Monday, July 17, 2006

Body Parts, Animals and Fruit

Where else can you hear The Stranglers, Mother Goose, Ween, Peter Sellers, Peter Paul and Mary and Black Sabbath all in the same radio show? On Jonesy's Jukebox! In this case, it was on "Fruit and Veg Friday", one of the creative themes that Steve has been programming the show around over the last few days. I hope he does some more. I don't have a new transcript for you this morning, but I really have a good reason really really.

Chris, back to you. - T

Thank you Tina.  Now it is "less see now" mutter....Tuesday 18th July.  Well today is a hot one. Hawt, 'ot.  O Scorchio!  Roastin' man.  Sweating cobs.  But before we tackle the British National Obsession in yet more detail wir mussen move onto the G8...

The Cardiff Anarchos were given no food or any  water for two days after they were nicked and they slept under newspaper in the Stolichnya cells of the the Russian police.  Now they have to leave Mother Russia forthwith.  "Git aht."  But at least the cops didn't bust their heads.

BNO.  How hot I know not but it is hot.  By midday I was feeling quite flaky and had to slow down.  So you all tell Jones from "Wasanon" that it is tip tip tippety tipped to reach 39 Centigrade in some parts of the UK.  Sizzle.  Which is apparently the hottest it has ever been this side of the pond since records began.  Drip.  Even Scotland may break records with a high of 31 Centigrade expected either today or tomorrow. Flake.  So glad that we have a shower and not a bath.  Melt, wilt, ah fuckit it's Siesta time....

I bought a digi camera in Carlisle yesterday and enjoyed a cig with a Mocha in a cafe cos Carlisle is in Ingerland yeah?  In Scotland there is NO SMOKING in pubs, cafes restaurants and this rule is ruining pubs.  They are becoming unpleasant convivial friendly places full of children, families  and hithertoo never seen before, "nice people. " 

On the photography angle, expect some grainy unpleasant shots of salubrious locales in Scotland sometime soon.  Such as Ardrossan say , or Grangemouth or even Stranraer down at the docks.  I think the local sewage works might be worth a trip too...I'm not being SERIOUS by the way. But I've always felt that sewage works, reclamation plants and indeed glue factories have a romantic and totally understated and misunderstood charm about them.  Eeeeeeew mode /on

Oh, did Steve play?

"Walking on the beaches looking at the runner beans ?"  

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That's it and transcriptions will be back soon!

Featuring any guests, Mr. Shovel and Steve and all brought to you courtesy of the Indie 103.1.  

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