if you won the Super Lotto
Would you still get blotto
I don't know 'cause I'll never win it
the chances are very slim
but if I did I would take you all away
to an island

What would you do if you won the lottery
would you share it with me
I don't think so

What would you do if you won the lottery
would you have anything to do with me
You know I don't think so

But the chances of that happenin'
are almost none
The chances of that happenin'
are almost

Steve: Do you have your machine? (he continues playing the guitar as Mr. Shovel accompanies him on the melodica)

If you won the Lottery
would you still be "me"
or would you change
If you won the Lottery
it would be hard to be "me"
if you won all that dough
You'd have more friends than you can deal with
All fairweathers would want to know ya

It might be a curse more than a blessing
if you won that much dough
Talking three hundred million dollars
But don't forget half of that
will go to the Tax Man
The bleedin' Tax Man
will take a good chunk for himself

I wouldn't mind 'cause it's better
than where you are in your apartment
You must give me the winning ticket
Oh lordy, get me out of this mess

I know you'll never win if you don't play it
like the old saying
4 9 25 17 could be a lucky number
Now if someone wins with them numbers I just said
I'm gonna sue ya

Rambling nonsensical intro - chriswasanon
Sensible transcription - Floratina
Thanks to Shloe too.

Oh and why did I bail from the myspace Blogstars?

Over not mentioning transcriptions!

Steppin' up - to be honest I don't know, do you?
Fank yew...


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