Monday, September 18, 2006

Last bit of Worm stuff

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Steve: We were talking in the commercials about other ways to go, where to go when you’re dead. Mr. Shovel mentioned, I actually heard about this as well, you can be shot into space. I think it’s not cheap, but you actually…do you go into space?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know. But unless you keep going, I wouldn’t want to do it because eventually going to fall back down if you’re just circling around. But if you keep going, that’s pretty cool.

Steve: But what…why would you fall back down if you’re in the outer atmosphere?

Mr. Shovel: Cos that happens to everything. Every satellite eventually is going to fall back down.

Steve: Really.

Mr. Shovel: Mm hmm.

Steve: How long?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know. Twenty years? I don’t know.

Steve: But if you could…put you like, in a black hole, shoot you into the black hole, then maybe you just circle and circle until they get so advanced…

Mr. Shovel: You’d come out like a piece of spaghetti, though.

Steve: No. Can you imagine if you circle for like, two hundred years, this place, Earth…we’ve all killed each other. Then you find some other planet, you kind of stumble across it and they find you and bring you back to life. Can you imagine?

Mr. Shovel: I think I’d be cool.

Steve: (goofy accent) Can you imagine the possibilities?

Mr. Shovel: It sounds like you’ve been smoking pot.

Steve: No. I’m not. Nope.

Mr. Shovel: You could keep going for a million years and run into another planet and they would find you and they would think we all look like you.

Steve: Yeah. They’d think, “Wow. What an amazing specie. The finest specie we’ve ever seen, anywhere, in the whole Universe. He must have been a superior one. The other ones couldn’t have been this highly evolved.” That’s what they would say – with their minds. They wouldn’t actually say speak to each other, they’d be saying it through their minds, though. You know what I mean? Telepathic. (pause) So you were saying, why don’t everyone, why don’t they shoot everyone into space?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah, why not? Let’s do it.

Steve: Yeah? I think it’s expensive. But some people spend like, millions on a bleedin’…like elaborate, what do you call ‘em? In the ground?

Mr. Shovel: Casket.

Steve: Yes and they build like a whole…

Mr. Shovel: I figure if you put like a whole bunch of you know, pods of people, thousand, ten thousand, boom…one shot, that would be worth their while.

Steve: Yeah.

Mr. Shovel: Then we could colonize another planet with our DNA.

Steve: Hey you know what, that ain’t a bad idea. You’re in the wrong business, Shovel.

Mr. Shovel: I know. That I know, too.

Steve: You should be working for some government somewhere. Some agency.

Mr. Shovel: How do you know I’m not?

Steve: Oh, I know. I know you. Let’s play…two for Tuesday. From Motorhead. And this song is called, “Kingdom Of The Worm”…

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