Saturday, February 18, 2006

Who's gonna?...clear this mess up? No, no, no who's gonna...

Moderate the blog?

Sholoemoe outed by two of his own errant personalities probly but who knoweth? Vortex missed drumming for the Clash, Chispa submits a bizarre poem about good of the mornin' bloggers, kicks the empty cans, looks in the ashtray for a decent roach, has a can of lager for breakfast. I see Rot is sprawled out on the floor with a mouthful of carpet. Floratina appears to have fallen asleep in the bath, NMTB is under a pile of clothes in the corner and how did Michebel get UP there? Where's that anarchist JR?

Well weekend sort of basket cases full of artichokes. FUCK OFF - insert number of choice vibes - flame /on is all I can say really.

Oh and this...I was going to sell this one as yet another chriswas exclusive but seeing as Monsieur le Geoff Pie snuck a lil bit of the story out on the blog, t'aint really. Here is more news from the piephone:

I like Pie's opening reference, it's really meninblack. Any way let us put our headphones on and twiddle a lot of knobs and dials for latest-ish news from the Indie bunker...CwA.

"Well when we were down in the sewer I said I would call them and...!"

Beep bop beep bop bop bop beep beep bop bop - what does a US. ringing tone sound like? burrrrr burrrrrrrrrrr burrrrrrrrrrr

Jones - "Hello?"

Pie - "Jonesy it's Geoff aka Piespace."

Jones - "Hello Mr Space."

Geoff - "Hows it going mate?"

Jones - "Good thanks."

Geoff - "Whats the story with the blog?"

Jones - "I dont know mate..."(yelling) "Shovel whats up with the blog?"

Shovel- (yelling)..."We took it off for a day."

Jones - "Its under repair."

Geoff - "It got a little wild on there yesterday.

Jones - "Really?"

Geoff - "But its good though."

Jones - "Ok mate."

Geoff - "Talk to you later mate."

Jones - "Ok bye."

Big up Alison, Jewell user extraordinaire of my chatbox and also to some anonymous posters, for commenting. Then Quean, Floratina, Pie, JR. Nevah, Gail on the 20's kick. ChispaZero FUCK OFF etc. Miche, Vortex, IrishScots, Tricky and the crunchy frog. A Special heavy and a chaser that's a pint and a good malt to Geoff...

If I missed you there'll be another one along in a minute - its like buses. All you have to do is comment...



Shloemoe said...

I am shloemoe!

Anonymous said...

Oh look, Irishscots got her name up in print. How cool is that?