Saturday, February 18, 2006

Alert, Alert, Alert. Alarmstart. blogs...

O Shloemoe, have you broken all the blogs? Perhaps Zero strafed them in his aeroplane, or Chispa turned them to Paella? Time here just after, time in: "Dead Loss Angeles" just after

All I knows is that all the Steve Jones Blogs are down. Off-line. Now that is every single one of them. The lot! Post a comment here. Use the chatbox if you can see it..

If you wish you can send me your insights anonymously.

Chriswasanon updated twice today!


Anonymous said...

perhaps they have decided to close it down after hours and during hte weekend... i am hoping..
its a shame that we cant be proper bloggers and not go off...
ah, well.... withdrawing... HELP!!
cheers cwa..

Anonymous said...

i cant seem to leave this comment..
hope its back after the weekend.. shame we cant seem to act proper...
cheers cwz

Chris was Anon said...

I wondered if that might be the case myself JR. Off-line but only open when the show is on, mebbe.

Thanks for posting!