Wednesday, February 15, 2006

St. Valentine's day 2 years blog...

Damn damn damn. I tell you, I was lying in me pit this morning thinking:
"Am I obsessed with Zhlermer," and "what if the blog is pulled? How will I ever know if he responded" and even "What do I care, I'm staying away from it, I'm in danger of becoming a loony obsessive." Then bugger me if I don't find that another blog has gone, first the "enjoy" and now, "2 years."

How can you trust your heart to cupid - a blind baby with a bow 'n' arrer - daft I call it!

Someone has been a very naughty boy or girl. Could be me, calling Shloe a bad man, threatening him with a shirrecking which isn't reservoir dogs stylee razor fun, just shaming. Could be the genital obsessed rotter, could be that Shloe and Rott are in some way related. Use my cbox! Not that sort of box. Damn damn damn, I was hoping I could get away with it, minimum box postages until Friday but I felt DUTY bound to make post number 36 on chriswasanon. So the inside tip is that one guilty blogger will not be making a reappearance on the JB blog -until then...we must all wait and see with our pulsing hearts and our baited breaths...If I've missed you, I will try a lot harder next time. "Easy Skanking, skanking it slow, easy skanking, skanking it slow..." Bob the Marley.

Chriswas anon.


Anonymous said...

yeah gone
who knows
hope i didnt get the boot

Chris was Anon said...

Welcome back to Chris was Anon Jilly. Your sins are miniscule no worries, mate!