Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dear Cookie ~

It's Paul Cook's 50th birthday today, everybody!

Chris and I have transcribed the shows that Paul participated in when he came to visit for Steve's 50th last year. These will be posted at Cook 'n' Jones, but they are not up just yet.

Chriswas here. Well you know Tina that at the old wasanon we like to lay out what we call teasers every now again and I think that we should just slot a little transcription in here. At times like this, full of excellent nosh and half asleep. Look I'm sorry, I didn't get to the blog before now and as it is I won't be here for long. I think it's time for a teaser...I suspect that it may still be Paul's birthday for another 1 hour and 15 where he is at the mo, so here's wishing Cookie a good one!

In fact what say we make this the official Paul Cook Birthday weekend? That way we can get some more wee smidges of Cookie and Jones up. So for today something that Tina did from the 9/9/05 interview - Slim Jim Phnatom was in the studio but it seems that Steve was watering his begonias...

Have a look at this one and see what you think and tell me is this a teaser?


Transcribing Tina IS at the controls.

Slim Jim: Who is this?

Paul: This is Paul Cook, by the way. I just walked in the studio and Jonesy’s…where’s he gone? He’s just gone to the restroom, is it, or the bathroom, the john, toilet…

Slim Jim: The loo.

Paul: The toilet.

Slim Jim: Khazi.

Paul: The khazi. So…just trying to bluff it ‘til he comes back.

Slim Jim: It’s good to see ya, Paul.

Paul: There he is. Yeah, I’m back again, yeah, before, before I go home.

Slim Jim: How long you here for?

Paul: Um, who’s talking…Jim?

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Oh, it’s Jim. (laughing) I dunno what’s going on here.

Steve: (in the background, bossy) See, it harder than it looks, innit?

Paul: Well, yeah. You have to be really…I’m here ‘til Sunday, mate.

Slim Jim: Oh, good. Let’s go have lunch after the show.

Paul: It was good to see you at the party and everything.

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Great time.

Slim Jim: Jonesy had a great party. Have you exhausted that one, yet?

Paul: Yeah, have you spoke a lot about that a lot?

Steve: I didn’t talk about it.

Paul: Your party, yeah. Who was there…

Slim Jim: Jimmy Saville, the guys from Oasis, the brothers were there…

Paul: Everyone dressing up and stuff as English guys, whatever.

Slim Jim: It was great. You got a nice house, Steve.

Paul: Yeah, where was it? Malibu.

Slim Jim: I liked the horses especially.

Paul: I think he just rented that out for the weekend to impress everyone. So um, that’s it. What do we do now, then?

Slim Jim: He tries to plead poverty, Jonesy. But that was a nice house.

Paul: Whose was it?

Slim Jim: I thought it was his.

Paul: I’d better not say. I better not say. I dunno where he’s gone. He’s left us, innit? Now I dunno what to do. Play records…

That was a Joint Tina the Transcriber and Chriswasanon production.

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