Saturday, July 15, 2006

Just a short one...for the activists!

Positivey FINAL Covenating edit!!!

Tina will be back soon. Meantime I have mostly been reading about the G8 in Russia and recommend that if you want another perspective, you should read:


and Welsh anarchist blog.

Was it really last year that we went upto the G8 in Edinburgh and ended up with free tickets for the gig at Murrayfield? It must have been. The smell of a riot in Princes Street, so many coppers and so much disinformation to stop protesters getting to Gleneagles. If you visit those sites, you will realise that our little excursion was a walk in the park. I like Edinburgh, great place! Lived there for a few years - so an old stamping ground.

Also reading about Depleted Uranium in Iraq. brian jonestown massacre on the ole myspace for that one. This is Anton of NY band fame. He is a very active blog myspacer and worth an add. DU is a local issue for us here too as the MOD firing range at Dundrennan is close by and lots of shells lie off the coast in the Solway. By lots I mean about 6,000 of them.

Plus still to come. "The sealed knot" Battle re-enactment society.

They are in the area and "some" of the Byre are planning on a Sunday trip to the Kirroughtree Newton Stewart where they are encamped area to see them re-enact some such Civil War battle probably fought in Scotland? Ah Covenanters! Poor research so far...I fully expect an historian like the lovely Shloemoe to pitch in here with a suggestion or two! Keyword. Montrose. Round head. etc.

Expect a sketchy report on that 2 moro and then I gets my head down for some serious transcripturizing. Tina will be back soon and meantime, there is her Sonic Youth piece.

Plus!! Life's been good to me so far! Prospect of a large screen to watch films (arty pretentious confusing ones) on. More on that when and if it comes off.

Ze Pie! good ole Pie has posted a pic of him and his own with Meester Shovell at the Hammer museum for the Shovel birthday bash! There is some profile news, it is stalwart Steve Jones Blog pie n peas Piespace! news. Check it!

No myspace Steve sex jones my space profile jones news. No change there. Expect something soon.

Chris was anon.

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