Sunday, July 16, 2006

Medieval brigands

Not as far as I am aware a welcome back to chriswasanon day.

It looks like some of those Cardiff Anarchists at the G8.  have been arrested in St. Petersberg. Why do I have no doubt that Inspector Boris Knackerski of the Yard has been mob handed and busted a few heads?  

Getting reports of inhumane treatment of same on the indymedia network too.

In lighter news.  Cos we need some!  Seeing as the car broke down, I did not get to go to the Kirroughtree for the battle.  Boo hiss.  Shloemoe is off the hook.  I had drawn up a nice test paper "

"To what extent where the causes and consequences of the English Civil War in Cleethorpes, due to a chip pan fire?  In so far as you agree, discuss the historical evidence, using a casio calculator, a packet of Cheetos and a full bottle of Wild Turkey.  Exagerate your position in an increasingly wild and manner. 

Marks will be deducted for mentioning the Spanish Inquistion.

Some of the regulars well "2" possibly "3" regulars have this absurd idea that our own lovely Shloemoe is in fact Steve Jones!!!  

C'mon guys, Shloemoe is Joe Esclante.  You must know that by now!  And if you believe that one, then I can sell you Moosemeat. We welcome your ideas but where is the proof???  Hmmm?

Steve profile myspace sexjones avatar change news!  Cookie and Steve.

Tina will be back  soon with more quality kick ass don't stop da bomb lyrics.  I mean transcriptions.  Aye man coming atcha faster than something quite fast...

Thanks to Stuartmm for the correction.

That's it.


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