Thursday, February 16, 2006

There's a

new blog..."How dare you defy"...Missing in action. "Enjoy." and "Translation, and two years." We will remember them...probly


Anonymous said...

There's too much of the wrong sort of defiance.

Chris was Anon said...

Hello Anonymous, isn't there! The blog is becoming a what...I don't know. Playground, soapbox, bearpit?

Incidently, you can sign your name. Pick "other" option in the choose an identity category and away you go.


quean said...

It's more like a catbox complicated by territory fights.

Alison said...

you said it! a bearpit, or a playground ... with knives. It's just No Fun anymore (sigh)

Hi, Chris! waving from a soggy L.A.

Chris was Anon said...

Perhaps all things have a natural shelf life Alison and what was once a private party becomes a free for all? Is the blog still there? I haven't checked yet. A catbox is v. small Quean but I do like that analogy. You will get a mench in the next big ups section. It's the er hall of flame, I mean fame. Oh well, enjoy yourselves, enjoy the box.