Tuesday, September 19, 2006

From September 18 - Spinach

Steve: What’s all this going on with the spinach, can’t eat any spinach?

Mr. Shovel: I don’t know. I don’t eat it anyway. I don’t care.

Steve: What’s Popeye gonna do?

Mr. Shovel: Popeye’s dead.

Steve: Yeah, cos of eating that bleedin’ spinach. Probably killed him. You can’t eat any spinach? Is all of it…bad or something? What’s going on.

Mr. Shovel: They don’t know so they’re just saying, “Stay away from it”.

Steve: It’s another conspiracy?

Mr. Shovel: It’s a fear thing, Steve. It’s a fear thing.

Steve: A conspiracy, right? Another Y2K. “Don’t eat spinach. You’ll die”. Are the spraying it with something? Nah, I don’t know. I like spinach, though.

Mr. Shovel: We have Scissor Sister tickets to give away.

Steve: Really. How many we got there?

Mr. Shovel: Two pairs.

Steve: Two pairs, okay. Um, what should I sing a song about?

Mr. Shovel: Spinach.

Steve: Spinach? Let me see if me harmonica works. (tests it out) Okay. You want a song about spinach? You got it.

You must stay away

Come back another day
When it’s safe to say
you can eat the spinach

You must eat your greens
There’s plenty more than spinach
Yes there is much more than spinach
Yes there is

is here to stay

There’s nothing wrong with broccoli
Not today anyway

Maybe tomorrow

The pesticides will reside
In the little bits of broccoli

That will make you fear up from eating it

There is lettuce
Sometimes (when) you eat it
there’s little maggots inside it
But I tell the waiter
Mister, I didn’t order maggots

I ordered a nice big salad
A lovely mixed salad with baby greens
and artichokes and tomatoes
and celery and all kinds of

With some sesame
Sesame dressing
Yes I love my greens

I would eat the spinach
if there was any around
I want to die
I Russian-roulette
with my spinach

I heard the Navy Seals have a stash
Somewhere up in Fort Knox-e-o
Down in Albuquerque
there’s a truckload of Spinach

I wish I could get my hands on
I would spray it to L.A.
Get a plane and sprinkle it

Los Angeles
hey free spinach
But I know no one would eat it
cos they’re feared-up to the eyeballs

Ya poor old spinach
It’s good enough for Popeye
If it’s good enough for Popeye
it’s good enough for me hee hee hee

Poor old spinach

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

http://www.mtcnet.net/~bierly/popcartoons.htm for more Popeye

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